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The good news is I organized by bookshelves that I've improved the storage capacity, mostly by stacking mass markets up and putting hardbacks behind other hardbacks. (Sure, I can't see all the mass markets at once, but I've put the important ones on the top.)


The bad news is I will probably just have to lay any new books out flat on top of stacks rather than spine out.


The good news is I probably shouldn't be buying any more books anyway?


The bad news is I have about 60 unread books.


The good news is I'm working on reading books I believe I'd be inclined to give away/lend which means they won't be on my shelves then.


The bad news my structure of reading every day in 2013 kind of fell to pieces in 2014 with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO building for a March display and then BrickFair and then a non-existent January 2015 display.


The good news is I want to change that and read every day and hopefully knock out a bunch of those books!


The bad news is I'd feel kind of bad not reading books given to me as gifts or books I've bought (so, all of them), which means I'm not going to just ignore some in favor of others.


The good news is: books!


-CF :kakama:

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The good news is I probably shouldn't be buying any more books anyway?


 I've been telling myself to stop buying books for maybe the past five years. I have yet to actually convince myself to follow through on that.


​I also have major bookshelf organization issues, and have had to stack as well. And at least one book is being stored... on the floor. It sucks to have to hide books behind other books but what can you do? The only other option is to get rid of them and there is no way that's happening.

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I really need to organize my own bookshelves sometime. I did manage to reorganize my LEGO+MLP shelf slightly by stacking the BIONICLE chapter books instead of having them upright, which helps reduce wasted space considerably.

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