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And the Winner is....

So a couple entries back I asked everyone which of my un-built set I should build first: Tahu Uniter, Darth Vader, or General Grievous? At the end of the deadline I put on the vote, Tahu came out as the winner. So I went ahead and built his set. I didn't get a chance to do it until yesterday though, thanks to a last minute work related event popping up in my schedule on Tuesday. But now he is built. :)


As for my thoughts on him, he's better than I originally thought he was going to be. I in particular like the gear functions on his swords. Their simple, but still really cool. I like the look of his new weapons and armor as well, but I do think some of it could've been a little more red instead of gold. I don't regret getting him though.


I am planning a trip to my local Lego Store next week, to see if it has Ekimu and Umarak the Destroyer. But now I'm thinking about getting Ikir as well, to see how it and Tahu look when combined together. (And see how he looks on Umarak the Hunter as well.) Decisions, decisions...


Anyways, thanks to everyone that voted!


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