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  1. So I am the owner of the Gold Onua Mask back from 2015, and I am looking to sell it now. Looking for $2,200, or make me an offer. Dm me directly. Have a great day.
  2. I have always wanted a guide to the inside of Mata Nui!
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate to see it go. But i do hope the next construction theme will be at least decent. (Please Lego! No next knights construction figures!)
  4. Nice!! Love the idea of red on Kopaka, never saw that before.
  5. Trans axels and pins for president 2017 In all seriousness, while I'd love for the Trans colors on the Toa to be reduced and to exclusively appear as bones (primary color shells please. No trans or silver or gold), I'd love to see 100% trans villains. At least one. Make him/her trans lime green, too. Or maybe a blend of two different trans colors? That sounds pretty cool, i would also like energy versions of the toa, which have all trans, (kinda like NRG ninja in ninjago) Then no trans for the next ones.
  6. I hope we get some full on trans characters, trans bones, trans masks, trans armor, trans gears, fun on trans! I am gonna get killed Actually though I hope we get some toa with little to no trans and some awesome capes for each. That would be great.
  7. Nice!!! Really love it. Also if you need any help with voice acting, i will be willing to help!
  8. This is an awesome theory! My idea is that Ekimu is using the toa to collect all of the masks so he can gain ultimate power. Then in the last year of G2 we have an awesome finale of Ekimu fighting the toa with a melded super mask. Maybe not that far but an evil Ekimu using the masks the toa have collected for him. Probably not, but an awesome theory otherwise!
  9. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!
  10. How much for the Hau or the Miru?
  11. After seeing the post about the gen-two mask of time, and how the lower half is missing that made me instantly think about how G1 and G2 might just be connected. First this is the upper half. I believe that of course the original Vahi is the lower half (duh). But now the toa, isn't it strange that if they were in the same universe that New Toa that look very similar, same names, and close personalities exist in the same universe...no. My theory is that the toa never truly achieved their destiny in G1 and now they are reincarnated as themselves again to finally achieve their destiny and become true turaga. Tell me what you think.
  12. I store mine on shelves, if i needed to i would archive the sets and put my mocs on the shelves.
  13. I will be hosting a Clash Royale tournament this weekend! If you don't know what it is it is a player vs player card based game. It is made by the same people who made clash of clans and is really fun. If you would like to compete in the tournament this weekend please tell me and i will enter you. The deadline is Friday so please tell me if you would like to go!
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