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  1. IC: Vantul Well, this is happening fast. Kantok flew past Vantul's head and landed far below. And Poraku ran and started stabbing people's feet. What is going on. Vantul ran to the edge and looked down. ​I hope the spear's okay. After standing dumbstruck for a while, Vantul reached into his pack and pulled out his knife. Should I help? Can I help? He whimpered, turned, and then followed Poraku into the fray. And started trying to punch him, because, why would you stab a Matoran if you can punch him? He's just a Matoran after all. And you might get arrested by the seemingly unusually picky policewoman. For stabbing. Policeskakdi. Policeskakdiwoman. The lady who's really tough and is gonna beat you up if you mess up. Her. Not the one in pink, no, the other one. OOC: Just scroll up, all the info is on this page. If you mean motives, they're rebellious idiots (and so are you, I guess).
  2. IC: Vantul Vantul groaned and sat down... only to realize there was nothing to sit down on. He slouched for a second and sat on the ground. He glanced at the the Toa of Gravity and grimaced and wondered who she was. And what she was doing there. And hoped she wasn't as deadly as the sword on her hips looked. And then he saw Kantok trying to bluster (or maybe it wasn't blustering?) at the police officer. And Torak flirting with her. And Kaen and Poraku standing confidentially together. And sometimes yelling/whispering at one another. "EVERYBODY! PLEASE! Be quiet!" Vantul didn't like yelling. He stared at the officer. "What's next? Do we need to go sign paperwork? Or are you taking us into custody?"
  3. IC: Vantul Vantul groaned and stepped forward. "You see, officer, during the bar fight, the place was pretty much destroyed. Poraku here helped take her down... and you must have gotten a report on that from the officers involved in the arrest, right? Well, they can testify that this place was pretty well broken up. Poraku here thought that we should help clean up the place, but when be got here, we had a pretty tough time of things. And then we realized that since all of it was so broken beyond use, Kantok here could just disintegrate it all and we could bring in replacements in the morning. It'll be as good as new! You see officer, all we were trying to do is a good deed here, and we're going to make it even better than before! And I got hit in the face with a door. But we're going to replace that too, so don't worry your head off! OOC: pg. 152 for the "report." Unless you have decided it is too soon for a report to have come in. Also, Kaen was opposed to the idea.
  4. IC: Vantul "Well, I've got an extra cot down at my place, so you could stay with me if you'd like. I mean, it might not be that comfortable, I don't know. Well, I guess you could sleep on the bed and I could take the cot..."Vantul shrugged, "Whatever you like! Hey, and you know his idea wasn't such a bad one," Vantul gestured to Kantok, "I still don't know his name," He murmured. "We could just destroy it all and sweep it up later instead of trying to get it all cleaned up and nice and organized... just so we can destroy it in a landfill. So, I mean, we don't necessarily have to call a clean-up crew. Actually, we don't even need to sweep, because Kaen here could just blow it all away!"
  5. IC: Vantul "Maybe they're in the hospital? Could've gotten pretty hurt, I mean, with a drunken Skakdi on the loose?" OOC: Didn't one of them get stabbed?
  6. IC: Vantul "Not really. I mean, there's this little claw thing if you don't want to get your hands dirty, but you couldn't really lift anything heavy with it anyway. Have you seen one of those? Do you know what I'm talking about? They're sorta like tongs? For people who don't want to bend over, or maybe for short people who can't reach the top shelf?" Vantul smirked. "You wouldn't want one of those, eh, Toa? Scared of getting your hands dirty?" Vantul bent down and picked up a piece of rubble.
  7. IC: Vantul "Sorry, I'm back! Had to use the restroom."
  8. IC: Vantul Vantul dashed after the Po-Matoran. I'm not gonna lose him this time. Wow, he's fast. I hope this isn't as bad as it seems, because things are starting to look pretty bad. Vantul continued on after the speedy brown Matoran. OOC: This looks like it is turning into a large-scale plot detail, which is probably not allowed- have you talked to admin yet...?
  9. IC: Vantul Vantul walked out from around the side of the hut. Noticing the blood on Kantok's spear, he asked, "Is everything alright? I couldn't keep up, so I came back here and I've been looking around. I hope you didn't need me?" The green Matoran turned to Poraku and handed him a bundle of pages, with the same symbol boldly placed on the front. "I found these. I've never seen the symbol before, have you?" He looked down, and saw the crest on the conjoined swords. "Hey, it matches!"
  10. IC: Vantul Vantul ran home, gathered up a few tools and things in his pack, grabbed his knife and an old bottle of Stralix powder off the shelf. If I'm going on an adventure, I might need these. Though I'm probably along just to fix that Toa of Sonic's weapon if it breaks. I wonder if this Stralix powder still even works? He headed off in the direction he had seen Poraku going in. He jogged up and seeing the two others disappear inside, followed them into the hut.
  11. IC: Vantul "Umm... Yes, mister... ah, well, I still don't know your name." The Le-Matoran turned and smiled at the Po-Matoran. Holding out his hand, he began, "I'm Vantul, what's your name?"
  12. IC: Vantul Vantul watched the two Toa disappear down the street, and sighed. Technically, since they had paid him back, business was over. But he was lonely. Doesn't really seem like there is much business today... Vantul closed the shop and headed down the road to the bar. He deserved a drink. Oh. What happened. Vantul walked in, only to see Kantok and Kaen talking to a Po-Matoran. I guess this is where the... noises happened. What happened? Vantul turned to leave, wishing he had gotten some of the action. Or at least a drink.
  13. IC: Vantul Vantul turned around and sat back at his desk, and began the completion of the spear. As Kean walked from the room and sat down in the tiny chair in the front, Vantul thought, He doesn't trust me. I wonder why. Vantul stood up and handed the spear to Kantok. While he stood in front of the silver Toa he called to the front room, "I just finished! How did everything go? Any customers?"
  14. IC: Vantul "Oh no, you don't need to do that, I was just wondering if you could sit in the front of the shop and deal with customers and such for, say, ten minutes? I shouldn't be long. I'm just gonna finish this guy's spear. I think he wants to watch anyway. If you tried to make him leave with you, I'm not so sure that would work. So no, you don't need to take him on a tour. But could you watch the front of the shop while I'm back here?" OOC: I do be clarifying.
  15. IC: Vantul "Well..." Vantul walked over, and, grabbing Kaen by the elbow pulled him aside. "He's a difficult, customer, you see," whispered Vantul, "and I think that if I don't finish his spear for him right away... And he wants to watch too. I know his type, I've had them in here before. All blustery and thinking he's so great, but if I show them what I'm doing and let them know they're not being cheated (plus act a little scared to let them feel on top), they're totally safe. Although this guy seems a little less fake and a little more... I don't know... crazy?" OOC: I'm not gonna kill him!
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