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  1. I thought it was okay. Voice acting was adaquate, really liked everyone. Animation was okay, but artwork was really pretty. I thought action could have been a bit better in terms of timing, felt there was a lot of empty time in action where nothing really happened, except toa striking a pose and standing around.
  2. Yep, after hearing it a few times I think you might be right. Really like the voices, though they might be just a tad to similar. Might be a bit hard to know who is saying what, without them having movable mouths, but still, I quite like it.
  3. Loved it! Every voice sounded right, nothing felt off. I am curious, however, who are the characters saying "Run", "Its closing up", "I know that place" and "Is that where we are going"... Any theories?
  4. Have to be honest... This poster appeals more to me then the previous DVD covers for the four Bionicle movies, well except maybe Web of Shadows. Really nice poster!
  5. I find it a tad weird that nobody and I mean NOBODY even mentioned Kopaka's voice. Not here, not anywhere else online...
  6. I like it! I will keep further judgment reserved for later, but for now, I do like it.
  7. Mata Nui: Probably somewhere between Ga and Po Koro. Just far enough to stay away from the sea monsters and desert rahi and close enough to stay in pleasant climate and close to water. Metru Nui: Le Metru, because it just looks awesome in green, deals mainly with transportation (rather that then learning or working forges) and Le Metru matorans do seem a bit more relaxed when compared to their brethren. Also, I like the desing of buildings. Okoto: Probably Region of Earth, doesnt seem too dark when compared to Onu Koro, yet always seems to be in shadows, so its probably nice and cool, yet not freezing.
  8. I listened to just one, but I had to stop, come back here and say this: THANK YOU. Amazing work! You really projected visions, images and style of Bionicle into music. They should ###### hire you, I sure wouldnt mind if you would work on the future Bionicle works.
  9. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Cant wait to see the other Toa in the same type of animation. Hype overload for the Journey to one!
  10. You could see the faces of the hero pilots in Top Gun, whereas the Soviets were masked and mysterious and TIE PIlot ish. Not to mention the evil, intimidating musical theme whenever non-US fighters showed up and the epic, all-american rock music theme that poped up whenever Cruise did something epic.
  11. For me: 1. Protector of Earth (Best) 2. Protector of Jungle 3. Protector of Stone 4. Protector of Water 5. Protector of Fire 6. Protector of Ice (Worst)
  12. So, you and your siblings decide who is getting what before the wave gets released? How does that work? Does the oldest and biggest get to pick first or?
  13. The opinions are pretty divided, but if you do plan on getting them, which one would you want to get first?
  14. I hope you are right and this Bionicle series stays alive for as long as possible.
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