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  1. I'm selling/trading a bunch of kraata. PM me if you're interested or have any questions. I might be interested in some sets or collectibles like a Trans-orange Kraata. Please send me reasonable offers. Completed order: One of each set kraata (except Kurahk & Turahk Stage 1). Turahk Stage 1 (1x) Stage 3 (3x) Stage 4 (3x) Stage 5 (2x) Stage 6 (3x) Kurahk Stage 1 (3x) Stage 3 (3x) Stage 5 (5x) Vorahk Stage 1 (4x) Stage 2 (1x) Stage 3 (6x) Stage 6 (1x) Lerahk Stage 3 (1x) Stage 5 (4x) Stage 6 (1x) Panrahk Stage 3 (2x) Guurahk Stage 3 (6x) Stage 5 (5x) Wild Kraata Laser Vision: Stage 6 (1x) Weather Control: Stage 1 (1x)
  2. Hello everyone, I want to complete my bonus limited edition shadow kraata with cd Rahkshi collection. So far, all factory sealed, I've snagged Lerahk, Kurahk, and Panrahk. If anyone owns and willing to sell their sealed limited edition Turahk, Guurahk, and Vorahk, please let me know. Moreover, owning a trans-orange kraata would be nice. I'm based in the US. All in all, thanks for reading.
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