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  1. If ye be a pirate, where're yer buccaneers?

    1. Ghidora131


      Six feet und-


      Um, partying

  2. IC: Akree After an awkward silence that lasted far too long, Akree saw Prei make a slightly confused face at somebody nearby. The Skakdi turned to see a toa staring at the sun, and called out "You probably shouldn't be looking at the sun like that. It cooks your eyes if you do it too much."
  3. Horrifying screams come from the darkness below!

  4. IC: Akree Akree stopped for a moment before replying. "Not really. I sort of wanted to get to know the other Sentinels and I didn't think through what I would actually say."
  5. IC: Akree Huh. Akree wasn't used to people knowing his name. "Uh, yes sir."
  6. It's far to easy and convenient to make these statuses.

  7. IC: Akree, Po-Koro After spending at least a month in the Po-Koro Sentinels, it suddenly dawned on Akree that he barely knew any of his fellow guards. He decided that the best way to rectify this would be to approach the first other Sentinel he saw and say hello. The first one he spotted was that purple toa who hung around the doughnut shop a lot. Akree walked over as casually as possible and began "Uh... Hi. You're that guy who likes doughnuts, right?"
  8. Hello. Couch here. Just popping in to say I'm back again, and will probably continue being just as important as I've always been. I might even last more than a week this time, honest.
  9. I try.

    1. Highly Suspicious Person

      Highly Suspicious Person

      Well, not really. But the sentiment is still there.

  10. Nah, the Yakuza are much more official and generally have a better reputation. Mainly due to the relief and recovery work they do whenever Japan has a big earthquake. Kentoku natural disaster when?
  11. I'm pretty sure Hubert and Onarax are just part of a hive mind anyway, so it shouldn't matter too much.
  12. IC: Akree (Po-Koro) Akree walked through the Koro. Wait, that's not right. Akree patrolled through the Koro. Much better. The skakdi had noticed that he was acting much more like a real Sentinel now, and if the dirty looks were anything to go by, the citizens of Po-Koro had noticed too. He didn't understand the newfound hatred of the Sentinels. There had always been bad eggs among the guard, and Akree's orders had changed little. He wondered if the people were really that easily manipulated. "They must have noticed that they're just being played" he thought to himself. "I mean, they couldn't possibly be that stupid, right?" OOC: Open for interaction
  13. 'Tis I, DoctorCouch. I'm back again, hopefully for more than a week this time. Could anybody give me a rundown on recent important events in the RPG? Knowing what's going on might help me get back into it now that my IRL problems are mostly taken care of. And as an aside, I also wish you the best of luck recovering, Shadowhawk.
  14. Kebab must be removed somehow. I see that removal is quick and agonising for kebab.

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