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  • Birthday September 15

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    Creative Archipelago, BZ-Nui
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    Lots of stuff-

    Lego, especially Bionicle

    Legend of Zelda
    Animal Crossing
    Super Smash Bros
    Team Fortress 2- if you ever see a "Pohatu Uniter of Stone" player, its me.
    Monster Hunter
    Touhou. Its hard, but fun and rewarding!

    Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
    Harry Potter
    Reading in general
    The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

    Anime, specifically the following:

    One Punch Man
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Squid Girl!
    My Hero Academia
    Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On!
    Monster Musume

    Monty Python
    Doctor Who

    And food. Food is a relevant interest. But I am very picky. I'd much rather have a bag of raw green beans and two hard boiled eggs than a pizza or burger. (Despite the fact that I wrote this in, like, 2012, its still true!)

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  1. Hi, I'm dead. Busy playing Touhou.

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