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  1. OOC: Skipping to the Hellfire Ball. IC: Sierra itched all over. Her mother had insisted on covering 'those horrible red marks' with rather large amounts of makeup, and it was, needless to say, making them feel even worse. As if her thoughts were being read, she felt a sharp poking sensation in the back of her head. "I know, don't touch anything" she muttered. Her own hair (dyed its original dishwater blonde), eyes (brown contacts, which again, was her natural color), and skin were off-limits. All of it. "Why would she insist on covering everything with that uncomfortable stuff? Why would anyone be seeing..." She blushed. "Ew. Dad's here and everything." As she shook her head, trying to remove the mental picture she was accidentally painting, her attention was once again brought to the mask she'd been sent. Seeing as how it was strangely...appropriate, she figured whoever was throwing this ball must have some sort of interest in the invitees. "But what kind?" she wondered, staring thoughtfully at the beautiful woman in green who seemed to be overseeing the whole affair.
  2. IC: Tayen looked between the two girls in his presence thoughtfully. "Now that you mention it, finding the other Ashley -that's your name, correct? - would be a useful test in more ways than one." He smiled at Ashley. "My daughter knows where to find her, but I would assume you do as well. Or have you ever met?"
  3. IC: Tayen listened to the Ashley's story thoughtfully. He had to admit, assuming it was true, this piqued his interest. Normally, he would be somewhat dismissive of such an outlandish story, but he had a feeling that he could test it. "Sierra." Her fogged gaze slid onto him expectantly. "Can you verify that this is a different version of your friend?" IC: Sierra hesitated to answer. If she was wrong about the identity of the girl they'd met in the woods...well, no use thinking about it now. In any case, what were the chances of there being another plant controller with a strange affinity for trees in particular? "I-I'm not sure." she muttered, realizing just how indistinct everything looked at such a distance. "I can't see her very well."
  4. IC: Tayen tilted his head, a strange sort of curiosity visible in his eyes. He released his daughter, his focus still trained on Ashley. "I like your sense of humor, so can you humor me just a little more? What's this other universe that you keep mentioning?"
  5. IC: Tayen shook his head. "Of course you were." A touch of condescension could be heard under his politeness. "She's not right in the head, you see. I hope you understand my protectiveness." Sierra opened her mouth as though about to protest. Before she could, however, Tayen cut her off by elbowing her sharply in the back. "Don't." he growled.
  6. IC: At Ashley's question, Tayen's smile only grew wider. "Just a concerned parent. Who wouldn't be worried if their little girl was talking to strangers?"
  7. IC: The whirling fog pulled away from Sierra and gradually solidified into the form of a tall man. Sierra froze and watched out of the corner of her eye, her breathing becoming faster but more controlled. IC: For christ's sake, what was with all these freaks? Tayen stretched, his arms rising above his head for a moment before being dropped back by his sides. He smirked at the strange woman and spoke in a casual tone. "Well, now that we're done trading sob stories, maybe my daughter can stop wasting time and get back to not being useless." Said girl didn't respond. If she hadn't started pulling on her hair nervously he would have thought she was ignoring him. Sighing and rolling his eyes, Tayen grabbed Sierra by the back of her neck and pulled her closer to himself. "Sorry about your universe, but my concern lies here." as he said this, the hand on his daughter tightened. She muttered "Sorry."
  8. IC: "Other universe...?" Sierra took a second look at the woman in front of her. Her gaze slowly traveled over the woman's flora-like features. An expression of horror formed on her scarred features. "You!" she shouted it as though it was an accusation. "No matter where I go, I can't-!" she jerked forward, her hood falling down as she caught herself from stumbling. The small puffs of fog coming from her eye socket abruptly converged and shot out like a spear before wrapping themselves into a protective spiral around her. She let out a surprised and somewhat pained cry in between trying to suck air into her deteriorated lungs. "Monster, huh?" she let loose a string of short, hacking coughs and raised her head to stare directly at Ashley. She laughed. "As we are apparently of the same kin, I can ask you: would you run from this?" she gestured to her now unveiled features. The small scars criss-crossing her skin which has preciously been almost unnoticeable were now an angry, raw red that had completely split and bled in some cases. One of her eyes was completely missing, and having been uncovered seemed like a boring hole into her skull. The remaining one was almost as bad. Its previously bright and clear lavender color was now covered with such a misty haze that it appeared blind. That particular thing she hoped would go unnoticed, as not being able to see very well was currently weakening her. She bared her teeth slightly, showing canines that were still sore from an impromptu artificial sharpening.
  9. IC: "Looking. You can't help me." Sierra automatically responded with the phrases she'd practiced. "What about you?" her gaze wandered to the trees surrounding them both, small whisps of black fog starting to stream out from under her eyepatch.
  10. IC: "Bad behavior..." Sierra repeated. She closed her eye in thought. "You could say that." she said bitterly. "You'll notice that none of them are with me now." she opened her eye and stared piercingly at Ashley. "But I'm not alone either. Not even at this very moment."
  11. IC: These woods...these were the ones where... A glare of light and a shriek of sound pierced her already throbbing skull. Groaning softly, she covered her face with her hands. The soft patch of fabric covering her secret weapon scrunched under her palm as she tried to block out the disturbances. Make it go away, please... she begged. This had been a terrible idea, but Tayen was insistent that she come here. She crouched lower on the branch that she was trying to stay balanced atop. The rain was soaking her already weakened frame to the bone, and her left eye socket kept smarting like crazy. He's still having a hard time maintaining density... She slid out of the dense coverage of the tree and walked farther into the forest, watching for any sign of human activity. What she found surprised her. A woman standing there, her arms out and yet strangely still. Sierra flipped her hood up, for all purposes now looking like a walking cloak. She took a raspy-sounding breath and spoke. "You...you're not human, are you?"
  12. IC: "See you there." Sierra had just enough time to type and send this before the phone clicked off, signalling the end of its battery life. She set it down, her heart sinking at Ashley's well-wishing. "If only she knew what that would take." she sighed softly, her mind going back to a few days ago. ... "Here, take it." he demanded, shoving the pistol at her. Sierra yelped, nearly dropping the gun. Her heart hammered in apprehension. "Wh-what do I need it f-for?" she stuttered. Weapons had always been banned in any place her father was currently occupying, so why would he just hand her one like that? Was he planning on resuming her education? She swallowed nervously. "I am teaching you to be self-sufficient from now on." he growled, clearly irritated that he was having to explain himself. "No daughter of mine is allowed to waste away in the house while her mother lenghtens her pitiful existence." She looked down, trying not to show how much what he said could still hurt her. "So," he continued. "We will leave together, and I will tell you what to do. However, you must do your own dirty work." He shot her a malicious smile. "In the words of the great John Smith: 'He who does not work shall not eat.'"
  13. IC: A sudden chirp startled Sierra out of her thoughts, most of which were about her apparent half-brother. From what she'd seen, he seemed pretty shy and serious, but that was to be expected from someone who was being raised by her father. He actually looked a lot like him, making it odd to see such a demure expression on a face associated with harshness. Anyway, she'd just have to get used to him and the man who'd given her a second X chromosome, as they were both living here now. She turned the phone back on and read the text. It was from Ashley. As she flipped back to the message before, her initial confusion dissolved. So she was having her memory tampered with by something, it seemed. She wrote back and sent: Thank you You have no idea how much it helps knowing that you aren't resenting me for that. I'm not sure about Hellfire myself, but I believe they are some sort of organization that is trying to recruit new members via a gala. I have an invitation. Don't worry about where I am. I'm just a little sick is all. I don't know about you though. It must be hard.
  14. IC: She curled up under her blankets, trying to preserve any last shred of her own body heat. Awkwardly pulling them up over her head, she dug under the pillow and pulled out a small cellphone. "Almost dead." she muttered, a small pit of nervousness rapidly forming in her chest. Struggling with accuracy due to the numbness of her fingers, she slowly but surely typed out a message: - Ashley I left again You have them I'm only wanted by my family Do you know about Hellfire? Maybe you never would have confronted her if I hadn't flipped out again I'm sorry Guess I screwed you over If you need something, tell me - She hit send right as another wave came. A fuzzy blackness came over her mind, blurring and confusing her thoughts briefly. She looked down at the phone, stunned to see it in her hand. She shrugged and put it back, laying down only to stare into the nighttime blackness of her room.
  15. IC/NPC: It was cold in here. Far too cold. They didn't seem to mind, though. While she sat here, wrapped in a blanket and shivering, they just conversed like normal. Well, if normal was tense and hostile. "No, and that's final!" the older woman snapped, eyes blazing. The man's frown deepened. "What makes you the authority on this? I can do whatever I want to with my own flesh and blood, dear." He drew out the last word, lips twitching into a smile with every enraged outburst of his wife. She spluttered indignantly. "Yours?! So she just sprouted into being with no help from anyone else?!" She whipped her head to the side, focusing now on a young man who seemed to be trying to make himself invisible. He had dark brown eyes that were wracked with guilt, and his chestnut hair was falling over his rapidly redding face. "And this! You turn up with a kid who is obviously old enough to have pre-existed our marriage! What the h***?!" The man pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "Can I just take her already? I kind of need her for something." One look at his wife's face froze him in the middle of his attempt at further annoying her. "Or not..." OOC: I'll make profiles when/if they actually interact with someone.
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