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The Fate Of Makuta

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All tests are taken. All papers are presented. All finals are over.


Finally. Long sigh of contentment.




Today I've been looking through some topics related to how Teridax (henceforth referred to only as Makuta or The Makuta, since that's really what he is now) will be defeated in 2010, reading some of the different speculations and ideas that members have. While I don't usually spend much time reading speculation anymore (it takes a lot of time...which I don't have), this has really caught my attention...


So, here's my ideal imagining of how The Makuta will ultimately be overthrown and the Toa and Mata Nui will be victorious (in the most epic way possible):


-Makuta arrives on Bara Magna. The Toa Nuva and Takanuva escape from the "Makutaverse" (probably with help from the Ignika) and Tahu is reverted to his original Mata form (reason for this: the "golden armor" needs a Toa in the "un-armored" form of the Mata).

-By this time, Mata Nui has been successful in retrieving the ancient power source of the Great Beings and has been able to use it to repair the gigantic prototype synthezoid.

-The Toa fight the remnants of the Skrall on Bara Magna while searching for the pieces of the golden armor. They find it and assemble it. Tahu dons the armor.


*unknown what the purpose of the armor is, skipping ahead!*


-The Toa enter the prototype synthezoid as Mata Nui rises from the desert to face the towering Makuta.

-Epic "Battle of the Monolithic Giants" ensues. Complete with epic orchestral/vocal score. The portrayal of this battle ranges from physical action (shattering mountains, etc.) to mental action, as the minds of Mata Nui and Makuta battle across the robotic systems of their respective bodies.

-Mata Nui's body is severely damaged, he departs from Bara Magna into space. Makuta pursues him into the dark void.

-Makuta eventually catches up with Mata Nui somewhere in interplanetary space. Mata Nui and the Toa have constructed a plan.


*unknown what plan is, skipping ahead!*


-Result of the plan is that, after an incredibly intense struggle, Makuta and Mata Nui switch places. The Toa Mata find themselves faced with their old Enemy in the mind of the prototype. Makuta manifests himself as the Void once more, and the Mata fight him in a reflection of their first battle in Mangaia. Makuta is too strong. They are almost defeated!

-Takanuva, the Toa of Light, finally exerts his power in the conflict. Makuta cannot withstand the Element of Light. He retreats into the shadows, taunting the seven Toa...

-Suddenly Makuta realizes the damage that has been done to his body in the battle with Mata Nui. The prototype body is nearly falling apart. Makuta feels the sting of fear as it dawns upon him that he is trapped, imprisoned. He is too weak to strike back at the Toa now. Mata Nui, now in his rightful body, speaks across the void between the two synthezoids, telling Makuta to look "outward".

-Makuta looks into space and finds himself floating beside a Red Star, but it is not the Red Star of the Great Beings. This time it is a real one, and it is something that his present body cannot withstand. Makuta says that he will take the Toa with him to the grave. Mata Nui says that he will not.

-The Toa Mata and Takanuva are transported from the mind of Makuta, along with the Ignika (maybe using the same mechanisms that the Mask of Life used to transport the Mahri to Metru Nui?). Makuta is left alone, finally the Great Spirit of his own universe--a broken and lifeless shell. He screams rage and terror into the minds of the Toa and every living being within the universe of the Matoran as Mata Nui hurls him headlong across the blazing Void.

-Makuta's last words as he hurtles into the inferno of the Star are "You cannot destroy me, for I am Nothing." He laughs, and then silence.


I have to write this. Bye.



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Epic nostalgia in this. Bionicle ultimately ends where 2001 ended, except with more epicness and no Bohrok! :lol:

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Epic nostalgia in this. Bionicle ultimately ends where 2001 ended, except with more epicness and no Bohrok!

That is what I call a fitting end.


But... but... The prototype robot needs to EXPLODE! o:

Now you see, this is commonly referred to as "leaving the door open for the continuation of the story in a couple decades." Get it?



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But... but... The prototype robot needs to EXPLODE! o:

Now you see, this is commonly referred to as "leaving the door open for the continuation of the story in a couple decades." Get it?



Not that I'm saying it should explode, just that GregF stated before that the prototype robot would explode following the certain amount of time it could last after being activated.

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These ideas are good and could work in the story, but there are some things I don't like...


[*]The use of the void form, as well as Makuta's last words, feels repetitive, as does the chance that he might come back as a villain. If good is to triumph, I want it to be at least somewhat conclusory. To achieve that, I think Teridax's story would have to come to a definite close.


[*]Seven Toa being able to subdue Makuta, especially when unlimited power is at his disposal, sounds awfully sketchy. Granted, seven have never before faced him at once, but it makes those years of fighting him with less favorable odds seem like a waste when this was always an option.


[*]The back-and-forth perspective switching from interior to exterior reminds me of Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser's Inside Story. There's nothing wrong with that, but for an epic final battle it makes the odds almost entirely arbitrary.


[*]Makuta looks behind him and suddenly there's this star, completely unmentioned until this point, sitting right by him? It sounds like a Deus Ex Machina, especially when he was so close to dying in a way that made sense with the current events.


[*]Makuta screams rage and terror, utterly furious, unable to control his emotions... and then the next second, he's uttering well-rehearsed final words and laughing maniacally? The change in mood is inexplicable.


I do not want to see Teridax die a meaningless death. I do not want to see him live on in a tedious life. Looking at Teridax's recent intentions, we see that he has ultimate power, and yet he still isn't happy with that. It's not enough, and one has to wonder why.


The way I perceive the current saga ending is as follows: Teridax is given a choice to make his pursuits meaningful. Perhaps, somehow, he and Mata Nui will be able to share power. If not for the instability of the prototype robot and its lack of ability to sustain a universe, perhaps Mata Nui could rule the prototype that houses the Agori, accepting that he had lost the rights to his kingdom when he failed to be a capable ruler. Perhaps Teridax could continue to rule the Matoran Universe, and differently than Mata Nui would, but with a better understanding of how his power depends on the approval of those he rules.


The idea of giving Teridax a choice offers another possibility: perhaps he will refuse. And if he does, then he should suffer for it, because good must have a reason to triumph for it to remain good. Portraying good and evil as equivalent forces with equivalent actions neglects this important quality. It could make a realistic story, but it would be a story which dreamers would be unable to love.


It's possible that my concepts of an end to the current BIONICLE saga are unrealistic, but I hope that if they are not realized, something equally meaningful will take its place. It should not be a battle of strength alone, or wits, but rather the ultimate chance for heroes to prove they are more than the villains they fight.

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Guys, remember: this is an extremely vague overview of what I would want to happen. It's a pipe-dream (:P), and there are numerous details missing here that would need to be fleshed out.


-The event of Makuta realizing that he is beside a star in the end would have to be led up to with the idea that, while Makuta is battling the Toa, he is completely distracted from the outside world (while Mata Nui edges him subtly toward the star).


-Here's my explanation for why the Toa are able to nearly defeat him in the final battle, even when he is inhabiting the mind of the prototype: it's a prototype! I don't expect that it was originally meant to be nearly as all-powerful as the final synthezoid. And, in the long run, it's tiny details like these that just don't matter to people.


Aanchir: Honestly, I really dislike this idea of needing to somehow "justify" Makuta being destroyed in the end. He has already made his choice--he has given up the purpose for which he was created. While the ideas that you propose are interesting, I don't think that they would work as a satisfactory ending, since they really seem to paint a picture that is "morally gray". The idea of Makuta being given the choice to reform himself is not what the storyline has led up to. You mention how Mata Nui has "failed" the Matoran, but then go so far as to say that Mata Nui (who has been anything if not humble and heroic) should get the shaft in this situation (inhabiting the prototype), rather than being restored to his rightful place. If anything it should be Makuta (who has maliciously killed, tortured, maimed, and terrorized, etc. on a regular basis) who is punished, if not destroyed.


There is also the fact that I don't really see Mata Nui as "failing" the Matoran--he was simply so focused on his task in the outer universe (reforming Spherus Magna [planet and society]) that he didn't look "inward" with enough detail to realize the growing threat that Teridax posed. There should be no diplomacy between Makuta and Mata Nui in the end.


Ultimately the entirety of the Bionicle storyline boils down to the primordial battle between Good (absolutely good) and Evil (absolutely evil). To have an ending that somehow leaves this conflict unresolved, or portrays the two sides of the conflict as not absolute (meaning" "morally gray"), is not a fitting end for Bionicle.


I haven't seen anything to suggest that the foundational theme of the storyline is that the heroes must "prove they are more than the villains they fight." Why do they need to prove this? Has Mata Nui committed the atrocities that Makuta has? Nope. The characters that we have in the storyline are certainly flawed individuals, and this theme of the hero needing to prove himself as good certainly has value, but not as the primary turning point or conclusion of the plot. In the end, it needs to be the story of the redemption of a universe as a whole, as good triumphs over evil and the true Great Spirit returns to restore order (both in the Matoran Universe and on Bara/Spherus Magna).





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