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    Computer games (I'm also making some), art (especially digital), animation, manga and anime.

    Genres: Sci-fi and fantasy mostly, but most anything can be good if done right.

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  1. Very nice composition and crisp images -- good use of lighting and nature motifs. I particularly like the recreations of old promo images, like Kopaka meeting Pohatu, and I'm impressed by how dynamic you made Lewa's tree-swinging pose look. Great work!
  2. I like it a lot! It looks like it might be a bit fragile in the joints, however, and possibly a bit loose depending on what material it is printed in. Do you have a printed version for yourself that you could show off?
  3. Is Broken Virtues gone for good?

    1. Katuko


      Hopefully not, but probably.

    2. Arzaki
  4. I'm still impressed by how well it turned out. We already mentioned some improvements that could be done here and there, but overall it's a wonderful transition to 3D and I love it. For the record: My sketch took 10 minutes tops. TurteX did the brunt of the work on this.
  5. Having the animation actually follow the beat of the music was the icing on the awesome cake. I love this, it dragged out my nostalgia for Templar's animations again.
  6. Nah, it's just that the image host I use went down and apparently isn't getting back up. You'll notice the same with a lot of the other images I've posted on this forum. Thanks for reminding me, I'll take the time to fix it soon.
  7. I'm quite fond of that one myself. I'm planning to include Visorak as enemies in a future update, though I doubt they will mutate you. Once I get the shapeshifting Rahkshi power figured out, however, I imagine a variant of that could be used for other purposes as well. Well, it doesn't fully work as it's supposed to. I'm not certain, but I know the majority of crashes on Windows 8 comes from the sound system being outdated. The new engine (demo posted above) should work fine at least up to 8.1, and probably 10 as well.
  8. It's going to be pretty much as you describe, once I get around to doing it. One person hosts, the rest join via IP or something. I could set up an online database that provides everyone with a constantly updated list of active servers; the rest I will have to figure out as I go along. The game has taken far longer to develop than expected (I'm just doing it in my spare time, after all), but until the engine is semi-stable I don't have much to work with for online gameplay either.
  9. Happy very late 10 years!

    1. Katuko


      The years go by very quickly, I can tell you that. ^_^

  10. GameMaker uses its own scripting language called GML (GameMaker Language). It's similar to a lot of other languages, but is rather forgiving when it comes to syntax. Certainly a lot easier than JavaScript, I would say. As mentioned, you can use the drag-n-drop icons at first, until you familiarize yourself with the program. I mostly use sprites from existing sprite sheets. I do make some on my own, but I'm too slow at making good stuff to be spriting a whole game by myself.
  11. Would you happen to be playing on Windows 8? Apart from all the bugs and glitches that have built up over the past few years, the export engine I'm using does not play nice with Windows 8. Mostly it's the sound system that hiccups and kills the program, but there could be other issues as well. :/
  12. How hard it is depends on what kind of game you want to make, and also what tools you choose to make the game with. Pure programming languages are a lot harder to use for beginners than a dedicated game design program is. If you've done programming before, I would recommend searching for engines or frameworks that are written for that programming language. Otherwise, get something like GameMaker (for a general game) or RPG Maker (mostly for classic turn-based RPGs). If you're going for 3D I'd suggest Unity, but know that 3D is usually harder than 2D. Personally I use GameMaker. I've thought of switching it out a few times (Construct 2 looks to be semi-popular for HTML5 games, as is Javascript), but I've always come back to it. The convenience is simply too great to pass up for a hobby-level game designer like me. I had no prior experience with programming when I started using GameMaker many years ago. Although it still takes time to learn the right concepts and techniques for a properly designed game, using a program like this is a great help. This program provides you with a scripting language that you can use for coding the game, but it also has many pre-defined functions loaded up into simple drag-n-drop icons that is a fantastic help for beginners. It does not, however, come complete with full game engines. If you want to make a platformer, you have to set up the gravity yourself; if you want an RPG, you have to do all the stats and the whole turn system yourself; and so on. Luckily there are tutorials and examples for most game types already. GameMaker: Studio is the latest edition of this program, and the Standard version of it is free. If you're brand new to making games, I will suggest downloading that and taking a look at the tutorials. If you need help with anything, feel free to PM me about it.
  13. So, didn't work out because turned out to be a blatant lie. Luroka just pushed me to link all of you to a preview I've got, so here it is. Download BrokenVirtues_WIP_forum1.zip from Dropbox (9.83 MB) Contains a single Windows executable file. Extract before running. This is not (yet) BIONICLE Fighter "new and improved". This is nothing but test room gameplay. It has a Toa who can use a melee attack, fire a basic elemental attack, use his shield, and fly (mask power). It has its share of small bugs ATM. Press Tab to view controls. You get a random weapon and shield sprite when you spawn, but all of them behave the same way ATM. Your "elemental attack" is currently just a reused Laser Crossbow projectile.
  14. I've finished my education and gotten a full-time job as programmer/software developer, so I haven't had the mindset to do as much hobby-level programming as I might want to. I guess I owe you guys some previews, though, so I'll try to touch up what I have of the new engine and post it this weekend. I haven't done it yet because it's unpolished and has lots of bugs. Topic revival in Fan-Created Media is 60 days, actually, so he's inside the limit. If it does go past 60, then note that the rules also state that the topic creator may still revive it in order to post an update. Regardless, if it gets shut down I can make a new topic later once I do have something new to show.
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