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  1. YAAAAAASSSSS Patriots win!!! #thebutlerdidit #patsnation

  2. Go Patriots! Can't wait for the Superbowl, Seattle is going down!

  3. Go Patriots! Can't wait for the Superbowl, Seattle is going down!

  4. Bionicle comes out, sold out. SUCCESS!

  5. Just watched the Season Finale of How I met your Mother! MUCH TEARS, SUCH AWESOME

  6. Changed Avatar back to the 'ole Rahkshi symbol

  7. changed sig, tell me if you like/hate it

    1. Kopekemaster
    2. Ghidora131


      It's okay, but are you going to poke my eyes or something?

    3. Toa Of Anarchy

      Toa Of Anarchy

      Anyone who watches How I met Your Mother would get it, its the Character's (Barney Stinson) "thing".


  8. Where there is light, there will also be shadow

  9. US v Belgium.....Great game, sad with the end but there sure was some great soccer there!

    1. Underscore


      Finally...FINALLY someone else who watches the World Cup!

  10. If USA could only tie that game, can we win against Germany?

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    2. Toa Of Anarchy

      Toa Of Anarchy

      Such a lack of Patriotism tsk tsk tsk :P


    3. Kopekemaster


      :P DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE I can't wait to see you
    4. Toa Of Anarchy
  11. A World Cup of Kohlii is something I would watch

  12. Listening to thrift shop, made me think of Makuta Mutran for some reason

  13. Just had lunch with tobyMac's brother-in-law!

    1. Ldd2000


      Whos tobyMac?

    2. Toa Of Anarchy

      Toa Of Anarchy

      Famous music artist


    3. Kopekemaster


      how can someone not know who tobymac is


      we must educate THE WORLD

  14. Just watched Hunger Games:Catching Fire, that movie was amazing!

  15. Welcome to BZ Power!

    1. consonant


      Er...not sure if I'm replying to this properly, but thanks! Just joined to post a comedy, that's all.

  16. HURRAH! US beats Russia in 8 rounds of penalty shootouts 3-2! #UMensIceHockey

  17. Welcome to BZPower, if you have any questions, let me know.

  18. Ah, old Exo-Force games, so much fun!

  19. Whats on my mind? Filip'in Karzahni is whats on my mind!

    1. Kopekemaster


      I have no idea....what that means.

    2. Toa Of Anarchy

      Toa Of Anarchy

      Ya' not supposed ta'

  20. Hapori Tohu wrecked by desktop yesterday. Or it might have been the sudden power outage.

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