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  1. This is incredibly, incredibly nostalgic. I was thinking back to when I was single-digit age on this forum and couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised to see all this uploaded. @Emzee @Takua95 I believe I did some beta testing for Cyan back in the day, not sure if y'all remember or not but those were some of my treasured childhood memories; thanks so much to you all, Cyan, and BZP as a whole for being part of it all. Hope everyone's doing well still in 2020. I remember being a big fan of Biotech as well so please do post everything if you have the time, I'd love to play through it all again! @Iruini Nuva Best wishes to everyone still around and kickin. Time to go play FotR and Infestation again~
  2. Heya emzee. How's influx going? Hope i didn't miss anything lately, lol...

  3. ...I should probably start looking behind me more, should I?

  4. Next time, try a nuke. 'Twill be much more effective. Just be sure you're far, far away...And why does being busy make you need to change place? O_o

  5. Pie is disgusting! Lol, kidding. I like apple pie the best...

  6. I LOVE PIE!

  7. Woot! Everyone loves pie!(yeah i know not everyone does) :P

  8. Well you probably live in a diffrent location than Emzee so you probably wont know whover he's talking about. Whoever that is is a film star/model...Seriously none of us have heard of that person.

  9. I like pie too!

  10. Nice....the entire staff are ponies. Right now i'm seriously considering hiding so no one will know i beta-test for you XD.

  11. Takowa

    24 Club

    ...Really? Why did you name your blog after an RPG maker system? (Beside the fact you use it a lot)
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