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  1. Do not believe his lies and propaganda. Yesterday was not his birthday. Nor is today. Nor will tomorrow be.
  2. +17,000 DokkyTunapoints I think I just found my next screen name.
  3. Dokuma

    Win Of The Day

    Timezones, my dear.
  4. Dokuma

    Win Of The Day

    MIND = BLOWN Now THAT is the win of the day.
  5. Dokuma

    This Just In

    Bippidy boppidy.
  6. Dokuma


    Is freeshh?? Very. You'll wish you'd done it sooner. brb FBI Electromagnetism. How do I shot web? It is not wholly unlike the Titanic.
  7. Dokuma

    Win Of The Day

    Guys, this wasn't an IM.
  8. No, I think you're confusing it with antipasto. No silly, that's Makuta.
  9. What are these things called Bionicles?
  10. Did you see Battlestar Galactica last night?Am I going to propose today?Why don't people think I can fire them just like Michael?Wanna pull a prank on Dwight?Wanna pull a prank on Andy?
  11. Dokuma

    This Just In

    I'm going to Disney World!
  12. Dokuma

    This Just In

    TMD and I won the Comedies Forum contest. : D With the winnings, I will retire from the paper bidness.
  13. ...that is the theme of today's Ask Jim Anything.
  14. No, I have not. Not that I know of. Not to my knowledge. That's a ridiculous question. tl;dr Yes. I think we broke his brain. Michael!
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