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    Hey guys, I'm Nik. Sorry if you don't see me much anymore. My health is currently not at its best, so I've had to give up some things including BZP. I hope I can come back soon. Either way, I hope you all have fun here, ok? :)


    Female, Hispanic, Agnostic, Panromantic/Graysexual, ISFJ

    I listen to too much JPop and read too many books and have a natural curiosity for the innermost workings of a human being.

    I am also a cat person.

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  1. Help, I'm re-reading all the Adventures novels and I can't stop----!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      I have never read the Adventures. Only Chronicles 1-4

    3. Nikira


      Aaaah, that's a shame! They're great books. :3c

    4. Dr. Giggles PhD

      Dr. Giggles PhD

      I have read some.

      I own alot of them.

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