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  1. So, I came back around this time last year then abruptly left. I've been going through a lot recently this past year and I haven't been working much on my Bionicle projects as they pretty much fell to the wayside. For anyone who is interested, I've scrapped a lot of WIPs and I'm currently fleshing out Galaxy Patrol. Eventually story and all character MOCs will be posted. I will provide a link here when I deem the project finished. Once finished with Galaxy Patrol, I plan to ma...

    1. Owlexander


      ...make another series that'll have a lot more time, commitment, and effort into it. Galaxy Patrol will most likely never reach the heights I originally envisioned for it, but that's ok, perhaps someday I'll come back to it and make it better. But for now, I'm here, and I'm planning on getting back into Bionicle!

  2. We've been given hints that both G1 and G2 are connected. If this is a reincarnation sort of story, no, they haven't ruined it. Imo, this was pretty well crafted. They've made a soul-sequel without having to go back to the original G1 story. It keeps it simple for the newer fans while also being a highly wanted sequel for the old fans. At this point, I can't say for sure though. Until G2 is over, I won't be able to give my final opinion, they could completely screw it up for all I know. Also, let's be reminded here, LEGO isn't out to screw us all over. Unlike the gaming industry, LEGO has to keep a younger audience entertained. How are they gonna do that? Make sure they give out good quality. Bionicle was LEGO's saving grace at one point, and I doubt they'll make a story just to say G2 has a story. LEGO gives quality, and they won't do something with bad intentions. At least I highly doubt they'll do that. They are a company after all, but one of the better ones imo.
  3. Or they could just be helmeted? I'm just game for more swords and trans parts and all the other cool stuff that'd come with these guys done constraction. YES I'D LOVE TO SEE SOME CCBS KNIGHT HELMETS
  4. Owlexander (or Wa-Shi-Tong with a scumbag steve hat)
  5. Mata Purple and BlueMata Teal and Lime GreenPurple and Warm GoldBlue and Warm GoldGreen and Warm Gold I like warm gold. Haters gonna hate.
  6. Granted You only can commit petty crimes, such as litter Well, I mean, you're already DJ Khaled so... nothing new there? I wish I had money.
  7. It's times like this when I realize how much of a nerd I am. I got a thousand problems but a girl ain't 941.
  8. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do. I mostly use CCBS now, but since I'm planning on having kids in the future (HAHA FUNNY IKR) I wanna keep them, even though I could probably get good money for a few of them.
  9. Granted, you're already loved by your own family.
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