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######fire's Bull

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My friends, it is time again for another one of my MOCs, this one a bit larger in scale. Presenting, the Fire Bull.

Whereas Kaantoe and Matiguyed were simple, Fire is somewhat of a complex build, especially for me, but I'm hoping that underneath the complex exterior you'll be able see the core of this piece. Whatever that means.

I'll leave the final judgement to you, the viewers.

Inspired by the previous quadrapeds of the Bionicle franchies, such as Spinax, Fire is a step above those frail builds with what can only be described as a "big boned" body-set. Upon closer inspection, any observant viewer will note that while there is some meat on the limbs, most of the weight and mass is centered in the upper torso, making some positions awkward, but generally contributing to an overall stable frame.

Despite a quite antimidating frame, Fre Bulls are for the most bit docile, or at least apathetic to their surroundings. Possessing innate telepathic and telekinetic abilities, early inhabitants of Xia believed them to be demons due to their telekinetic powers.

When substantially threatened, the Bull forgets its relaxed ways and rears up on legs. It's back legs not used to carrying the generous load of the Bull, the sight would be quick comical if you didn't have a huge bull running at you.

The main sign of a Bull's health is it's mane-like sprout of hair from the back of it's head. Bulls will spend an average of two hours each day preening their mane in an attempt to get a mate.

Despite usually being quite territorial, Bulls are sometimes docile enough for Matoran to approach and rest on one, during which the Bull will protect the Matoran as if they are one of it's young.


Edited by Toa Orka
Image thumbnailed due to file size, and variation on a filtered word edited.


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