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  1. Just got my set of Mahri! Before my school trip, too :D

  2. Alright, I just got my complete set of Mahri this morning and have finished building all six of them. (Nuparu and Hahli being my favorites) I took Matoro's Cordak Blaster, filled my bathroom sink with room temperature tap water, dunked the blaster in the water to get it wet then loaded the missiles. There a drastic difference in the firing distance of the missiles. Surprisingly, when you fire the blaster submerged in water, as soon as the rockets exit their chambers they immediately stopped due to water resistance. They only travelled about an inch away from the blaster's chamber. However, once you've fired all the missiles, the chambers start to fill up with water. Then you can start firing jets of water from the blaster. Once I surfaced it, you can spit the water out of the blaster about three or four times before it's empty. I then shook the blaster to get any remaining drips of water out. So I think it's safe to use it in water, but it won't travel as far. I might try it later in my bathtub since it's bigger than the sink. LEGO should've made note of how you could fire the blaster in both water and air, maybe even make the blaster better for water.
  3. Maybe someone could "borrow" a Cordak Blaster from any of their Toa Mahri figures and see the difference? Upload it to YouTube, maybe? I, too, am curious.
  4. That's part of why I ordered the Toa Mahri. I believe the chamber of air inside the blaster fills up with water, giving it much more power and momentum.
  5. What was your favorite year for Bionicles? Mine was 2006. The Piraka were simply awesome as well as the Inika and the titans.
  6. Perhaps you wanted to add a bit of elemental fun to playing with Bionicles, so you decided to go out in the back garden to your pool and see if it was safe to submerge a Bionicle in water. I'm curious to see what would happen, especially with the Barraki or the Toa Mahri. I heard from somewhere that ball joins will get too slippery and fall off. Has anyone ever done this?
  7. My first was Piraka Zaktan. I bought him at a TESCO Supermarket here in the UK back in '07.
  8. The tiny black axel pieces.
  9. I collected all Bionicles from 2006, not counting the the rarest ones like Irnakk. I have all Toa Inika, Piraka, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon, Fenrakk and the Matoran from Voya Nui. Though Fenrakk and Axonn have missing pieces. The most frustrating part of building ;_; I recently ordered all the Toa Mahri, though. Not entirely sure if I want the Barraki.
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