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  1. Hi man, thanks for sharing! Absolutely stunning pieces. I have the original lime and orange Nui-Rama prototypes from 2000/2001, also with the claws, hooks and different Masks as what you’re showing above. Maybe cool to share some pictures together for comparison. I’m usually not really active on BZpower so if you want to contact me and share some information Instagram would be the best option: Bionicle.Universe Thanks! : )
  2. https://store.bricklink.com/collectors&utm_content=globalnav?_refreshrnd=88269#/terms
  3. Yes, some items I still own! All banners got sold except for the piraka banner. And the Gresh glatorian display has been sold, rest still for sale!
  4. Title says it all ! Trans Light blue misprint kaukau 40,- euro Trans yellow misprint kaukau 40,- euro Shipping can be done very cheap worldwide with a safe air bubbled envelope for 3,50 euro. If looking for other misprints (have all available) or kanohi let me know! For faster reply: cas_zutphen@hotmail.com
  5. My preferred payment method would be paypal, Iban would also be possible. Shipping to the UK - With track and trace: Shipping up to 1.5 kg 13,- euro Shipping up to 4.5 kg 19,50 euro Shipping up to 9 kg 25,- euro
  6. Hi Fruger, I´m sorry but I am not looking to buy anything.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm selling some extreme rare retail Bionicle history! Probably you'll find some items in this topic that you didn't even know existed! Barraki display kalmah - 35,- euroToa tahu 2015 normal display - 39,50- euroToa hordika vakama - 42,50 euroToa mahri nuparu with lights - 42,50 euroToa inika Jaller with lights - 42,50 euroGlatorian legends mata nui display - 42,50 euroPiraka vezok without lights (very rare) - 67,50 euroPiraka vezok with lights - 70,- euroGresh glatorian - 70,- euroToa tahu 2015 box display (Extreme rare) 75,- euro Retail box 2002 in good condition - selling price 40,- euro Kanohi mask bags sealed with gold/silver kanohi and krana - selling price 7,- euro each Onua mata pakari 2001 lego stand display mask approximate length 55 cm +-! - Selling price 425,- euro Toa mata tahu 2001 Uk limited NEW in plastic cardboard stand approximate height 135 cm+- big! - Selling price 275,- euro Toa mata 2001 Uk limited NEW in plastic cardboard hanging display box, lenght I need to check if interested - Selling price 100,- euro Toa mata 2001 Uk limited new in plastic cardboard hanging display, length I need to check if interested - Selling price 75,- euro Toa mata 2001 lego banner very rare - Selling price 140,- euro Bohrok tahnok swarm banner 2002 very rare - Selling price 130,- euro Toa nuva 2002 lego banner very rare - Selling price 117,50 euro Turage dume banner, extreme rare and has a bigger size then all normal lego bionicle banners (can check size if interested) - selling price 110,- euro Very rare 2010 stars gold hau display mask - Selling price 100,- euro Piraka vezok 2006 banner - selling price - 85,- euro If interested in more rare banners, displays, masks or sets you can check my Bricklink: https://store.bricklink.com/collectors&utm_content=globalnav?_refreshrnd=39297#/terms If interested in shipping quotes or have questions about sizes or better pictures, let me know and I will reply as soon as possible! For faster reply use my email: cas_zutphen@hotmail.com
  8. Update: WMKK, 5 hole Kraahkan sold and one Russian accessory pack.
  9. If you sent me your mail in a p.m. then I sent it direct to your mail! I'm always having a hard time uploading pictures to BZpower...
  10. Problem solved, thank you for noticing! Also updated list of items!
  11. Hello! Up for sale a few very rare items from my private collection! I can sent masks or small pieces very cheap worldwide with a safe air bubbled envelope without tracking. Following items up for sale: - Rare Rahi Challenge booster of 9 cards sealed - (15x on stock left) - 5,- euro each - Kanohi krana polybag 8559 - (80x on stock left) - 7,- euro each - Kanohi polybags sealed 8530 - (5x on stock left) - 9,50 euro each - Trans White kaukau 12,50 euro - Bionicle rare Russian villain pack 5004409 with gold exclusive mask - (20x on stock left) 15,- euro each - Bionicle rare Russian accessory pack - (3x on stock left) 15,- euro each - Trading card nuva game deck 1 / 2 / 3 sealed - 15,- euro for full set. - Chrome silver hau 17,50 euro - Sealed 1st edition quest for the mask boosterbox of 24 boosters (1x on stock left) - 27,50 euro. - Skull Scorpio Mask - San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive (Blister is damaged) 35,- euro - Onua mata sealed - 36,50 euro - Gali mata sealed - 40,- euro - Store display barraki Kalmah - 35,- euro - Store display mahri nuparu with lights - 40,- euro - Store display master toa tahu 2015 set as new - 40,- euro - Store display toa hordika vakama - 42,50 euro - Store display toa inika jaller 2006 with working lights in sword - 42,50 euro - Red Kanoka disc French promotional polybag - 50,- euro - Kaukau yellow 60,- euro - Kaukau Trans light blue 60,- euro - Umbra sealed 8625 - 65,- euro - Shoe caps lewa nuva for sneakers including rare Nike box new but box seal broken - 65,- euro - Rare imported Japan full serie of 3 bohrok va polybags including small japanese advertisement of the three sets (Gahlok va - Nuhvok va - Lehvak va) - 67.50 euro - Sealed bohrok va set of 6 - 75,- euro - Sealed matoran mata nui set of 6 - 75,- euro - 5-hole kraahkan - 85,- euro - Sealed set of 6 Tohunga 90,- euro - Protodermic Nuva set of 6 - 110,- euro - Pearl gold kraahkan - 110,- euro - Sealed set of 4 Turaga Kabaya Japanese 120,- euro - Jala tohunga prototype with autograph of designers 165,- euro - Kongu tohunga prototype with autograph of designers 165,- euro - Prototype mask Miru - 250,- euro - Wmkk with bag and certificate - 275 euro,- - Onua mata black pakari lego stand display mask of 55 cm +- extreme rare and cool item! 525,- euro And last best: I'm offering nr. 41 of 200 of the rare transparant gali masks of the inside tour - Make offer on private message (not letting it go for cheap, check Bricklink for the other only one available) Pictures are available on request ofcourse, just please sent me your mail adress! If you are looking for something specific you can always let me know, I have many more kanohi, krana, sets, displays, banners and cards available!
  12. Do you want Dutch language cards as well of the phantoka battle cards? These cards I have: Combi card holographic - lewa/Tanma Lewa card Pohatu card Kopaka card Kirop card Radiak card Gavla card
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