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  1. they did a similar thing here in Brazil: these pieces probably break quicker than the lime joints
  2. well i think it would look like doom 3 (2004)
  3. yes kardas is still the tallest ever since 2006
  4. the bionicle stars but i would take they over g2 any day of my life.
  5. I am going to post a gali mata 2001 canister with a blue translucent noble kanohi ruru on ebay soon any person interesed may reply to this thread and we can make something out of it. this item can be found in João Pessoa,Paraíba,Brazil. so this can be found on ebay in BRL$
  6. I brought a Gali mata from ebay in 2019 and it came with a canister, a bonus mask and a chewed back gear. can somebody tell me the name of the back gear on gali and somebody wants a canister and a translucent blue noble kanohi ruru? i will post it on ebay anyways. IMPORTANT INFORMATION i am underage so i may use some of my parents personal information on ebay i am brazilain so how much does a 2001 toa canister with a translucent blue noble kanohi ruru worts in BRL$?
  7. Well as a 3 years old that almost discovered youtube i found that weird piraka rap stuff around 2006 i felt in love with it i used to think like this:("OMG!!!! ROBOT GANGSTERS SO COOL THEY LOOK SO !!!!!") i was just 3 years old at the time. then i found out they were from a "Bionicle" toy line and then i found old videos from 2001-2005 and i liked it even more but i din't know what was the company who made it. then 2007-2008 happened and i was around 4-5 years old and saw the videos from these years. When i learned to read in 2009 when i was 6 years old i found out about that "lego" stuff with the power miners sets. then it was only a matter of time that i found it out that they were the ones that created Bionicle. i went into the 2009 storyline and i was hyped about the legend reborn and i found it out that there were 3 more bionicle movies. I saw all the 4 bionicle movies and they felt special to me like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. 2009 was a very special year to me because it's the year my little brother was born. then in 2010 bionicle ended i cried,cried and cried like a baby. my childhood was dead and gone. lego made hero factory to fill the hole but that thing din't felt special enough to me. they were just bionicle wannabe cops. i got more into the lore back in 2014-2015 when g2 was announced. i din't liked g2. it was boring and felt more like hero factory with bionicle slapped on it than the good old bionicle that i grew up in 2006-2010. but i got more into the lore thanks to g2. i never had any g1 bionicle as a kid. i only managed to get gali mata on 2019. and most of the bionicles i found on ebay are super expessive or locked in the US or something like that(i am not from the US) still bionicle teached me lot's of things and it helped to form my personality.(yes it's true) bionicle is special to me because if it wasn't for it. i would be a totally different person today. I still want to meet Greg and Christian someday.
  8. The fact that just now almost 17 years of my life i discovered that Roodaka was a dominatrix scalie witch.
  9. all lego games made by TT games are on steam but do you think lego will put Bionicle heroes on Steam or it will remain an abandonware forever?
  10. all lego games made by TT games are on steam but do you think lego will put Bionicle heroes on Steam or it will remain an abandonware forever?
  11. what about some legoland open in some cities from latin-america like:joão pessoa AKA:the most underrated city on earth
  12. mine was power miners 8957 and yours?
  13. It's easily the worst of the 4 films nope mask of light was the worst one it has animation clipping
  14. i would keep mata nui and makuta as brothers and make them gods so does the great beins and make love canon what would you change?
  15. Piraka in snake forms i've never heard about it so can you explain to me or send me a picture of it?
  16. in the ending of bionicle heroes it happens a clifhangger that is implied that the next game will be set in the 2007 story events what you think it would look like
  17. DownfallPosted Jun 16 2019 - 04:25 PM It's probably your computer then. But if you are dead set on not paying for it, I can send you elsewhere. You see, head just north of [REDACTED] to find the [REDACTED] on the [REDACTED], at which point you'll find your [REDACTED] that you've been looking for. Oh, one last thing: [REDACTED] thank you old sport
  18. DownfallPosted Jun 16 2019 - 04:26 PM Possibly since it requires more of your computer's power than other Lego games? i have INTEL HD GRAPHICS
  19. PohaturonPosted Jun 16 2019 - 02:02 PM You gotta buy it mate i pirated the other lego games and they worked why my bionicle heroes is not working?
  20. I tried everywere but don't matter where i download the game he stills lag. can somebody help me?
  21. PohaturonPosted Jun 15 2019 - 04:27 PM Bold of you to ask for technical support for a pirated game. Especially since you outright admit to as much. then how can i download the game?
  22. i have downloaded the game from igg games i tried everything but it stills lag i want to make a lego videogame collection to 2006-ongoing i always wanted to play this game since 2010-2013 somebody help!!!!!
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