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  1. IC: Luka — Humble Abode in Outer Tajun The air sang as Luka’s titanic blade shot left-to-right, and up-to-down. He was almost through with his drills, and he made an effort to finish off strong. He pictured an opponent at the arena: one who was older and smug, dodging attacks and patiently waiting for an opening that Luka planned to never give. It was a less common tactic to use his sword to overwhelm the rival Glatorian with a flurry of attacks. Usually, an experience warrior waited for the inevitable sloppiness. But in this imaginary sparring session, Luka had already drawn any many foolish attacks. He had used defensive to disarm and disorient multiple times. It was never a bad idea to practice a good finishing flurry. Afterward, Luka used the last of his strength to plunge the great sword into the sandy ground, a ritualistic sign that his training was complete for the day. This would be Luka’s first tournament, and he tried to block out any apprehension with methodical drills. He would need the muscle memory. — Streets of Tajun — After resting and recovering, Luka hiked his way made his into the town square, sword strapped to his back. He had expected things to be more lively than normal because of the tournament, but Luka had still taken aback by all the unfamiliar faces. Not wanting to just stand and stare, Luka began to stroll down the streets, people-watching as he did so. OOC: Open for interaction
  2. IC: Makua — Ta-Wahi Beach, Deck of the Fowadi No quips emerged from Makua as he continued to listen; a rarity for Makua by any measure. He slowly looked to the side and noticed Skyra Daring in the throes of some sort of stretching exercise. I suppose she can never stop moving for too long, Makua thought. The Ko-Toa wasn’t all that surprised—it seemed like all Toa of Air were like that. Wokapu was jumpy too. Makua who had been more or less stock-still for the last few minutes, took a few steps back and to lean comfortably against the ship’s railing. OOC: @Snelly @Krayzikk @otter @a goose @Void Emissary
  3. IC: Tailua — Ostia, The Dancing Crab The Ta-Toa took in the replies of his new drinking buddies. “I suppose that’s one way of lookin' at it,” Tailua replied to Lohkar. “I guess I was one of those fools who drank up the teachings of Turaga like a thirsty Mahi. Freedom, true freedom… maybe that’s just what I need” He then looked to the other two: the Lesterin and the Skakdi. “What makes you two so sure where we’re goin’ will be so much worse?” Tailua asked. “As someone who was just nearly run down by—I still don’t know, actually—ya think Zakaz is gonna be full of cloak and daggers there as well?” “No don’t get me wrong. I ain’t smooth-brained enough to expect sunshine and rainbows,” Tailua continued, “But at least if a Zakazian wants a game of strife, they’ll use their own force and wits instead of these Karzahni-danged intrigues, sending agents into the night... right?” OOC: @Ghosthands @ARROW404 @BULiK Sorry for the wait!
  4. IC: Ra’lhen — Onu-Koro, Sulov Maru’s Trail Mix and Hookah Bar Oh right! Ra’lhen had momentarily forgotten about Sulov’s appendage, his muscle memory once again being too quick. It seemed like the Toa Maru of Earth was accustomed to this, and responded with a powerfully-gripped handshake. Ra’lhen expected nothing less from the Mountain. “We're here on business, brother: The first is to discuss my gorp subscription,” Stannis said as he wandered to a corner booth. “The truth is I'm thinking of cancelling, but I was wondering what sort of retention offers you have. Ra'lhen is here as my backup in case 'customer support' had a bad day.” Ra’lhen slid into the booth beside Stannis. He had a modest grin in response to the Toa Maru’s wry joke, but remained silent. The Vo-Toa did not have much the say just yet, and preferred to relish in the colloquy of two titanic Toa. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Void Emissary Sorry for the wait!
  5. IC: Ra’lhen — Onu-Koro, Sulov Maru’s Trail Mix and Hookah Bar Time seemed to stand still as Ra'lhen silently glanced at the restrained reactions of Stannis and Sulov. While the Vo-Toa was utterly clueless to their recent history (especially Sulov’s), it was blatantly obvious that they were both weighed down by their recent challenges. Being Toa of Earth and Stone, weren’t they weighed down enough? Finally, Stannis seemed to have cracked slightly. He raised a hand, gesturing a “three”. “Sorry, we didn't reserve. A table for three... if there's availability,” Stannis said, his voice almost cracking under the emotional burden. There was more silence. In a strange way, the tension was almost a relief for Ra’lhen. As a besmirched Toa rarely on good terms with his Sentinel colleagues, tension was a familiar feeling. It was also something few others found relatable. Despite the friction of the situation, Ra’lhen kept confidence in the Onu-Toa’s character. Ra’lhen remained silent. “Hm,” Sulov finally said. “I guess can push some bookings around.” There was another moment of tense silence. “Thank you, Mr. Sulov,” Ra’lhen finally spoke up and extending his right hand, “I’m Ra’lhen Kodin; it's a pleasure to meet you” OOC: @Void Emissary @EmperorWhenua
  6. Luka Gender: Male Pronouns: He/him Species: Glatorian Tribe: Water Wiki Page: Luka Appearance: Yellow and blue armor, with bright yellow eyes. He is tall and has an average athletic build. The relative lack of scratches and dents in his armor suggest that he is newer to the Arena than others. He has a confident and optimistic demeanor. Approximate Age: 24ish Traits: Projecting a type of heroism commonly found in old myths and stories. He genuinely wants to help people in need and does not want to beg for permission from alliances or government bodies to do so. Weapon: Cyan Sword: One wavy longsword common to Tajun that normally is deep blue. However, this is a slight green tint to this one, hence the name. It is extremely sharp but also pristine-looking, giving a clue to the relative lack of experience of its user. Biography: Luka was born in an unknown, tiny settlement that once existed to the southeast of Tajun — between the home of the Water tribe and the imposing Vulcanus. However, Bone Hunters raided the settlement when he was just a child, and he was one of few who escape to tell the tale. He was adopted by two Agori workers in Tajun and began working as a water-gatherer from then on. Only in the last six months did his Agori caretakers give him their blessing to train to become a fighter for Tajun. His passion is personal freedom, and dispises the slave trades that go on in the north. Cybernetics (approved by a goose): Return to Me: There is a beacon and magnetic apparatus inside the hilt of Luka’s Cyan Sword that is paired with cybernetics in his head and right hand. Once he raises and opens his right palm, the sword with fly to him — spinning and slicing anything in its path from anywhere within the radius the size of Arena Tajun. This sword does not need to be visible for this to work, but a strong enough being or machine could prevent it from moving if held in place. Smasher: Tubes and wires extend from Luka’s spine to different spots on his arms. When activated, Luka’s arms grow and get super strength. This allows him to carry heavier objects or use his Cyan Sword with more lethality. Weakness: Luka is naive and inexperienced in the real-world. He is prone to a black-white view of Bara Magna and morality, and there are facts about the land that he was not taught in his upbringing. Once such example is his cybernetics — he has not yet connected his battle prowess with the very forced labor that he seeks to abolish. While Luka is very strong and intuitive in his combat, he has not mastered the more advance fighting techniques. However, once Luka is supposed to an unfamilar move, he picks it up quickly.
  7. IC: Tailua — Ostia, The Dancing Crab The Toa of Fire leaned back in his seat, gobsmacked. For the majority of Tailua’s life (as much as he could remember, anyway), one of Mata Nui’s greatest mysteries was the origin of the grinning, spiny beings known as the Skakdi. They, along with Lesterin, Vortixx, and Mata-Nui-knows how many other species, were always left out of the legends of the Bionicle (a.k.a., the legend of Mata Nui and his downfall at the hands of the Makuta). It was said that these other beings were summoned to Mata Nui by his shadowy brother after the fall of the First Toa — a fact that was somewhat recalled by Tailua’s early memories as a Ta-Matoran lava farmer. No one had ever mentioned where the Skakdi had come from, and now this Lesterin somehow magically recalled it recently. “Memory sure is a funny thing,” Tailua echoed, more grounded now that he was able to process this new fact about his world. “I’ll be honest with ya, Captain. I was once an adventurin’ type — a looong time ago. I actually even buh-lieved in heroics,” said Tailua, “But not anymore. You’re given some hyped-up speech about destiny, and then the dude joins the Makuta and does this to ya” Tailua then (irresponsibly — take gun safety seriously, folks!) raised his gun arm for emphasis and pointed it to the sky. He used his left hand to point at where his limb once was. “Heroics are a lie on this land. I know that even more now, with these rumors I heard on my way to Ostia. So **** it. Let the Makuta take this land, and we’ll make a new life on this ‘Zakaz’ place you suddenly remembered” OOC: @Ghosthands @BULiK @Void Emissary
  8. IC: Tailua — Ostia, The Dancing Crab The red Toa was still very much in his head, to the point that he barely responded for a second after the handshake. Instead, he began to reattach the firearm. Predictably, it was much easier to put on than to take off, which worked out great for Tailua: he felt strangely vulnerable without his protection at the ready. He was just glad he had the instinct to detach the launcher when he did. The Le-Toa and Skakdi didn’t seem the most at ease with the apparatus, and the goal was — at this moment — to not die. The Captain, however, had a “seen-it-all” demeanor about him. Maybe the tales were true? However, Tailua was instantly confused when his began processing what Captain Lohkar had said about their intended destination. “What in Mangaia is a ‘Zakaz’?” IC: ??? — Ostia, Rooftop of the building near The Dancing Crab The Waif was growing a little impatient, but she decided to use that energy to start devising attack points. The failed assassin still laid dead in the streets, and more of a crowd was starting to gather. If enough time passed, one might even get the Sentinels to show up. That was an extremely unlikely scenario, though. Even those stationed here tended to be very hands-off… but sometimes they would get strangely hot-blooded about a murder not done by someone from their squad. She continued to wait. The other Reaper would not want to give up, even if the operation was somewhat compromised. Eventually, someone — the other owner maybe — would have to throw him out. OOC: @Ghosthands @BULiK @Void Emissary
  9. OOC: Part 2 IC: Aqi (NPC) — Ko-Wahi Drifts, Unknown Guild Lab, Sector 2C The Ko-Toa’s face was neutral as an old, robed man paced around the barren hall of the underground chamber. Two hooded Vortixx stood at attention, keeping piercing blue eyes on both the Good Doctor and his geriatric-looking accomplice. The aura in this room should have been tense; this morning, a specimen tied to years of lost research was revealed to be just under their noses by the affluent dame herself — Aqi’s longtime friend. While it was irritating that Niici wouldn't share her source, the Good Doctor had already hired two elite teams to take care of the ones responsible for the smash-and-grab. So at the risk of enmity, Aqi revealed his discovery to his colleague-turned-superior, and was now praying for his understanding. After a long, tense moment, the old man stopped his pacing. The dim lightstone suspended from the ceiling flickered in the presence of the shadowy Turaga. It was the only light given in this bunker room under the snows and the afternoon sun. Its flickering added another layer of fright projecting from the old man’s visage as he slowly turned his head to look at the Good Doctor. “And you sent her away?” the Elder finally asked as he turned to fully face Aqi. Somehow, the Turaga’s midnight blue cape billowed as he brought forth his walking stick — a weathered staff of scorched wood that commanded attention. Between his stance and his voice, the Elder proved a frightful colleague. Aqi straightened up in an attempt to channel his icy, Ko-Wahi demeanor. But his beating heart spoke the truth, and both he and the Elder knew it. “Yes,” Aqi said. There was another moment of tense silence. The Elder gazed into the eyes of the Good Doctor while remaining virtually unreadable. Meanwhile, the Elder easily picked up on the fear in the Toa’s eyes, despite his best efforts at stoicism. “Good,” the Elder’s voice was sharp and brisk. Despite the affirmation, the old man’s fatherly visage did not assuage Aqi’s fears. “You’re not upset that I didn’t bargain for Specimen V3R’s return?” the Ko-Toa asked. “Quite the opposite,” replied the Elder, his cape inexplicably billowing once again, “I have not forgotten your words about this girl. I especially have not forgotten how you once cared for her” As the old man spoke, he took a few steps closer to the Good Doctor, his walking stick pinging off the icy underground floor and reverberating within the empty room. His voice also softened ever-so-slightly — a rarity for the dark Turaga. “The best way to both keep Niici safe and protect our operation is to reject her offer until she can prove that she is a worthy emissary,” the Elder said, “And while keeping that quasi-brained Toa in her dwelling is hardly a sensible definition of ‘safe’, it would be more dangerous to invest in her wild pursuits without confidence in her success” “So you also doubt that Antidermis would help her,” Aqi said. “I never said that,” the Elder’s voice grew sharp once again, prompting an audible gulp from the Good Doctor. “Anything is possible. Were we not close to restoring the voids of S-V3R’s nervous system?” the Elder said, “For little miss Niici, the best could come for her, or the worst could take her” With that, the Elder turned on his heel, and slowly made his back to the grey room’s entrance. “I must, again, be frank: I harbor little faith in a Toa who was bested at the seat of affluent power by someone so fallible as Ambages. I really do appreciate you not simply handing her what she sought,” the Elder said as he departed, “And yet, if she wins her crusade, I hope I may get to award her my absolution in person” And with that, the Elder was gone, the hooded Vortixx following him. Only then did the Good Doctor permit himself to shiver. OOC: Thanks to @Vezok's Friend for letting me include the Elder!
  10. OOC: Ended up having to split this into two posts. Time to get ducks in row IC: Niici — Ko-Koro With clockwork indifference, snowflakes continued to fall upon Niici. The familiar howls of the biting winds nipped against her neck and hands — the few spots unprotected by Toa armor and thick Muaka furs. As Niici’s raised heels crunched through the snow, the Toa’s face remained unmoving. Snowflakes cascaded down and off her Great Matatu, melting into raindrops before falling away from the bottom ridges of her mask. The crystal-tipped staff slung across her back also appeared eerily still to a would-be observer — not that anyone was paying Niici any attention. True to the village’s principle, the ice queen was given peace; she could be alone with her thoughts as she trudged through the snow. “You have flown above your station and increased your lifespan many times over,” was the Good Doctor’s sullen monition. Still, Niici’s smile had not wavered, despite her spirit plummeting. She wanted to interject, but she would let Aqi finish his statement. The enterprising genius was not to be condescended to. “And still, you seek increasingly narrow, recessed avenues,” the Good Doctor continued, “You’ve won, sweetheart. You’re in the best health you could be—” At that point, Niici couldn’t take it. She held a deep respect for the Good Doctor, but in this instant, he was acting more like a doctor than normal. In the pits of her memory and soul, Niici was gracious for the world-changing breakthroughs that Doctor Aqi made so that she could live: “defeating” a rare condition with a 70% prenatal mortality rate, and virtually 100% infant mortality rate. “How can you say that?” Niici lambasted. As she reached the apex of her question, a raw vocal transient blemished the vain-rapturous and self-assured tone that the Chairwoman of the Cultured Gentry was known for. Aqi took a momentary glance down at his desk before meeting Niici’s gaze. He, too, noticed the voice crack; a rarity from Niici even when with someone she knew for so long. “You. Are. Healthy,” Aqi said softly, “You’ll get no joy looking to your Toa peers for equivalence. You should compare the present with your past as a Matoran, or as an infant” The people of Ko-Koro flowed around Niici like a river of ghosts careening aimlessly. In a rare bout of self-awareness, the ice queen took comfort in her own participation in the ritual. She wandered — a rare act that was a needful refreshment after her meeting with the Good Doctor. It wasn’t often that she acted outwardly in alliance with her inner notions. Eventually, her sauntering brought her to the heavy doors of the new Memorial Garden. She walked inside. Niici shook her head defiantly. “This life… the daily rituals to which I’m consigned, they can’t be where this ends. What if Antidermis is the final step?” “And what if it undoes all of what I achieved: reverses your condition... or kills you?” Niici merely clicked her tongue and crossed her arms over her chest. Her narrowed gaze veered to the side before returning to form and brightening as Niici forcibly injected her optimism back into the conversation. “This isn’t even about me,” Niici continued, half-whispering, “What about Vidar? Imagine what we could make of him?” “A more fruitful proposition, but not a wiser one,” Aqi countered, “Where did you even find the fugitive anyway?” “Sources,” Niici replied coyly. It was now the Good Doctor’s turn to shake his head, this time in exasperation. “And Vidar wouldn’t be the end. Antidermis, if properly researched, could bring forth a new wave of cures and enhancements that would elevate the esteemed patrons of Mata Nui,” Niici said, uncrossing her arms, “With the Akiri governments now sharing more of their arts and technology, the fruits of our most prosperous class would become less pronounced.” “The merchant class needs something new; let's synergize it with healthcare, with Antidermis as the new differentiator,” Niici continued, no longer whispering, “Sure, the substance could be useless or possess no redeeming qualities, but we won’t know unless—” Niici leaned forward, now fully whispering. “—unless the Unknown Guild gets involved” Aqi lurched back and answered with a curt shake of his head, “Absolutely not” The warmth and vibrancy of the greenhouse reminded Niici of her sauna. The Memorial Garden was a worthy addition to the village, improving Niici’s mood despite her frosty affinity. She smiled and felt a sense of peace descend upon her as she strolled past benches and ponds, finally pausing for a moment to admire a beautiful orchid in full bloom, and it reminded her of the days she spent in Ga-Koro, despite the painful memories of her schooling there. Her adolescent years had been like paradise until the flare-ups returned. Whispers flooded the classrooms and hallways regarding her true heritage. Her climb to the peak of popularity was crushed by the reigning Ga-Koronan queen bee, and Niici’s remaining time there became a quagmire of endless derision. As she sat down on one of the few vacant benches, Niici pondered her next steps. “How come?” “Have you learned nothing from your previous campaigns with the Gentry?” Aqi lectured, “The Unknown’s purpose is well-established and stoneclad. I will not put my life’s work — my own company — at risk by letting you manage it” Niici’s dusky-lined eyes flitted as she sat, flabbergasted. Never in the century-plus of their friendship had the Good Doctor been this harsh. “You want to pursue this enterprise? Then you must start the venture yourself,” Aqi said coolly, “If you can do it. And further, only if you can get more to sign on with you, then I shall invest” “You will?” Niici’s eyes lit up with hope. “Prove to me that you can actually pursue this. It won’t be easy. You need to learn more about this 'Antidermis'. Understand the market viability. Explain to me at least one problem that you have scientifically and economically proven that this substance will solve,” the Good Doctor explained, “Return to me with that — a business plan — and I will invest” Aqi crossed his arms, the disarming smile exposing the whitest, most luminous teeth Niici had seen. She couldn’t help but remember how her penchant towards her daily primping was somewhat influenced by the Good Doctor’s shining visage. Aqi may have principally been a father figure and financial guide, but he was also — in the male-dominated Ko-Wahi region at least — a consistent romantic rival. “Then I look forward to our partnership,” Niici said. Gentle buzzing and murmuring provided a soundscape allowing Niici to focus. How was she supposed to learn more about Antidermis? She had only heard of its existence yesterday. The ice queen knew that Aqi was playing hardball. This concerned her, since the Good Doctor was supposed to be the easiest of the three partners she already had in mind. She would need to find out more about the mysterious substance. The Toa Kalta knew some, but were sensitive to the topic. Pursuing too much with them could sour a useful relationship. But that assumes they’re all of the same mind, Niici thought. She needed to get in touch with another Kalta, but learn the truth she sought with grace. A meeting with Aelied was already planned, but she wasn’t too optimistic about getting the info she needed from the leader of the Toa Kalta. Niici would need more leads, but building relationships wouldn't hurt in the meantime. The tranquility of the garden provided the foundation she needed for a plan. Confident in her next steps, she remained in the Memorial Garden, taking in the thriving greenery.
  11. IC: Makua — Ta-Wahi Beach, Deck of the Fowadi “… You’re just gonna give him that for free?” Makua balked. OOC: @a goose @Void Emissary et al
  12. IC: Tailua — Ostia, The Dancing Crab Instead of offering his own hand, Tailua’s eyebrows leapt as he heard the captain’s name and the same of the ship. His eyes darted to each of the other figures in the room. “This is the Infernavika crew? One of the most infamous… er, privateersmen on Mata Nui?” Tailua was thunderstruck. He had heard many of the stories of the Infernavika crew’s exploits, and while he was sure most of them were Old Turaga’s tales, Tailua knew that the ruffians and scalawags didn’t make up those stories on any old crew. It also, of course, may have been more obvious if Tailua had bother to read any of the postings around Ostia. “Oh uh…” Tailua looked at his own Patero-hand and attempted to detach the launcher. Several seconds passed as the Ta-Toa awkwardly used his free left hand to fiddle with the custom attachment mechanism on his right gun-hand. A few clicks and pops later, the gun was detached, and the burly man offered his right stump in return. “I’ve heard wild stories of you and your crew, Lohkar,” Tailua said, “Don’t know how much of it is true, but it takes a certain amount of character to be deemed a subject worthy of such ludicrous tales. Why, spendin’ a season aboard your ship is a well-desired ambition of mine! Where ya headed, anyway?” OOC: @Ghosthands @Void Emissary @BULiK @ARROW404
  13. IC: Tailua — Ostia, The Dancing Crab The burly Ta-Toa took another deep breath; his mouth was the texture of the Motara desert. So vivid was his close shave with death, Tailua struggled to maintain eye contact with the sophisticated-looking Toa of Air sitting opposite of him. “Hidin' out, huh?” the Le-Toa said, “Who from? NEX? Mangaia Pact? Or just one of the guardsmatoran wiping their rears with our tax dollars — which I, of course, pay regularly and on-time?” Tailua ran the names of those groups in his head and immediately disqualified them. He looked up at the Le-Toa and gave a hapless shrug. “Far be it from me to invade your privacy, but I'd just like to know who might try to hunt our ship down in the future. You understand, of course?” Tailua inhaled sharply and appeared to hold his breath for a beat. “Well, we'd be on a ship, right? Then I reckon we won’t have to worry about ‘em as long I stay under deck,” the Ta-Toa finally said. His fiery magenta eyes shown with a forewarning of mortality rarely seen on his visage. “I dunno how much sense this makes, but I use ta’think Mata Nui was what it was.” Tailua said slowly, “A pit filled with Makuta-crazies, self-righteous so-called ‘heroes’, and drifters in-between that want and care for none of it. I thought that was it” Tailua shook his head. “While we’re all out here scavenging what we can to survive, some folks have facilities, riches, and a whole lotta time and men to do as they please,” Tailua said, “Hard-workin’ folks like us can’t make a difference on this soul-stomp of an island. And those that try…” The porky Toa took a measured glance through the door that he stumbled through before looking back at the Le-Toa, this time looking him in the eye. “I hate ta'say it, but not knowing who they are seems like the very point of their whole operation,” Tailua said, “Well, that and killin'” OOC: @Void Emissary @Ghosthands @BULiK
  14. IC: Tailua — Ostia, The Dancing Crab In, out. In… out. Tailua huffed as he sat in the chair facing the Toa of Air before him. The Le-Toa’s armor looked well-maintained and dignified, and he almost gave off a sense of regal authority. He also looked like someone who had things to do and valued his time. “Um…,” Tailua stammered as his haggard breathing began to calm, “Yeah, Business” In, out. In… out. Tailua continued slowing his breath and was about to raise his gun-arm like someone would raise an index finger to buy more time. Fortunately, the replenished oxygen allowed Tailua’s mental faculties to kick into high gear. Instead, Tailua placed his left hand on the table beside him, revealing his final flyer from the Po-Koro Technology Emporium. As the flyer laid face up, the Le-Toa along with anyone else in the room saw a crumpled but still-legible advertisement. On it was a full-body illustration of a female Toa of Air. One hand was on her hip, while the other hand was toting the V2 Patero launcher — the same prototype that was grafted in place of Tailua's right hand. The pose and the stone-cold glance from the subject projected equal parts power and confidence. The model’s name, the famous Toa Skyra Daring, was printed on under the illustration along with these bolded words: Greater Accuracy! Faster Loading! Light and Nimble! “I'm Tailua Kodin. An' don’t worry about that paper — it's mine. I didn’t come ‘ere to advertise,” Tailua explained, no doubt expecting a reaction to the rather unsubtle imagery. “The barkeep said something about a job. I need to uh… hide out for a while. I gotta lot o' skills like cookin’, killin’, protectin’. I even worked for a circus once” Tailua was content with that spiel, and he waited to see if the Le-Toa would offer specific occupations to him. OOC: @Ghosthands @Void Emissary
  15. IC: Wokiya — Ga-Koro “A reunion! That’s so nice!” Wokiya said, her bubbly enthusiasm now fully returned. “I would love to just ask you some a set of questions right here, if that is alright with the both of you. You both seemed every well-traveled and well-read and I’m sure you have amazing stories that woulde captivate the Matoran in every settlement on this island” The Ga-Matoran gave a quick glance to Scryne was already shuffling in his bag for his quills and other stationery. “Are you ready to begin the interview?” Wokiya asked. She stood with open palms that quickly closed around a quill and paper that Scryne had placed in each of them. OOC: @Void Emissary Catarix — Ga-Koro, Mata Nui Daily, Ga-Wahi Branch HQ The wizened Ko-Matoran walked through the front door after showing his press badge to security. A roll of the most recent issue of the publication rested snugly under his left arm. “Hello, sir. I Catarix Vint-Rasque of the Mata Nui Daily’s Ko-Wahi branch,” Catarix said to the front desk clerk, “I’m here for a meeting with Miss Libelle” Catarix — Ga-Koro, Café Kaukau “By the Spirit, I can never get enough of that view!” exclaimed Libelle. This so happened to be the Chief Editor of the Mata Nui Daily’s Ga-Wahi branch’s favorite spot, and because of her foreseeable and near-formularized glowing reviews of the place, Libelle often was awarded the coveted seats by the large windows. Both Libelle and Catarix could look to their side and get a full view of the Naho Falls, its gleaning and forceful Great Kaukau sculpture giving a sense of protective calm. Catarix sat nervously in the plush, lavender cushions as the sun’s rays illuminated the glossy Kanohi Huna that complimented the drop-dead stunning good looks of his greenhorn Ga-Koronan counterpart. Catarix was confused. The salary for a chief editor was… modest, and they made ords of magnitude more than the reporters and artists within the employ of the Daily. No one entered journalism for the money. How was Libelle paying for all of this? And the Ko-Matoran was certainly hoping she was treating. “We don’t have to get anything. I just mostly come here for the views,” Libelle said wistfully, “So, what did you want to know?”
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