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  1. What shelf stocking method? My Targets are horrendously understocked.Sorry I didn't get to this sooner.Anyway, Target apparently doesn't restock the shelves until everything is off them. Once the RID Prime Deluxes are gone, restock them. Cyberverse Legions gone? Restock those. etc. Honestly, I find this kinda dumb because, like you said, it leaves them understocked (wth Bumblebee warming the pegs).So, Season 2 is over. Can't wait to see what Season 3/Beast Hunters will have to offer. I hope Predaking isn't the only Predacon since I'd like to see him with other horrendous monsters. And I really want to see what will happen with the Autobots. Y'know, being scattered and all.EDIT: Oh yeah, and with the Autobot base gone, I guess Airachnid is dead?Kalhiki
  2. I'm sad to say I'm not impressed with the opener. I feel the baddie was wasted mainly because he didn't really do anything. But maybe I was expecting too much due to what we got for Season 2's opener and finale. And there was no real... I don't know... hook? I wasn't really drawn into the story all that much. I still like MLP, but this just wasn't that great.Also, what was up with the book at the end with Celestia and Luna?Kalhiki
  3. What? Why was this cancelled? It looks great! Far superior to The Game, and even I feel like that was decent. I'm really bummed that we never got to see the Toa Metru in the The Game's aesthetics (which is one of my favorite looks for the characters). But I guess only seeing Matau will suffice. Enough to inspire artwork, anyway.Kalhiki
  4. Tempting. I've been having an idea brewing. Maybe I should polish it up and make a presentation.Kalhiki
  5. Hm. If it does come back in 2014, it'd be sooner than I expected. HF seems to be nearing its end with Von Nebula's possible return. Personally, I thought we'd have one short-ish constraction line between Hero Factory and a possible return of Bionicle, but if Bionicle comes back in 2014, that would mean Hero Factory gets two waves in 2013, and ends.Either way, this is pretty cool to hear. If it does return, I want a reboot. Go back to the magical, simple, mysterious story that was 2001.Kalhiki
  6. So. Legacy was probably one of my most favorite episodes of Prime so far. I've been somewhat disappointed with Prime. Especially with the lack of no definitive plotline. All they're doing is hunting relics to try and kill each other. In other news, I finally found Voyager Dreadwing. Got him at Target (and also learned their ridiculous shelf stocking method).Kalhiki
  7. Makes me wonder if they're going to maybe squeeze a bit more of Ninjago in before it ends. Probably not, but one can hope.Good to see the successfulness. Especially of Friends. Even though I'm not a fan of it (those colors hurt my eyes), it's cool to see succsessful ideas.Kalhiki
  8. "Your reasoning is hardly... Logical."But, y'know, close enough. Even though there are connections among the different media in the Aligned continuity, it still would be nice to see a timeline of sorts. Just to a) have a definitive understanding of when events occured and to clear up and errors. One main one I see is Dark Energon. It was used in WFC, but then it seemed like no one had really any knowledge of the stuff in Prime (but I guess for the sake of the show, this had to be). Also, when exactly did Megatron leave? He was still in control of the Nemesis in Exiles, but obviously wasn't during the events of Out of the Past.That and a few more points I'd like to be cleared up.Kalhiki
  9. So. I beat FOC. Absolutely loved the last level since it was pretty much what I was expecting gameplay-wise.Also, what ever happened to Starscream? And the Dinobots?Anywho, excited for Prime. Glad to see Shockwave coming in. Hopefully he'll actually talk unlike his DOTM counterpart (plus, we can't have two, no, three mute characters in the show). Wonder who's voicing him.Kalhiki
  10. So. My History teacher always has a "Fact or Fiction" question. And today's was "Bill Clinton may be a Brony".Sadly I wasn't called to answer the question. But it was fun to see the entire class ask "What's a Brony?". I guess no one in my class knows what's good for them. :PKalhiki
  11. There's a lot of potential for future episodes. Going out of Ponyville is a good bet.As for a Season 3 opening/closing villain (subject change, I know), I'd like to see "The Stars". As in, the Stars that aided in Nightmare Moon's escape. It would be cool if they were actually sentient creatures, Ponies or otherwise, in my opinion.Kalhiki
  12. Personally, I like your matchup with Bulk and Jawblade. Bulk seems to fight water characters (Vapour), so Jawblade fits (and yes, I know Vapour was a one time deal, but the fact that Bulk was chosen to fight the water based character sticks in my head).Kalhiki
  13. Just beat CJ's level. I'll probably play Jazz's as well.Loving the Easter Eggs in the game. Apparently my brother saw Soundwave in his street light mode in Optimus's second level. And there's also the poster of Arcee in CJ's level.Kalhiki
  14. I'm not sure if we even know there is an episode. On another site, someone said it aired in Korea, but we're still waiting on information about that.Kalhiki
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