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  1. Today, is the day that I finally leave BZPower. The (many) reasons I prefer not to mention, because I don't want to annoy you. The BIONICLE 2 game project is still on, you can follow it on both the RRU blog and the SM.com blog. My Skype is guurahk203, if needed. Stay tuned (mainly in SM.com) to check out on my newer and exciting projects! -G u u R a h K
  2. I'm not sure if we have decided on this yet, but since I'm the 3D modeller, I'll roll the dice and say that we will most likely be Photoshopping pics of the sets for the boxes. 3D rendering every single set would be a heck of a task, and I'd probably run out of time before they are released.
  3. This is the official list as of November 24, 2013. Everyone is one one team alone, and their team is listed here, so Guu, you are only on the game design team. Staff discussion is not meant for this topic, so please keep it out of here. Oh well. Fail. So now we're back on topic officially.
  4. Yeah, I actually meant that I'll tell Ben. Of course I wouldn't take the choice myself cosnidering Ben's the bossman. (also: though I am not listed here in the topic, I actually am on the set design, story and media team, just that of the first two I'll have to wait until 2015 to release the story and the latter... well not much to do anyway yet.) Now we should actually get back on topic to avoid a post war.
  5. Rephrase, please? We'll have you in mind, thanks! it's really not up to you who gets to join the set team, Guu. that being said, SWH, we'll consider you. however, i'll warn you that we already have Modalt doing custom pieces, and we may not need anyone else for that. I clearly said that we will consider him, not saying "you're on!" just like that. Just clearing that up, let's get back on topic.
  6. My trans-yellow, unprinted Kanoka. And maybe those 5 prototype Thornax.
  7. Metro-Cross Arcade In-Game Soundtrack. For the 243th time.
  8. The body reminds me of the 2001-2004 bodies, good job!
  9. I could take the time to carefully reply to every single post but that would be an incredible waste of time as I see that no staff member is actually seeing my point. Just one more thing. If B6 doesn't have the "abilities" to prevent this kind of thing (don't look at me, you said this), why doesn't he search for someone who is willing to help? I bet there is a ton of people who would want to do it.
  10. I don't want to be the dude that everybody is gonna be replying "oh what a troll you are" to, but let's be honest here. Nobody on the BIONICLE community gets paid for their sites. Think you are the only ones in the whole world who run a site as a hobby? And still, I am able to make backups everyday. The BMP as well. We don't accept money donations, however you do. I think it is clear enough that if someone should have the motivation to make constant backups, it's you. It's not like you are the only people who have a job, other hobbies, family or such stuff. I am disapointed by the staff in general, but especially B6. There is a goddarn 1-click-bakcup fuction in IP.Board, for crying out loud! A backup daily is the best. A backup twice a week is good. A backup twice a month is poor. A backup once a month is pretty bad. A backup once in two months of more is unexcusable. This is an evident, all out "I don't care anymore" kind of things.
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