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  1. No the Toa Mata don't get old, anymore than Optimus Prime gets old. But them arriving on a island after Makuta or what have you and having mask collecting be their mission to beat him that does. The mask collection thing it worked back then because this catchphrase was in everyone's mind and heart at the time "Gotta catch Em' all!" it is why Yu-Gi-Oh and other collectable series was working then because collecting was in and to a degree still is. But the fad of collecting all masks, Krana, Kratta, Kanoka and such is not as strong a selling point now. The characters are not the problem, it is the method to the story that is the problem as again I point to Optimus Prime how many times has Cybertron been under attack? How many times have humans and living machines fought the same war, and how many times has Optimus died? As a fan of Transformers and Bionicle I can say with full honesty the characters can stay the same and certain parts of their mission can too, but after Transformers: The Unicron Trilogy did we see Minicons with every figure, no we didn't. What about Mata Nui already having its champions who have defended it for years and made life good, but Makuta assails the Island. He is not a native, he is a conqueror looking to add Mata Nui to his empire or he is a "Demon" from beyond the region and like darkmatter in the Kirby universe seeks to claim all before him so he may reshape it into more of him to put it another way he is a virus and his function to corrupt and reformat. Heck Makuta could be literally out to destroy Mata Nui, again just to sustain himself like the Beast Planet from Shadow Warriors. Same Characters can get stale if they are handled poorly but there is a series where the same three people are in a never-ending cycle and it is the third most successful franchise its creator and owners have. "Legend tales of a kingdom old, a land once lush thanks to three of gold. Green fields and blue waters cover the land, the peaceful peoples all held onto the other's hand. Peaceful time it slowly spun, no fear or need to run. A hard days work done, now it is time for fun. But slowly a shadow seeped, through the cracks it would reap. Oh dear oh no, this can't be so, what is happeing, to the joyous light, will our world sink into night?! A bright light it appears, its courage has grown through the years! It journeyed across our land, what is that held in his hand, Why no, can it be, do you think? Is that the sword of evils bane?! No man can hold that it is insane! But here we see night turning into day, the hero he had it the evil it did slay! Now we can sing once again, in peace the day as bright as it began this quest was beyond our dreams!"- Wind Waker intro custom lyrics Ok it may need some tweaking to follow the rhythm properly but every line could describe any of the Zelda games and they have not gotten stale by a longshot. Verbatim the plot to all but two Zelda games is in that song so tell me the same characters and basic premise can't be times.
  2. Phong: Chance has nothing to do with it, the future is not determined by the throw of the dice. But by the conscious decisions of you, and me. I'm not ruling it out Lego has never failed to surprise me, we may only have a blink into a possible return. Who knows but regardless there are Lego Idea Projects gathering momentum faster than a blue hedgehog on blast processing, unlike a good chunk of Lego Ideas like the Central Perk friends set or the disney related sets and beyond this idea is pure Lego. So there will be no need to haggle, communicate with a organisation like ABC, NBC, WB, Ect. this set if it gets the votes is one Lego can stamp a "Pass" on so it can be in our hands from their brilliant minds. One way or another Bionicle is getting recognition soon, if not the home front then we can do our part for the legend to never truly end. "Legacy is in the air" and for me that has many meanings.
  3. Taria, why you do this to me Taria? You wound me, shattered a dream! Dashed it on the rocks like a cheap ceramic bowl, I trusted you Taria! You were the chosen one, you were meant to wear the Inika not loose it! Ok I really hope you can take a joke here Taria because that was meant to be read in the voice of the Godfather, not a legit tormented cry at you for pointing it out. I mean no harm just wanted to try to get a chuckle out of my fellows. In a way I am both glad and sad, glad we don't need to keep speculating on sill for fun stuff from Chris, as well as not having to learn a third mythos while I write and create a story set in what I call "The Legacy" universe of G1 Basically it is a alternate universe where Teridax slipped up his timing at the Core Processor and Mata Nui awoke after the Inika jump started Karda Nui. Mata Nui carried out his mission and made a attempt to protect all worlds from plans like Teridax's, he turned the GSR into a moon of the newly reborn Sphereus Magna. Now like I said I also am sad, I truly believe Lego could pull a Hasbro and have Bionicle become like Transformers a multigenerational series where the old stories can continue for the older fans and the new toy lines have their own story. We gave Bionicle 2015 the nickname G2 I would love for there to be a bionicle generations one day. But I can't tell lego what to do, at least alone I can't but I'm not pushing them on this just yet. May Bionicle return one day and may it be as awesome as we know it can be.
  4. If they weren't eh, if they were the piraka had their defeat coming even without you know destroying everything. Move Along is a great song.
  5. Bah, I still like the idea of love in the setting. No not like that you sickos, no if any of you have yet to read it I'll link it https://www.deviantart.com/nickonplanetripple/gallery/64101494/the-toa-a-bionicle-retelling Nick has a great interpretation of the Early romance, they don't reproduce but having someone you'd like to always be with or to take care of mutually like Hewkii and Macku or Jaller and Hahli before the about face is not harmful. Heck it's quite like how children understand love, the have crushes but it has nothing more than being a really good friend they trust more than anyone else. My up coming project will follow this as well as allowing MU residents to have future generations, it is really a expansion on how Jaller was revived by Takutanuva I.E. two beings channel energy into a object (Matoran, Toa, Turaga it would be Kanohi) and a new instance of that species is created. Greg mostly changed that concept to keep sick minds from messing with a otherwise wholesome concept.
  6. Um are we going to ignore Vakama, Takua, even Matau? Those three really showed emotion a lot.
  7. I commend you for apologizing my friend, I know I've bumbled a bit since the forums reopened myself and thanks to a fellow member I was able to fix it before it went nuts. Anyway a musical doesn't necessarily need romance in it, there are many examples out there. Sure most musicals have romance and love songs but it needs not be a limitation but a option. I like the old cartoons where you'd get musical numbers in them, like the Donkey Kong Country tv series (Sterling Jervis is a great singer) but again Bionicle I am not so sure it could do it, a Play isn't the same as Brodway I've been in ones with no music at all. So yeah interesting idea but ultimately I can't see it working.
  8. I think this is a joke, someone posted this like five times as separate threads.
  9. Didn't you know, they let the Animated alumnus finish off the story last Botcon. Unicron, RID 2001, both have connection to current series or rather would if the concept of "The Shroud" hadn't happened. Indeed they do do focus alot on G1/bayverse (Which coincidentally isn't even Bay anymore) but there are a few threads to others you got to look for (Trust me I've spent like the last four years researching Transformers as if I was writing a thesis in university on it. They are there if you know what to look for.) I will agree though we need to get back on topic and I two love both franchises alot. I got both Transformers and Bohrok for Christmas many years apart but they both are deep in my very core of fiction and geekdom. I just hope we know Faber enough to trust him not to put us on Earth, it is the whole reason it took 3 years to see a movie afterall because "Bionicle didn't work with humans, especially young humans among Toa, Turaga and Matoran" and funny enough the movie we got had some alumnus from Beast Wars in it (Tahu and Dinobot have the same VA and it is awesome!) that is the last on Cybertron you'll hear from me in this thread. But a dream to have a multiversal Bionicle is something Lego can do just as well as any competitor maybe even give a friendly rivalry rise.
  10. Doesn't stop Hasbro, that is my point. Think has any Transformers series truly been left to rot, no they acknowledge them and even work the old stories to cross over with the new. Cybertron always continues not just with fans but with the creators and writers, Mata Nui=Optimus, Makuta=Megatron just because G1 ended 30 plus years ago doesn't keep it from the lime light we see those heros in new works as they were and as they are. Why can't Lego do what another franchise has done, keeping sections of the Multiverse expanding even if they aren't the forefront current line? Imagine it Bionicle G1 being relevant as Transformers G1, that is what I mean? Think of it like this, G1 ended in the 80s, but come 1997 that very universe, very time line, was revisited with what came after the Autobots and Decepticons. Maximals and Predicons, so far as to the point that they visit the very HQ of G1 to protect it from being erased. Let's one day see the conflict we didn't see inside Mata Nui while the Toa floated on the ocean new heros working behind the scenes and maybe just maybe sets released for Con goers. Epic doesn't begin to describe the possibility that could bring, Bionicle is just as amazing as Transformers if not more.
  11. RoTF and the first movie oddly have a funny little Time related thing, according to the first movie the Allspark landed on Earth roughly 20,000 B.C.. RoTF the father of the Decepticons is on Earth in 17,000 B.C, roughly 3000 years after the great realic he served landed on Earth since B.C. counted backward to 1 and then 1 A.D counts up. Relativity is weird, but I am all for Mata Nui having viewed us all the way back then 100,000 years is inconceivable to a point in Human minds. But for Earth to hold any remnants of his visit in the 21st and beyond century would only make sense if a Olmak is involved, Red Star's Purpose was conservation of resources and flight take off. Why would anything be left behind when that is the case? Also speaking of Cybertron, who here besides me think Lego should make Bionicle their Equivalent to Transformers? By which I mean each Generation is its own universe but they are all connected somehow, a Bionicle Gen can be like a Transformers Gen, the story is soft rebooted to allow new fans to enjoy it but the old fans and stories can be continued in comics and convention stuff. If any Lego creation has the power to be Legos' Juggernaut on par with a 30 year old franchise it's Bionicle. New legends are awake, but old memories must be told. For that is the way of the Bionicle.
  12. Glad I can help ya my friend, I hope all goes well.
  13. Got a collection of G1 masks but no G2 stuff. I am using them for Pepakura paper art, so I can sculpt some MoL style Matoran and others, my best hope to help is to recommend you to this site https://www.yeggi.com/q/bionicle+masks/ I have found a great deal of mask patterns and models there. Though oddly not the Great Masks of the Toa Mata, got those from Modeler Resource along with the Toa models I suspect a Biomedia connection there and all I can say is thanks if so.
  14. Very close indeed, shut me up on that subject. Still I hope this has more in common with the first series and less Earth. Bionicle may be Biological Chronicle but well it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth if it is Earthly, in setting.
  15. To be fair not as fast as this, this kind of movement would need more than Ice shifts that is also continental shifts here. I just find it more coincidental is all, especially since some parts of Lego Geography have looked much closer to real world stuff like this.
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