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  1. ~consume enhance replicate~

  2. And another year. ...I hate getting older.

  3. LEGO's trying to throw us for a loop, it seems. Today's countdown is titled 'F4_jpg20140917-32330-gov0rl.jpg'. As in Fantastic Four. Likely a red herring, but its nice to know that they are still trying to keep it as close to a surprise as possible.
  4. Wow. Almost a year without updating this thing? Shows how involved I am, I guess.

  5. ...And it was said that Chapter 11 was to fall into the void, never to be seen again... Until Vorex posts it back up.
  6. Its not that we don't like Proditor. Its just that he doesn't get any truly awesome scenes before you suddenly kill him off! Pirok's gotten... what, 4 now?
  7. Excellent chapter! Bit 1: Loving the view Alex has on his powers. Hopefully it'll make for some interesting dilemmas in the future? Bit 2: Annnnnnddddd... EERIE VISION TIME! Loving the spooky and mysterious nature of this vision. And does that C mean what I think it does? Bit 3: Enter Thompson! Now, I like this character! His motives are unknown (maybe...), and he's clever enough to evade Crux. Bit 4: Well, Crux doesn't seem too happy, does he? Wonder why... Bit 5: Well Thompson sure is eager to find more Marked. More eager than the Marked themselves, in fact... Bit 6: About time you had her find others! Great chapter! Awaiting the next one! -Scratch
  8. EXCELLENT! Its nice to finally see this epic get its (long-overdue) continuation! Yikes. That poor Bone Hunter... YAY! PIROK! ...And Proditor... Yay... Well... Wasn't expecting Krahl to become a Gollum-like character quite yet, but I'm liking where its headed so far! Thanks for the compliment Wotz! My banners are normally some of my best work! (I've designed quite a few for this series of epics, ya know!) Looking forward to the next chapter! -Scratch
  9. Welcome to the review topic for my (possible) epic, Betrayal. Criticism and constructive comments are welcome. -TFE
  10. Hello, long-time lurker TFE here. This is my first shot at any type of real writing. I can't say for sure if there will be any more to this, and if there is, how often it will be updated. Review Topic: Here. Now, may I present... Kicking and screaming, pleading his innocence, Eredar was dragged into the dark chamber. The Ancients, Guardians of the Fallen culture, are ready to enact his ultimate penance. Staring into the darkness, Eredar is bewildered. Is this what the Ancients ultimate punishment was? To abandon him in a building far from the shores of civilization? "Eredar the Merchant," boomed Radomus, "Your crimes against the Fallen are unforgivable. You have broken into our most secretive facilities; you have poisoned the whole of the planet; and you have murdered Septum, the Ancient Supreme. What do you have you to say for yourself?" Angered and confused, Eredar is effectively silenced. What could he say? He had pleaded his case, even broken out of custody just to prove his innocence, and still his dedication to this truth could not make them see. "What do I say? I will not stand for this betrayal. If I was truly guilty, you would have some form of evidence besides Septum's word. And the word of a dead man doesn't hold well in this world." Enraged, Radomus swiftly reached forward and struck Eredar with such a fury as would live with the Fallen for the rest of his days. Eredar's once-yellow eyes, eyes that burned with such a passion for truth and justice, were now stained blood red by the fury of an Ancient, a conduit of his now-abandoned gods. "Let that be a taste of what's in store for you. Arlena, Bring forth the Hyperium." At that moment, Eredar's eyes widen in terror. They couldn't possibly... No one had ever been sentenced to the Hyperium before now. Arlena swiftly glides across the room, where a small console awaited an input, the only input it was ever designed for. Once again screaming, Eredar struggles against his bonds, desperate to avoid the only destiny he had left: Imprisonment. Slowly, the wall tore itself open, and what remained afterwards could only be described as a sphere, adorned with glowing blue lights. "Carry him over," Radomus commanded his two subordinates. Struggling, Eredar was inched closer and closer to his prison, until he opened his eyes and could see his new reflection in its metallic surface. "This sphere will be your new home. The only place you will ever see again. You will be the one and only individual to ever be cast into its depths. You will live out an eternal life, the last Fallen. That's what you wanted as a boy, wasn't it Eredar? To be immortal? Well... Congratulations!" screamed Radomus with an otherworldly fury, as he forced Eredar into the dark and cold embrace of the Hyperium... Review Topic
  11. Hmm. I recognize this name. But I doubt you're actually hydrAi. Cool name!

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