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  1. These pretzels are making me thirsty

  2. Wow, this really makes me regret selling all of these prototypes when I did. xD
  3. one of these days i'll actually stay active for an entire year

    1. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      You do realize that it takes more than a day to stay active for a whole year, right?

    2. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      *goes inactive for 364 days*

    3. Makuta of Time
  4. Thanks guys! My age shall remain unknown... except that most everyone knows it anyway. XD
  5. I remember a topic titled Bionice RETURNS. That one was pretty wild.
  6. Nice work so far! Cool idea to base it in Game Maker, I never thought to use another platform. Progress has been slow because life has gotten in the way, but it's still being updated here (this is an old version though): http://bit.ly/1VpcFbi Hope to have it finished in the first quarter of 2016 along with Bioniclemusic.com.
  7. star wars spoiler: snape kills dumbledore

    1. Ghidora131


      Noo you ruined it for me


      I'm gonna go cry in the theater D:

    2. Makuta Luroka

      Makuta Luroka

      Snape Kills Luke's Father, and Darth Vader is Dumbledore

    3. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      I legit got spoiled though ;_; I've been working every day this weekend so I haven't had a chance to see it yet.

  8. It would definitely have to be Ga-Koro for me. I've been enthralled with it ever since first playing MNOLG I and II, to the point that I'd probably choose Ga-Koro over almost any place in the real world if I could.
  9. Vahkiti and I were there with BMP t-shirts and Vahkiti's world famous life-size bronze Vahi. If you're there, feel free to grab a BioMedia Project flyer. There's a stack of them sitting on the BIONICLE table next to the chrome painted masks and parts. We left, but we saw a few of you guys there.
  10. Like masterchirox580 said, the open-endedness of G1 is actually kind of nice. Fan continuation projects like Solis Magna (which, contrary to popular belief, is still alive ) are great, but there could never and should never be some megafanon continuation project that the whole community would accept as the official continuation of G1. Continuation projects are meant to provide different interpretations of what might happen after The Powers That Be and The Yesterday Quest, not be a definitive answer as to what would happen.
  11. Argh. Have you considered or tried contacting her again? Multiple times, and unfortunately she's never gotten back to me. What do you mean "all my prototypes?" You mean, like, sets? Or other games? I wish they were other games. I had gotten some 2001 prototype sets from from her, and most are in the hands of Mask Collector now.
  12. Argh. Have you considered or tried contacting her again? Multiple times, and unfortunately she's never gotten back to me.
  13. Feels like I was gone for a whole year.

    1. Ghidora131


      Feels like you've been gone two. Welcome back, nonetheless. :D

    2. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      Thanks! :) I'm glad to be back.

  14. What I expected was to motivate forum members to search for a copy of the game, or more info regarding it There have been a lot of threads like this in the past, all with the same basic conclusion. RedQuark is still the best chance we have of ever getting the game distributed, and it's been that way for a lot of years. Only a few of us know how to contact him and if we don't want to ruin our chances of getting it from him, it needs to stay that way. As some of you may know, I located a disc two years ago from a former LEGO employee whom I sourced all my prototypes from, but after other forum members discovered her identity through my own carelessness and sent her a barrage of emails, she cut off contact with me and everyone else before completing the deal for the copy of LoMN. Still frustrates me a bit to think about. The same could easily happen with RedQuark if everyone were to start contacting him. It's certainly a waiting game, but I'm sure he'll come through eventually.
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