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  1. You drew them all very well. The squid shouting as it was being placed in the launcher was hilarious. I can't believe you're still making comics.
  2. I felt that you were going to do something for the return of the forums.Always a pleasure to read those perfectly blurred panels.
  3. I remember there being Comic Help Topics in Shops&Kits (why in that forum I'll never know). I think it might be helpful to bring it back. Tutorials and questions could be posted there.
  4. You've raised a very good point. I'd rather not have this topic closed from lack of political neutrality and restraint.I'll ask an admin to close or at least review this. Note; I have not taken any sides, simply converting images into BIONICLE form.
  5. Political content removed. -B6
  6. For a doodle, that's rather detailed. I'm assuming you had some time to kill in class?
  7. Ha, that was clever. It's actually quite an obvious in retrospect. Congratsulations to you on coming up with it.The arrangement was also very nice. I like things neatly arranged and organized.
  8. A series would mean there's a constant flow of good ideas to parody (however important the news would be), and I simply cannot believe that the news is that efficient to me at this point. Keep following it, it's going to get interesting. Series; mentioned above. The sprite kit is still on the old forums if I remember correctly.. I'm not quite sure what to say about the poster, but thank you. Thanks.
  9. Political content removed. -B6
  10. Man, I always loved your artwork. The second image blew me away. The detail of the limbs and his expression-marvelous.
  11. Just thought I'd congratulate you on your success. The comics are superb and classy as they've always been.I'd wish you luck, but you probably don't need it.
  12. nice, solid 5 star :D why aren't you 100 years old now??

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