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  1. *[ACT]>Be a total Debbie Downer To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the memes. Part of it is because the Facebook group I'm part of really got into them, so half of my news feed is composed of nothing but memes, which gets annoying. But the thing is, I wouldn't mind that if it wasn't for the fact that Bionicle is dead and the future of Constraction figures in general is looking kind of bleak. It's just bad timing to now turn Bionicle into a meme.
  2. Not gonna lie, I was expecting them to have the doofy faces that the original Boneheads prototypes had. Aside from that, these are really good. I like all the accessories that the two of them have-it makes them look unique. The integration of System parts is very steampunkish. I hope you do more of these in the future; they're very cool.
  3. Wish we had actual instructions instead of just pictures of what the completed parts looked like. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to detail, so I don't like having to build something based on eyeballing it. Also, I so hope we get a polybag with the MoUP Stateside.
  4. So...how badly is Lego going to feel the backlash from this?
  5. I don't exactly have high hopes for the movie, but the sets look decent enough.
  6. Call me cynical, but why do I suspect that this means that the web animations will solely follow Kopaka and skip past the other Toa finding their Elemental Creatures?
  7. The Uniters are more-or-less the same as they were straight out of the box. However, I took the original Master armor and created armor racks for each Toa. That way, instead of trying to mesh the Master and Uniter designs together, I could just switch between the two sets relatively easily. They still have the Uniter gimmick in both forms, too. I slightly rebuilt four of the creatures so that the tails were actually, you know, tails instead of levers for the gear functions. Also to differentiate Melum from Terak. Umarak now has hands, extra shots for his bow, and armor pieces to fill in his legs. I also redesigned his bow to have an antlered look.
  8. First off, don't quote the entire chapter, just the bit you're responding to. Quoting the whole thing stretches out the page, and it's kind of annoying. I'll ignore your tastes in comedy and just say that the reason Vakama's upset about becoming a Toa is that, like he said, his destiny as a Toa has been completed. He wants to be an old fart because he's supposed to be an old fart. Good question. Hopefully, the author will return to this, because I really want to see it completed.
  9. Okay, that paragraph is probably the funniest in this entire thing. Also, have you considered putting all of these News Story-type comedies into one thread?
  10. I know everyone's talking about the fact that the Islanders have names now, but here's something else I noticed about that excerpt: Namely, that it mentions the flippin' Mask of Time!
  11. To the people complaining about the dinosaurs not being accurate: The dinosaur figures are based on how they looked in Jurassic World. It's not Lego's fault that there are some inaccuracies in the oh-so-scientifically-accurate Hollywood movie about creatures that haven't existed in living form for eons. Also, the dinos in those movies were genetically-altered mutants based on frog DNA, anyway. Think of it like that. On the subject of the sets, I don't really care that much either way for the Jurassic World sets (they look fine, though). I'm honestly more interested in the Minecraft sets, mostly because I could use them to make little environments for my Lego minifigures. I will admit, though, that stuff like the Ghast's size and the Enderdragon's wings are setting off my nitpick senses. =p
  12. Lol, poor Tahu. He put so much work into his big moment, only to get it stolen by Hafu. Also, the image of Onua on a unicycle is hilarious. Someone make a picture of that. Ah, yes, shipping. Because apparently, if two characters so much as share one bit of dialogue together, they're meant to be.
  13. Okay, is it just me, or does Sensei Wu's dragon resemble Falcor from Never-Ending Story?
  14. The Obsidian Mines have many abandoned shafts, closed off due to collapse, poison gas, or because the miners accidentally dug into the nest of some monstrous denizen of the depths. Such shafts are believed to be haunted by the spirits of deceased miners, who sometimes take their revenge on those who toil beneath the earth. So it only comes naturally that, shortly after the defeat of the Lord of Skull Spider, this nightmare comes crawling out of the caves of the Region of Earth. The Skull Warden's main defining feature is the massive cage on its body (or rather, that its body IS a massive cage).Anyone unfortunate enough to end up inside it is at the mercy of the Warden's claws and bladed legs, and their life force is slowly drained. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that the Warden is actually pretty intelligent, and sets traps for unsuspecting villagers. Its only weakness is Elemental Energy, and a lot of it at that. More Pics: Main Picture Front Side Back Open Door Trapped Protector "Let me out of here!" Trapped Toa "I thus invite you into my chamber...where I will rend you limb from limb..."
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