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  1. I'm hoping for another non-licensed Space theme. They've been cool, historically.
  2. "The one line that LEGO made and created themselves?" No idea what you mean by that. Bionicle is just one of MANY lines that LEGO created themselves, including City, Friends, Ninjago, Elves, Technic, Creator, and Nexo Knights. And contrary to your assumption that LEGO's success is "concentrated" in licensed themes, the truth is that licensed sets make up no more than a third of the LEGO Group's business, a status quo that has held steady for over a decade. Of the LEGO Group's five top-selling themes last year, only one (Star Wars) was licensed, three (City, Friends, and Ninjago) were non-licensed, and one (Duplo) was a mix of both. The LEGO Group's portfolio of non-licensed themes is far more successful today than it was before Bionicle G1 began! Clearly, it wasn't Bionicle's originality that did it in, nor is LEGO in any way biased towards licensed themes when it comes to what properties they invest in. To be fair, Creator, City, and Technic are mostly based on real-life things. (Not that that means they're bad.) I do however think that Bionicle might be the least derivative of Lego's themes, or the most original, if you will. Saying that it's the only one is not really accurate though.
  3. Well, I just found a blue half-pin that's also succumbed to this, so maybe there goes that theory.
  4. Odd, I'd exchange the Vahki and Visorak in that statement. The Vahki resemble Rahkshi, but are less cool, while the Visorak are the only non-humanoid canister set wave in all of G1 - if that isn't distinct, what is? I'm not taking a shot at you, just interested in why you think this. I mainly compared it to things that had been done in other IPs. Visorak are kind of a generic arachnid design (not really a real spider, more stylized portrayals of spiders).
  5. The thing is, many clone waves had very distinct, memorable body shapes - the Bohrok, Rahkshi, Vahki (Visorak, not so much). So that kinda excuses it.
  6. Set-wise, 2002 (early 2002 - anything having to do with the Bohrok Swarm + Boxor) and 2015.
  7. How about avoiding the brutal determinism of G1's story? (the 3 Virtues are a sign of that.) G2 had the potential to do that, but they went with all the prophecy stuff instead.
  8. You know how Bright Blue (Mata blue) parts often become more greenish after some time? Has anyone witnessed that happening to Bionicle/Technic parts? Because for me it's only happened with System pieces. My Bionicle parts are still unaffected by this. Does it just not affect polycarbonate (or, at least, happen much slower to it)? Edit: I should note that some of the parts it's happened to are those bricks with Technic holes in them (the ones from 8139 Night Blazer, specifically).
  9. WellUnity, Dutiy, Destiny Are core concepts in Bionicle to change them would be to change the very core of Bionicle. The story, plot, characters, motives, setting can all be different but these three words must always be carried thorough. No, they do not.
  10. So, the ones I'd like to see the most out of the non-discontinued ones (since teal's situation is somewhat unknown) are Medium Nougat and Medium Blue.
  11. Okay, after seeing more of Storm Beast, I think it might actually be one of the best sets of G2? I'm actually considering getting it. The build is cool, and the function's pretty ingenious. I also like how they added a bit more to its feet. The things I dislike: the friction extender pieces, which, ehthe red axles, which I'm only mentioning because 2016 Gali had black onesthe empty sockets on the back of his hands, but that's not that badbut most of all, that new piece on the upper arms. That just looks so bad. At least when it's attached to a bone piece. Even the smallest available shell in trans-light blue would've looked better.
  12. It would be cool to see a few more sets using the Adventure Time license.
  13. I kinda like the idea. Knight's Kingdom was a thing, and this seems like it could be a better version of that.
  14. Actually, I'd like to see Medium Blue too. That color hasn't been used in Mixels either.
  15. Maybe it's meant to represent a frill, like in some extant lizards?
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