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*After the events that took place on the celestial body that is referred to as 'Savage Planet' Hero Factory HQ dispatched a recovery team to help the healing of the planet. An injured inhabitant was found and taken into medical care, once healed the local was also slightly enhanced by our technology and became the representative of his planet and an honorary member of the Hero Factory crew.*

Finally got around to take proper pictures of this revamp, its been gathering some dust for a while now >_> And probably the first MOC that has some system parts integrated into it (just the two on the torso), and they fit it quite well I'd say.


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He looks good and the system pieces are integrated well. I would change up the leg's though, they're acceptable but could be better.

I was attempting a more wasp-like anatomy with the very long and thin legs, don't really see what else can be done to it.

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You could give him something more refined than barely covered backwards rahkshi legs. I'm not saying to change their proportions or length, but the way they are built could be done better. 

I worked with what I have.

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