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Kicking Down Walls

Brappy Hour



Wow. I haven't wrote anything in a short while. I missed you all. ^_^


So yes. I went to my OA Fall Fellowship this weekend. Lots of preparation of the camp is needed, since we're hosting The Dixie Fellowship next year. So my troop decided to renovate one of the camp staff cabins so that we'll be able to have a nice place to stay during the event.


We spent the whole day hauling old furniture out, dumping out the mouse nests out of the drawers of dressers. Also tearing up the rugs, and cleaning the floors. We also had to pull out a million nails that were jutting out of the walls. (Man, the camp staff treat camp property like rubbish.) And yes. Yours truly had the pleasure of kicking down some unneeded walls to make more room. Other jobs included cleaning gutters, spray painting the fireplace black, and cleaning widows.

Next time we'll work on painting the inside! :P


That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!



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