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  1. I fixed the sound issue. There was another program messing with it (annoyingly hard to troubleshoot, as literally every program besides BF could play sounds fine). Also, I noticed that while hunger drains boss enemies' health and energy, it only gives health back to the Rahkshi, not health and energy. Of course, it still only took a total of 2 deaths to beat Exo-Pyro, Takanuva, the Mata, and the Rahkshi (without player bots on), so maybe this is a good thing. Besides a few outliers like hunger, it seems like the elements might be closer in power than I thought, so balance might not be as big an issue as I thought it was. However, one potential balance problem is ranged stun weapons. One Kanoka launcher took out over half of Takanuva's health without me having to do anything besides hold 'A' down. Throwing knives are also capable of dealing huge damage, even against boss enemies, with the opponent barely being able to respond.
  2. Wow, 13.0 is great. The new boss fights are especially cool. However, upon opening it (or, as it turns out, any older version) it says "No sound device detected. Sounds may not play." And sure enough, 99% of the time, sounds do not play. If I have sounds turned on, the game also lags to ridiculous levels. If I have sounds off, it plays fine. It's especially odd as this happens for old versions of the game as well, even though as of a few days ago no such error occurred. For the most part, my earlier tier list seems to be in effect still (I'll have to play lightning more, though, to see how it does now). It is especially noticeable fighting bosses: as a Laser Vision Rahkshi, beating Takanuva is nearly impossible, and AIs probably did more damage than I did; as a Fragmentation Rahkshi, it was difficult but doable after several deaths; as a Hunger Rahkshi, it was quick and easy, and I only died once because a Toa of Ice insisted on doing a freeze-stab-freeze-stab combo that I couldn't do anything about due to being frozen/stunned the entire time.
  3. I'm sure playstyle influences it to some degree, but some powers are certainly more powerful than others. For instance, it's difficult to imagine a Rahkshi of Laser Vision beating a Rahkshi of Gravity, given Gravity's higher damage and ability to control where his opponent can move. I welcome data from other players, and also suggestions on different stats and items to have in order to improve a power's score. I have played around with stats somewhat. For Rahkshi, at least, deviating from the 10/10/5/5/5 build seemed to drastically lower performance; for example,a more balanced Rahkshi of Gravity scored a kill/death ratio of barely over 1 while the 10/10/5/5/5 version got a 4.5 as shown. I will be experimenting more, though, especially with Toa, which I usually don't play as much. Also, this is not my attempt to predict what will happen in multiplayer (although I do believe many of the top-tier powers will stay top-tier); there is no way a Rahkshi of Chameleon would actually be god tier against a human player. This is a measurement of power as the game stands right now, when all play is against AI. I don't want to guess at what multiplayer will be like until it is significantly closer to completion than it currently is.
  4. Yeah, there's going to be a lot of variability once new game modes are implemented. I'll just have to reexamine the powers once teams are a thing. It would probably be difficult to make AI which could properly deal with Hunger, but it's still hard to tell how Hunger would fare against an actual person. A Toa with a Kakama is probably going to be good against all short-range powers, unless the map is small and the close-range player can corner him. I have not seen a kakama-wearing toa come close to being a threat. However, a rahkshi of chameleon with 10 Mind would end a vorahk as long as it has a weapon without any visual effects and it doesn't fly. Also, the grapple feature you are planning for them would easily stop a vorahk. other than that, vorahk lives up to the 118-kill streak I had mentioned before. Except a Rahkshi of Hunger can just tap 'w' every second or two and see if anyone's energy is drained (purple dots come and heal him). If so, there must be an invisible foe within range. I was thinking if you have a player as the Toa of Fire. They would know to keep their distance, and also to abuse the fireball's knockdown to keep the Rahkshi from getting close. He only used the elements that have powers programmed for them. Psionics only have passive effects at the moment. I haven't played to 50 kills/50 deaths with psionics, but judging from the little bit I've played as one, Toa of Psionics are really bad at the moment (probably due to the lack of primary and secondary attacks). I would also say that a Rahkshi of Hunger would be hugely powerful on teams: if five people on each team are fighting each other, the Hunger Rahkshi can drain health from the entire enemy team at once while healing enough that no one could kill him (unless they're ALL Toa of Fire with Kakamas). Hunger is one of those powers that does better the more enemies there are. Chain lightning is another one of these, for obvious reasons. In fact, a lot of the higher-ranked powers are ones that have at least one attack that hits all enemies in its path (ex. Plasma's plasma stream, Stone's spikes, Water's tidal wave), while many of the weaker ones have attacks that can only hit one enemy at a time (ex. Laser Vision, Fear, Magnetism), making them less useful against multiple enemies.
  5. Okay, so I decided to sit down and work out a tier list for the game. I played each Toa element/Rahkshi power which has at least one of their two primary attacks working to either 50 kills or 50 deaths (whichever came first) on Mangaia. Rahkshi had 10 in each of their 2 primary stats for their power and 5 in each of the others (and no items). Toa had 9 Element, 9 Mind, 5 everything else, and a Kanohi Hau (no weapons/armor). The results are as follows (the number in parentheses is kill/death ratio, rounded to nearest 1/2): God Tier (50 kills, 0 deaths): Rahkshi of Hunger (infinite) Rahkshi of Chameleon (infinite) Super Tier (50 kills, 1-14 deaths): Toa of Iron (12.5) Toa of Water (10) Rahkshi of Chain Lightning (8) Toa of Plasma (7) Toa of Air (5) Toa of Stone (5) Rahkshi of Fragmentation (4.5) Rahkshi of Gravity (4.5) Toa of Lightning (4) Rahkshi of Plasma (4) Toa of Light (4) Good Tier (50 kills, 15+ deaths): Toa of Shadow (3) Toa of Earth (3) Toa of Gravity (2.5) Toa of Ice (2) Rahkshi of Magnetism (2) Toa of Fire (2) Toa of Magnetism (1.5) Rahkshi of Disintegration (1.5) Rahkshi of Poison (1.5) Toa of Sonics (1.5) Rahkshi of Fear (1.5) Rahkshi of Quick Healing (1) Bad Tier (50 deaths, 25+ kills): Rahkshi of Laser Vision (1) Joke Tier (50 deaths, <25 kills): Rahkshi of Teleportation (0.5) It looks like Teleportation, Laser Vision, Quick Healing, and Fear could use some buffing (or maybe I just don't know how to play these powers well), while Iron and Water seem somewhat overpowered. The difference between tiers does seem quite noticeable, but eliminating those few outliers will probably help. Rahkshi of Hunger and Chameleon are also way out there, but Chameleon only because AI doesn't know how to deal with invisible opponents. It also may just be that the AI is horribly incompetent against Hunger as well, but the fact that I was able to get 100 kills without a single death shows that Hunger might end up overpowered in multiplayer as well.
  6. It wouldn't be feasible to 'cancel it for effect'. For one thing, lots of parents would be upset that the bad guys win. For another thing, it would lose LEGO a lot of money to just not make sets for an entire year. Thirdly, a lot of fans would dislike the fact that BIONICLE ended, and would resent LEGO and might not buy the sets even if it did come back. Also, coming back for only one year might make people think that it was a cheesy gimmick to change the ending and make more money, and they might not like that LEGO restarted it only to end it that same year. As a 'personal canon', it's fine; I'm just saying it wouldn't be feasible in real life.Personally, I would have extended it through the end of 2011 at least. Stick with the original plan to go to Bota Magna and return, have stuff happen with the Element Lords, and have a year-long, well-planned confrontation with Teridax. Have a movie in both 2010 and 2011. Any ending battle between Mata Nui's forces and Teridax's forces would be more drawn out than one giant melee, and would be fought over something that would actually be meaningful, perhaps a way to disrupt a giant robot's power system (another failsafe, or possibly a shutoff device, left by the Great Beings). The Golden Armor would not exist in any form. Most or all of the major storyline characters would get brought back for this final battle; many would play important roles in the conflict, and many would die (hey, it needs to be at least a little bit bittersweet). There would be no 'escape hatch' or whatever to leave the MU; instead, Destral's teleportation system would be hijacked by the Toa Nuva and would be used to teleport MU people in large groups to Bara Magna (of course, many villains would find a way to sneak onto Destral and be teleported off as well, so they could fight in the final battle). In a final, climactic melee, the forces of good would just barely manage to capture the giant-robot-power-disruptor. Teridax sees this and makes a last, desperate attempt to crush (literally) the forces of good. Tahu (it has to be Tahu, he's as close to a main character as BIONICLE has) only has a few seconds to use it before Teridax destroys them. Because of this, he does not have time to figure out how to aim it; instead, he releases its power outward, and both Mata Nui's and Teridax's robots are shut down and collapse. The forces of good rally, and the forces of evil, seeing the death of their leader, soon surrender or flee. Spherus Magna is not reformed; they must figure out how to survive on Bara Magna. Most of the story is wrapped up, and most of the main villains were killed in the final battle. After this, during the epilogue of the last book/in the last few minutes of the movie/on the last page of the last comic, a mysterious craft lands on Bara Magna: the Great Beings have returned. The End.
  7. My problem with psionics is that it's the only element that can't be absorbed by a Toa. That just makes it not seem like an element to me.
  8. The 'physics' I did wasn't even really physics. I used the definition of the meter, the kilogram, and the second; assuming all of these have a meaning in BIONICLE, my math should apply. I could see if I were trying to calculate something that could be different in the BIONICLE universe -- gravitational or electric fields or stuff that depends on universal constants that could be different in BIONICLE -- but I used nothing but units' definitions.On another note, another reason the robots' gravity might not screw everything up and that BM had earth-like gravity: perhaps G (the universal gravitational constant) is very small in the BIONICLE universe; the robots exert negligible gravitational pull, while BM could be the size of Jupiter and only exert the same gravitational force as earth does in our universe.
  9. Sure, Teridax could negate the effect of gravity on Bara Magna... but why would he want to? He could just choose not to null gravity and all of the Bara Magnans (his enemies) get thrown out into space and die.Also, going with my previous figure of a substance (at least) 17.5 thousand million times stronger than human bone and the fact that it takes about 205 million newtons of force per square meter to snap human bone:17.5 thousand million times the strength * 205 million newtons per square meter = 3.5875 thousand million million newtons per square meter for the moon fragment to break through Mata Nui's head. Going with 119,269.487 square kilometers for Mata Nui's head size (length of Mata Nui island * width of Mata Nui island), it would take 428 million million million newtons to get through Mata Nui's head. That's a lot of force.Assuming that Bara Magna had earth-like gravity, the moon would have been accelerating towards it at 9.8 meters per second per second. 428 million million million newtons / 9.8 meters per second per second = at least 43.7 million million million kilograms in the moon fragment that hit Teridax. The comic shows the fragment to have about the diameter of the robot's head. Assuming a 250 kilometer radius (about half of Mata Nui island, the approximate diameter of the fragment) and that the fragment was a sphere, the moon fragment had a volume of 196 million cubic kilometers. That's a lot of volume, but in order to have 43.7 million million million kilograms of mass it would have to have an average density about equal to that of iridium (the second-densest element on the periodic table; twice as dense as lead). Remember, 1) this is an average density -- because there's water and other stuff a lot less dense than iridium on Aqua Magna, the density of everything would actually be higher; 2) I took the absolutely smallest possible measurements for everything: I compared Mata Nui to a tall human, I assumed the metal it's made of is only as dense as human bone, that Mata Nui's head is exactly the size of Mata Nui the island, that the fragment was as big as Mata Nui's head (in the comic, it manages to fit inside after it hits), and that the moon fragment had exactly the energy it needed to hit through Teridax's skull (no excess energy).Summary: In order for the Aqua Magna fragment to puncture the Mata Nui robot's head, it would have to be twice as dense (on average) as lead.EDIT: For reference, Earth is on average half the density of lead.
  10. Actually, I'd argue that most people over-complicate physics. Really, pretty much everything in physics can be explained by a few dozen fundamental constants (Planck's constant, speed of light, etc.) and some very simple relationships between them. Take gravity; it's not even really a thing; it's a description of how two masses interact with each other (with a force proportional to the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance between them). Furthermore, everything larger than the nuclei of atoms is the result of one of two things: gravity or electromagnetism.Anyway, on a semi-related note, I too have a problem with the Mata Nui robot's size. I'll ignore the effect its gravity would have on Bara Magna and the question of where the GBs got the resources to build a planet-size robot in any feasible time span. Instead, let's see what material the robot could possibly be made out of. (If you want to avoid math, skip to the summary at the end.)If you make a human-sized robot with the same density as a human but twice the size, its weight would be more than double a human's. It would have twice the height, twice the length (arm-to-arm), and twice the width (chest-to-back): 2x2x2 = 8 times heavier. Its bone structure (or robotic equivalent) would provide more than double the support as well: if you take a cross-section of the bone, it's twice the width and twice the length, so it's 2x2 = 4 times more support (making the bone structure taller doesn't make it provide any more support, which is why it's 2x2 and not 2x2x2 again). Because you're supporting a robot 8 times as heavy as a person with 4 times the support, the 'bone structure' would have to be made of a material at least 8/4 = 2 times stronger. This is an unfortunate restriction, but it would hardly make the robot impossible to build.But now what happens if the robot is 6666666 2/3 times larger than a human (this is 40 million feet, assuming the human you're comparing it to is 6 feet tall.)? The robot weighs about 300 million million million times as much, but only has about 45 million million times as much support. In order to stand on Bara Magna without collapsing under its own weight, the robot would have to be made out of a material about 17.5 thousand million times stronger than bone. Probably more, since it's made of metal and is more dense than a human.Summary: To be able to support its own weight and move around, the Mata Nui robot would have to be made of a material (at the very least) 17.5 thousand million times stronger than human bone. What is that thing made of?!
  11. 1. Did Greg say that there aren't any climate variations or did he just say that there aren't any polar icecaps? If SM is warm enough, it might just not be able to sustain frozen water year-round even at the poles.2. If there actually aren't climate variations, the only plausible explanation is a large greenhouse effect which would both increase the temperature and decrease temperature variation between climates.
  12. The new update is great, and the ice map looks really cool (PUN!)!That being said, I did have this weird glitch where I died, my respawn counter counted down to -0.03 and then stopped, and I never respawned.
  13. Not necessarily; 'Kanoka' could refer to a 'Disk of Power' or some such specific connotation, and could mean more than just 'disk disk'. Except that's not really how programming works. It takes inputs and produces outputs; it only handles commands. If you want to transmit information, you need an actual language. Except English didn't evolve from C++; it evolved from West Germanic(incidentally, English and Latin are not very closely related; English simply borrowed a number of words from Latin and French). There really isn't a conceivable way to have started out with a programming language and ended up with Matoran. Even if the Matoran started with an actual language, remember that there are Matoran who were alive before the Shattering, when the MU was still being constructed. In one or two generations, the language isn't going to change much except for slang. I can see the spontaneous creation of interjections, but I can't see how pronouns would suddenly appear out of nowhere; pro-verbs and pro-adjectives are possible word classes, but they haven't arisen in English, so there's no reason to think pronouns would have arisen from an archaic Matoran language which lacked them. Also, why would archaic Matoran lack pronouns and interjections? (Also note that 'Toa' is no more a proper noun than 'human' is.)
  14. This has happened to me a couple times, but I haven't run out of air yet...Ice still seems really low on damage. Yes, I can just keep on freezing them, but I end up running out of EE (even if I start at full) before I kill them...Anyway, yeah, I guess ice is more of a 'trickery' element than a 'go in and kill people' element.
  15. But with the 10 Str/10 Vit Nuva Armor+Quake Breaker, you still have to get close enough to hit them... and Quake Breakers wear out very quickly. I don't know about fighting against real people, but I know that I rarely hit people (other than Exo-Toa) in melee and they rarely hit me, especially if one side's playing an element with stunning/paralyzing attacks (fire, ice, lightning...). Also, stunning/paralyzing them removes the necessity of being fast enough to catch them.My current favorite character is a 6 Str, 8 Vit, 4 Dex, 10 Elm, 5 Mind Toa of Fire with a Rode (to see enemy health) and no weapon (because they're available in several places, including from killed enemies). No armor, either, because armor still doesn't seem worth an extra point of, say, vitality. No other character I've made is anywhere near as good (at least since the infamous shadow glitch was removed). Toa of Ice have ridiculously low damage (average of about 150 energy points to kill someone, by my experience); Toa of Gravity fail miserably against flying enemies; Toa of Plasma and Iron have no stunning/paralyzing attacks; and I can't play Toa of Lightning well for some reason. The other elements aren't loaded and are basically jokes right now, so fire it is and fire it shall remain (until the next update).
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