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When all hope seemed lost, Toa arrived on the island, in canisters, they went on a quest for their masks, they placed them on the suva, they gained their golden masks, they evolved, their masks evolved, as well. They conquered darkness, they left, the island was evacuated, the Toa left once more, going even farther from their masks, each losing connection to their respective suva. This is not their story, this is, rather, the story of those masks they left behind, the ones that were discarded.





Chapter One:


"Where am I?" he muttered internally, for he had no mouth of his own, "What is this place?" he questioned once more, he strained to open his eyes, but alas, it was in vain, he had none, it was then he remembered, he was a mask, a piece of armour meant to be worn on one's face. How then, could he think? He wondered, bewildered apon realizing that a simple piece of armour should not have an awareness of its own, he thought back, to see if he had memories...he did, he had memories of a tree, it was peaceful there, quiet, calm...he remembered it burning...he remembered being placed on the face of the one who'd destroyed his home, seeing, for the first time, through his eyes...he remembered getting stronger, a sudden surge of power and change of shape...he remembered the source of this power...he wondered if he could conquer it, bend it to help him in some way...he could feel the power, he could just reach out to it, if he'd had hands...if only he'd had hands...if only he'd had a body, he wanted a body, he wanted the power...he felt the power in his metaphorical clutch...he drained the power, sending it to himself, a surge of power came out from himself, he suddenly realized, gleefully, he had eyes, he could see, he could see the red elemental energy pulling forth metals from all over Ta-Wahi, he could feel it, he was the energy, the energy was his. He forced it to his will, and it obeyed, without thought, he was powerful, he felt his energy bring the metals to himself, he felt it, caused it to, attach them to one another, forming a body, a body, he'd soon have a body. He was overjoyed, for the first time since the peace of that tree, he was happy. The body was almost completed, it had no face, he reached out with the hands of his body, straining to do so through elemental power alone, and grabbed himself, putting himself on the body, in place of a face, he felt himself change once more, this time, not just the mask that was him, but his entire body, he felt his face revert to its original form, and he felt the amalgamation of metals that was his body solidify, into, a work of art, almost, he looked down at himself, no longer straining to move the heavy limbs through elemental strength, the pistons, the muscles, were his, and he commanded them. He raised his arms in triumph, shouting with glee, he covered his mouth...he had a mouth, he could speak, he was no longer a blind, mute, inanimate piece of armour situated on another man's face, he was now a being in his own right, all these thoughts and more soared through his head, and so overjoyed he was, he didn't realize he was floating. When he'd finally calmed himself down enough to be aware of his surroundings, he realized his feet weren't touching the ground, he looked behind himself, and realized he had wings, bronze, flapping, beautiful wings, he was flying...he was flying, he was a discarded Kanohi mask, and he could see, he could speak, he could walk, he could run, he could fly. Surely, this must be a dream, he slapped himself to see if it hurt...he felt pain...he'd never been wounded before, pain hurt, he decided...but this was no dream, he had a body, and he was flying, "I AM THE BRONZE JET!!!" he proclaimed to himself, the top of his previously non-existent lungs, a simple phrase, quite bizarre, admittedly, but with his first words, he'd named himself, and he regretted it not.

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spot on man spot on

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"The Tale Of A Murderer's Brother" "The Civil War"


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Chapter Two:


The Bronzejet began exploring this place he'd found himself in, he'd come to realize by now that it was near entirely filled with lava. He didn't mind, the heat made him feel at home. He eventually found the Turaga's hut, and with it, a map of the island, it had an arrow stating, "You are here" and pointing to a red dot labeled "Ta-Koro" he crossed out the title, replacing it with "Lava palace" he liked the new name better. He thought for a moment before deciding to traverse the island in search of other masks like himself, he decided the place marked "Ko-koro" might be a good place to start, it was to the west, anyways, and last he'd checked, the beaches were always warmer to the west. He packed up the map, and exited the hut, he then swam through the magma away from his Lava Palace, apon reaching the surface, he dried off his wings, and flew off in the direction of "Ko-koro" deciding he'd give it a better name apon his arrival. As excited as he was for his new journey, he still regretted leaving the lava, he felt warm, safe, in it, it was cold outside his Lava Palace. He decided to ignore his distaste for the weather, and began flying.


On his way, he came across a volcano, logically thinking, volcanoes should be warm, they should have lava in them...he decided to go in. He saw some masks on the ground, he tried talking to them, to get them to form bodies as he had, but they ignored him, he decided the trip had been a waste, and began leaving...but as he did...he noticed a little rubbery slug, "Hello there," he said to it.


It didn't respond, it did, however, reach for him, he decided it liked him, and decided to keep it as a pet, "I'll call you Miffy," he said to the Kraata of electricity, petting it, and putting it on his back, before continuing on his journey to Ko-koro.




An infected Miru in the mangai volcano had heard the words of the admittedly imbecilic Kakama...and hearkened, "The idiot was right," she muttered internally. She then called apon the elemental forces of Light and Shadow, powerful forces which had dueled within this very chamber, pulling together all the strength she could muster from it, she commanded all the materials in the area to her, and they formed her a body, and as they did, she spoke internally, until the point at which her mouth was formed, then, her voice could be heard, shouting, revolting against that which had held her captive, "He was weak, he would brag that he was nothing, and that is why I shall succeed where he failed, I will be everything, everything he was not...I am Everything," as she finished her monologue, she finished her body, all the while, an infected Mahiki, and an infected Kakama, overheard her, "Well she's melodramatic," one said internally to the other, "Drama queen," was the other's response.

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Chapter Three:


The cold was excruciating, the bronze jet was trudging through the snow, his wings rendered useless by the snow, all elemental energy going towards keeping the Kakama itself warm. He eventually reached a clearing, and began running, his feet abruptly froze over, and he tripped, falling off of his armour.




He woke up, he was nauseous, and dizzy, but not cold. He opened his eyes, staring back into them was the face of a white Miru, "Well you're hot," she stated cooly, he groaned. Both at the situation and at the pun. He looked at her, he was upside-down, but from what he could see, her armour was shiny, pale, metal, segmented but elegant, as if she had enjoyed the creation of her armour, and taken her time. His must look crude in comparison to hers, he thought to himself.

"Where am I?" He asked her.

"Ko-Koro," she responded, preoccupied with something else.

"Who are you?" He questioned.

She smirked, "I'm Batman,"

He didn't understand the reference and asked the next question, "Where's my armour?"

"The moon," she stated sarcastically.

He took this literally, "Bring it back,"

"Nop," and with that, she left.

He tried to reach out for his armour with elemental power...it was too far away, "Dangit, Brayden," he muttered.

Meanwhile, the Miru was contemplating the possibilities, if there were two of their species, then there were bound to be more, or at least the possibility for more to exist. Considering how easy it'd been to find the red one, it couldn't be that hard to find the rest. She wondered what a kiss was like, she'd read on the walls that some species kissed, from what she'd learned, Matoran weren't among those species, but hey, Kanohi could be. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a pedestal falling over. She walked back into the room, the flame was spreading, she tried and put it out before it could get to the walls, she'd decided she really didn't like the red guy. She picked him up, and froze him over, he melted the ice, and burnt her hand. She summoned ice pillars to carry him for her, once they got to his armour, she slapped him back on the face of the bronze construct, upside-down. The bronze armour glowed with green energy for a while, it appeared to be straining, it pulled him off the face, put him right-side up, and put him back on. The armour then stopped glowing, and he started panting. When he recovered, he petted Miffy, and then pulled out his map, crossing out "Ko-koro" and replacing it with "cold" he replaced his map. They then began walking to Onu-Koro along the way, they exchanged names, but didn't have much conversation other than that.

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