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    You can call me muted or static or whatever deviation you can get from that those names.

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  1. I ended up hating Wheatly.
  2. I have a couple of people with Portal 2 on my friends list, i can send you their gamertags if you want?
  3. How can people love texas? it's so hot down there.
  4. "He's not just any moron, he was designed by the smartest people in the world to be THE DUMBEST THING ALIVE!!!"
  5. delta48


    Hee hee the game.
  6. I stopped caring about post when people whined about bionicle ending.

  7. Years?

    Wow, you've been here as long, longer, than I have! :P

    ... why don't you post more?

  8. I stopped looking at that thing years ago.

  9. Hey, look at your profiles views, you're a pretty popular guy if that many people have looked at you. :P

  10. Long time no see eh?

  11. I'm thinking valve has a sick sense of humour T_T.
  12. Holy cow, you didn't call me Didact.

    That means you've known me for a while. :P

  13. Hi Static. :]

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