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  1. You are the SZ, and SZ is the you. =D



    *gives tiger to Omi, then runs away*

  3. You are amazing, my good sir! =D

    Thank you for all the work and time that you put into this website.

  4. Salutations, Sir Pirate-Elf TMac! =D

  5. Guys are scared of me. =P

    *tags Tmac*

  6. Turakki - Hooray! =D

    Ninja - More hooray! =D =D

  7. >>

    *sneaks off sneakily-like with jacket and hat* 8-D

  8. I'm the first girl besides Turakii to comment! Yayz!

    So yeah, hey Turakii! Hug Larry for me! =D

  9. XD

    This is so much fun.

    And I didn't know you were a ninja.

  10. I got into Manga through a couple books by Katy Coope - teaches you the most basic of the basics, but it works. I just developed my own style off of what I learned.

  11. I wanna be your friend. =(

  12. Thanks so much again for the art trade, m'lady! =D


  13. Wa-ZUUUP. =D


  14. ARE you cooler than Omi? Hum. I'm not sure. XD


  15. Hey look, I am here! =D


  16. *is terribly confused*

    Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you around these parts. =P

  17. *hugs Ithranna*


  18. I noticed. XD

    And, yay, I'm back. I was receiveing many, many weird e-mails about a 'freind list'. =P

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