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  1. Irrelevant. Either way, I wash my hands of this thread and your slander.
  2. Yeah, no, I didn't say that. Nice spin. China is getting more aggressive in their territorial claims. Seizing and sinking ships is certainly within the realm of possibilities at this point. My comment had zero racism against the Chinese people; just a remark at Chinese policy. Unless being critical of foreign governments is now racist, in which case I guess I am, according to you. Please read more current events. You won't feel out of the loop next time.
  3. Racism? Care to point out the racism? Pretty please?
  4. My bet is they'll sneak the sets off-shore to Vietnam or another South-East Asian country to sell. Of course, this is unless China blows up their boats for "invanding our waters" or whatever their excuse will be now.
  5. OOC: This is gonna be awful. IC: Nurrad With some hesitation, Nurrad followed the Glatorian outside.
  6. IC: Nurrad Nurrad shifted her weight uneasily. "If you flash us...." she almost growled.
  7. I wish I lived on a ranch, or a plot of land, and not in the suburbs. I wish I lived somewhere I could go outside and do whatever I wanted, but here? God forbid the HOA finds out you do anything.

  8. The last time I trusted you....well....I've never actually had a reason to trust you yet. I guess I'll have to do it this time.
  9. I'm getting a really bad feeling about this Hexagon.
  10. IC: Thomast, Nurrad Thomast raised a slight hand. "I volunteer myself to stay with Jack." Nurrad punched Thomast in the arm. "The wimp will stay here. I'll go with you. Might as well do something, and I rather play computer games."
  11. Sorta-kinda-but-not-really-robots with the power to water-, air-, fire-, earth-, and a few more -bend to combat this really evil guy that thinks that dictatorships are actually a really great idea but turn out to be a bad idea and so it causes a lot of death and war and I really reccomend skipping the ending and making your own if you want a good one.
  12. IC: Nurrad "I have a feeling Jack knows Ajuni better than we."
  13. IC: Thomast "Mysteries upon mysteries."
  14. IC: Thomast "What the blast is a Hexagon then?"
  15. IC: Nurrad "I'm pretty sure that's been around for a while." Nurrad spoke up.
  16. IC: Thomast "He could. He doesn't have any memory of the fall of the city, from what we know. If he is pre-Fall, he could hold the information we need to survive. It's all speculation, but it's a better plan than sitting here, drinking."
  17. IC: Thomast Thomast shook his head. "If, assuming Jack has the plans, repairing them could be easier than I think."
  18. Feels weird not going to the gym today.

  19. IC: Thomast Thomast had come back from his silent fit and approached the group. "This computer, Jack, may be the key to helping this city. If he was made before the fall of the city, he may have plans on his memory to repair the batteries to the engines." He cleared his throat a little before continuing. "I hate to say this, but we will need to work with Jack to reach a common goal, which is survival."
  20. Pretty much this, because teaching yourself to program with C is very hard even though the language itself is pretty easy. In my experience consider buying a textbook for C++ and looking at a few of the chapters then experimenting a bit. However because C had a huge influence on programming many languages today use the same or similar syntax. For example, my computer teacher told me that if I learned Java I would learn C++. That's just me though. If you don't want textbooks, I'm sure youtube has a ton of C++ tutorials. Hope that helps. I'll probably end up using a mixture of Youtube and textbooks. I did the same with HTML/CSS. I've used Codeacademy before, and Python is one of the languages I'm looking to learn in the distant future.
  21. I think I'll have to do it old-school; to B&N I go!
  22. IC: Nurrad Nurrad thought about it for a moment. "I do what everybody else does. Survive."
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