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    Truly, I enjoy running, making movies, occasionally building bionicle, and reading is pretty great too. Plus the internet.

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  1. Congrats!

    You have gotton the part of Creole!!!!

    An informational PM will be coming to you sometime soon.

    Congrats again.


  2. Entry Name: The Rahkshi Prototype Entry Pic: Here Gallery: Here Proof of Pieces: Here CzaR mentioned this contest, and I suddenly realized that I had to enter. So here's the rahkshi prototype. Makuta kept accidentally stepping on them, so he realized there had to be something better he could do...
  3. Brogen


    Happens to all of us Bunda. Mocing is liking running over hills. You got your ups and downs, the hard way up the hill, and then the great feeling at the top. Just keep mocing, eventually they'll start to get better until you hit your next peak.
  4. Entry Name: The Stone Scavenger Entry Picture: Link Entry Topic: Link Entry Gallery: Brickshelf, PictureTrail
  5. Brogen

    Oh Noze!1! D=

    Dang Gak, I'm sure glad I dont' have your mouse, but I know the type you're reffering to, cause they have, or had them, at the kid's computer section at my library. I hate those things, so I guess it makes it harder to draw on the computer then?

  7. Very nice personal statement. It makes no sense. Cool.

  8. O_o

    I didn't know you had an account here... sort of...

  9. Sorry, Mentioning sites with forums = bad. It always changes "M o D" to "Moderator".

  10. Hello, Brogen. Miss me from Fake Moderator?

  11. Rawr?

    Oh yes...

  12. Brogen

    New Moc

    Well I've been making mocs since I got my first bioncle set and to tell the truth most of mine are pretty bad, using prefab parts, and gimics to make bodies and those sorts of things, like toa feet for a body, of some other sort of gimic that allows me to do almost no work at all on the bodies. Well no more. Recently I've contructed a Toa of Gravity thats fully articulated, fingers and all, and uses no gimics; he was also built useing the 'frame' style I read about in the moc tips topic. For those who don't know the frame style is when you build a skeleton of sorts thats looks like a piece of shoot then add on slight pieces that stream line the body into an actually good looking body/arms/legs. Anyway my toa also includes a custom made mask, by me, by custom I don't mean a mask in the shape of another mask I mean a full fledged combo of multiple pieces that fit onto a toa head mask. Any way look for this guy soon in the BBC section. ~BD
  13. Brogen

    Ever Noticed...

    Well originally when the Rahkshi were released it said they were organic, like the toa, so I thought they had the ability to think for themselves. Then later that year it looked like it was leaning even more that way from how Makuta used the kratta to controll the rahkshi. This got me thinking, if the rahkshi are totally capable of thought by themselves, as I thought then and still think in my fanfics/mocs/comics, then why would Makuta need the kratta. So me and my brother, mostly my brother, figured that the kratta was like a brain over ride, and that Makuta could controll any rahkshi with a kratta inside. Thus we developed their different personalities and all of those things. I guess I'm getting off my original thought. Anyway as I was saying the rahkshi were transformed from those awesome raptor guys that were being wrongly controlled by their dad into like uber borok, in the sense that they were only husks of armor. Even without orders they're inherently evil, just look at the rahkshi the Toa Metru faced. Well I just don't think its right that lego was able to change their mind after already saying the rahkshi were organic. Well my two cents ~BD
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