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    In the past, I've been both an avid lego-builder and video gamer. Nowadays, my capacity to build has been limited by a little thing called college. I still do gaming, but people frown on you bringing a bunch of bricks/technic pieces to a dorm, so I hadn't. I still do keep up with Lego and Bzpower, and I eagerly await the return of Bionicle in 2015.

    Also, my apologies to those who saw my previous interests list. It was very dated, but I did indeed have a battle with Cancer, but thanks be to God that I am now in Remission.

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  1. 4 and 7 are both incredible entries...was torn between them, but 7 gets my vote due to both an impressive creation and an impressive alien environment. Looks like it's from a game, although not any I've played before. Certainly several great creations in this poll.
  2. Looks like the link is broken for me. Here, in case anyone else can't reach it. Quite the impressive job on that castle. The use of transparent elements is impressive. Congrats to Fohzen! -Umbra
  3. OOC: Ugh...school. I dislike it.Was really hoping this Porygon-Z battle would be over before then, but that's my fault, so I guess it is what it is.IC:"Nope, no Heal Block on mine or Cyan's pokemon." Jayron replied to James. "I guess we'll just have to hit it more than it can recover each time."Jayron considered his options, while Cyan recalled Garchomp to prevent further damage, nodding his thanks towards James and Gawain.Suddenly, the water began to bubble violently, as a glowing figure shot out of the water, clearly annoyed. It was Mewtwo.Jayron cracked a smile. "Good to have you back. What took you so long? I didn't think that one mere Shadow Ball would phase you very long."Mewtwo frowned in response. "I was taking advantage of my fall to discern what annoying apparatus was preventing me from teleporting. The device has been rearranged into scrap metal, along with a couple Sharpedo that your Swampert was having issues with. I trust you all were able to handle things in my absence?"Jayron chuckled. "I don't know about 'handling', but we were able to give this stubborn thing a hard time at least. It's abilities are a bit unsettling...especially considering it is a man-made pokemon."Jayron proceeded to mentally relay the events to Mewtwo since he had left. Mewtwo caught a wave of words and images, but somehow understood it all in a matter of seconds. He paused, before replying, to all the liberty agents in the battle, "This thing is way too dangerous to simply return it to the hands of Team Energon when we finish it. We need to get our hands on it once this battle is taken care of."Mewtwo reared back and fired a powerful Aura Sphere, blasting the Porygon-Z hard. At Jayron's signal, Lucario did the same, and Cyan had Gallade follow it up with a Drain Punch. The three super effective attacks all hit consecutively, doing considerable damage."Recover!" The commander shouted. The Porygon-Z healed, but once again, was unable to fully restore the damage.-UoD
  4. IC: The Porygon-Z reeled back from the attack, but still stood strong. This was partially due to the fact that the evolution had caught its attention long enough to notice the disappearance following it. While it couldn't track incorporeal enemies while trying to wipe out Garchomp, it could still make the necessary preparations for an incoming attack.As the attack ended, an electronic male voice emanated from the Porygon-Z, "WARNING: systems at 30%; recovery protocols recommended." Jayron's eyes widened at this. "Recovery protocols? Oh man, I hope that doesn't mean what I think it does...""You're the expert," the Energon Commander said shrugging, "use Recover.""Lucario, Dark Pulse that thing, and fast!" Jayron communicated, hoping that might stall the 'recovery protocols'. Lucario fired a blast towards the Porygon-Z. The blast hit hard, activating an alarm on the Porygon. But seconds later, the alarms deactivated, as energy surged through the Porygon, healing him. It also completely repaired the damage that Garchomp had done earlier.Jayron sighed. "Seems like Dark Pulse never flinches when I need it to. Okay, let's see...Porygon-Z was probably around 25% when he healed, so now he's back to around 75%...I suppose it's better than full health.""Conversion 2 please." The Commander ordered. "I can't have people exploiting your burn, now can I?" Porygon-Z shifted again, his colors shifting to resemble a very shiny gray...which could only mean Steel type."Well, I suppose his type change could've been worse. At least now he can't use Ghost type traits to disappear anymore." Jayron thought, while considering his next move.-UoD
  5. OOC: Minun: Ah, k. And the commander is indeed tough...just because the Porygon-Z has a bit of flawed programming doesn't change the fact that it's a legendary-level creature. IC: As Jayron was considering how best to get this powerful Porygon-Z to change out of Ghost type, he caught James' message. Considering it a second, he nodded, then sent his own message to Cyan: "James Arthur has an idea of his own that should hurt this thing considerably. It will likely also drive it out of Ghost type. Perhaps we should just stick to keeping it occupied while he gets in position."Cyan paused as this information was relayed, and then nodded slightly. But their time for considering was over; the Commander was taking advantage of the hesitation to make his move."Porygon-Z, Charge Beam, and aim for the green one." The commander ordered. Porygon let loose with another Charge Beam, directed straight at Gallade. Cyan's partner extended the natural blades in her arms to try and block the blow, but it did little good. Garchomp wasn't even fast enough to try and block the blow, due to his temporary exhaustion after the previous charge. The blast sent Gallade flying backwards, to be stopped by the railing of Jayron's boat. As she lay there dazed, the excess energy was absorbed back into Porygon-Z once again, powering him up. The energy surge also seemed to shrink the size of the tear that Garchomp had inflicted before, much to Cyan's disappointment.Jayron sent a telepathic request to Cyan, who called to Garchomp, "Garchomp, Dragon Claw.""And make sure you have the Commander's full attention when you do it." Lucario added telepathically. Garchomp let out a roar and leaped into the air. The two watercraft shook from the force of her takeoff, and the air shook from her roar. Strength surging through her, Garchomp went diving towards the Porygon-Z at high speed."Dodge." The commander said, not amused. The Porygon suddenly phased out like a ghost might, causing Garchomp's talons to slice through nothing but air. She was forced to gain altitude quickly, or risk slamming into Energon's submersible...which would be amusing if it weren't for the fact that Jayron and Cyan had pushed the battle backwards onto the main deck of it. (Jayron's boat was a little small to fit a huge dragon on)However, as Garchomp was gaining altitude, it left her open to attack. The Commander smiled, a smile that sent shivers down Cyan's spine. "Porygon-Z, Ice Beam."As it reappeared, Porygon-Z tracked Garchomp's flight and fired. A powerful lance of ice streaked through the sky. No amount of evasive action could help Garchomp as the beam blasted her out of the air. Due to her immense ice weakness and Porygon-Z's previous two power-ups, it knocked her out on contact. Her frozen form fell rapidly, and Cyan's attempt to recall her missed. With an explosion of water, Garchomp's form hit the water and disappeared.Jayron's eyes widened in shock. "If your Porygon-Z had Ice Beam, why didn't you use it when Garchomp charged you the first time?"The Commander chuckled darkly. "Because there wouldn't have been a splash with her on the boat. And it would be a shame if there wasn't a splash. Two down, one to...wait a second, what's the green one doing back up again??"Sure enough, Gallade was standing up at full power next to Lucario. While the commander had been distracted, Lucario had used his Heal Pulse to restore the damage...though it was hardly compensation for what had happened to Garchomp.Still annoyed that he had put Cyan's Garchomp in such danger, Jayron telepathically contacted Swampert underwater. "If you're not busy with any Sharpedo, please retrieve Garchomp. She will likely need medical attention when this is over, and the longer she's frozen, the worse it will be."-UoD
  6. OOC: Minun: I'll assume that's me you wanted to lose? If you'd like to be the one IC-ing the commander, you're welcome to do so. To be honest, I do agree it's a bit unfair if I'm controlling both sides. -UoD
  7. OOC: Castelia City went boom? Oy, that seriously affects my bounty hunter character...who I haven't used since before the forums went down. I'm probably gonna leave her inactive for now, unless someone really has something in mind for her.The first part of this IC will mostly be a bit of a time lapse to catch up to what Cyan's been doing. If anything here doesn't fit, please let me know.IC Jayron/Cyan:Cyan, for the most part, focused solely on reaching the main battle. He could tell that Jayron had a handful with that Porygon-Z, and it would be very difficult to beat. He called out and mounted Garchomp with Gallade, leaving Shadow behind to help dispatch any other attacking pokemon. Then, at his signal, the mach pokemon went speeding towards the boat. Cyan dropped onto the boat, using his entrance to kick down a couple of Energon agents before taking his place beside Jayron. The Commander glared at him in disgust."Well, if it isn't Cyan Vero himself? Come to check up on our progress? I assure you, we have no need of your services.""I'm here to help Jayron, not you." Cyan replied. He then signaled Gallade and Garchomp to move into position next to Lucario, who had been holding off the Porygon-Z since Mewtwo had been knocked into the sea. Lucario was fast, but his time had been spent dodging attacks rather than attacking, and it was clearly beginning to take a toll on him."Garchomp, Swords Dance. Gallade, Will-o-Wisp." he instructed. While Garchomp powered up, Gallade caused a large circle of will-o-wisps to encircle herself, before firing them at the Porygon-Z."Charge Beam." The Commander replied. The Porygon launched a beam of electrical energy that evaporated the wisps, then the excess energy was absorbed and powered up the Porygon-Z even more.Jayron nodded, and Lucario fired off an Aura Sphere, striking the Porygon-Z hard. Despite the Porygon's type disadvantage however, it didn't appear to do very much damage.The Commander's smile widened. "Why thank you...Conversion 2." At his order, the Porygon-Z shifted to what appeared to be a Ghost type, making him completely immune to any further fighting type attacks.Now it was Cyan's turn again. "Garchomp, Dragon Rush, and aim for its upper body, right where the colors change. Gallade, box Porygon-Z in with Will-o-Wisp." Gallade stepped to the side as she shot wisps to surround the porygon on all sides except the side Garchomp was charging Porygon-Z from.The Commander frowned, a bit concerned about the specific commands Cyan had given his pokemon. "Porygon-Z, Shadow Ball." the pokemon powerhouse nodded, launching a shadowy orb similar to the one it had used to blast Mewtwo...only stronger. This time it had the power advantage of being Ghost type along with the charge beam boost."Lucario?" Jayron said, not even needing to say what he had in mind. Lucario nodded and fired a glowing beam of Aura energy straight at Garchomp. As the Shadow Ball collided with the immense energy surrounding the charging dragon, the damage done was healed by Lucario...not completely, but enough to allow Garchomp the strength to continue his forward momentum right into the Porygon-Z. As she hit the digital doppleganger in the exact location Cyan had indicated, that spot seemed to glitch almost, causing the Porygon-Z to recoil uncontrolably, bashing into the will-o-wisp walls and burning itself. It regained control of itself, but the spot Garchomp hit was still badly damaged, its virtual 'skin' seemingly torn slightly.Jayron gave no reaction that would give away to the Commander what had just happened, but he was still quite impressed. "A weak spot...how did you know about that?" he telepathically asked Cyan. "I helped work on most of the porygon programming that Team Energon uses, even the evolutions. The seams between the colors were never too glaring a flaw...but with this one's larger size, the seam becomes more vulnerable. I have a plan to disable the Porygon-Z, but we need to get it to revert out of Ghost type form.""I'll see what I can do." Jayron replied.-UoD
  8. OOC: Ugh...my apologies. Went on vacation...no computers... *twitches*Anyway, since it appears I've missed a ton, any chance I could get a quick recap before jumping back in? I'd be appreciated. -UoD
  9. IC (Jayron):Aqua's blow connected...hard. The attack sufficiently dazed the Sharpedo long enough for Jayron to spare a look at Mewtwo's present battle. If Mewtwo appeared frustrated with the Light screen cutting down the power of most of his attacks, he certainly didn't show it. The Claydol was frantically trying to dodge a barrage of Shadow Balls, but it was big and slow, while Mewtwo was nimble and fast. The Shadow attacks were gradually wearing down the Claydol, until it finally fainted, the only trace of its presence being the light screen and reflect that remained.Much to Jayron's concern though, the commander hardly seemed surprised. In fact, he seemed quite satisfied with the turn of events. Recalling Claydol, he nodded to one of the Energon agents nearby, tossing him a key. The man ran over to a console on the submersible and unlocked a hidden compartment, pulling out an unusual pokeball. The capsule glowed with energy, and stamped on the top of it was a glowing 'E'. The agent handed the pokeball to the commander, who smiled and turned back to Jayron. "Would you like to know the purpose of Team Energon? Doubtless that traitor Cyan told you it was to kill legendary pokemon or something. But you see, the power of legendary pokemon keeps the world in balance. At their whim, storms begin, earthquakes tremble, and seasons change. Imagine if humankind had such power under our control? People would never again have to go up and grovel at a legendary's feet for a drop of rain. Of course, there would be issues with the wrong type of people getting their hands on such power, but that's why Team Energon exists...we seek to use the power of the legendaries for the good of the world. Perhaps we may even find a way to get that power without harming the pokemon who possess it. But we can never attempt such a thing if people like you continue to stand in the way of progress."Jayron snorted. "Is that the lie your leader is circulating or something? 'Humankind' and 'balance' are two words that just don't go well together. If you don't believe me, look anywhere around you."The commander shrugged, and raised the pokeball in his hand. "We didn't cause this war; you did. You and Team Rocket are no different from each other; both of you capture and use legendaries for your own benefits. We remove the pokemon from the equation though, so there is no need for them to be harmed...once our draining technology is perfected, at least. In the meantime, allow me to demonstrate what this power looks like."Opening the pokeball in his hands, he called forth a Porygon-Z, and a larger than normal one at that. The creature stared at Mewtwo, and Mewtwo simply scowled in return. "The energy this creature radiates is immense, but I highly doubt it got that power without considerable cost to the pokemon that lost it. For that, you will pay dearly."The commander chuckled. "Good luck with that. This creature has the power of a legendary combined with high-tech abilities. I would not overlook that if I were you. Shadow ball, if you please."The Porygon-Z crackled with energy, then launched a lethal Shadow Ball that flew so fast it was barely visible before it crashed into Mewtwo, blowing him overboard into the Sea.Jayron's eyes widened at the sight of this. "Not good." he thought.-UoD
  10. OOC: I wasn't aware of your promotion either. Gratz, blade. I must admit that I'm not really certain of TL's Mewtwo's moves. I know he recently got Psystrike, and I'll assume he has shadow ball. Beyond that, I don't know. So if there was a moveset for him, it would help.IC (Jayron):The Energon commander called out, "Claydol, Light Screen, then Reflect."The Claydol immediately complied, activating its dual defensive measures. Jayron groaned. Now it would be twice as hard to dent this Claydol. A slight sheen also was visible on Claydol, which seemed to feed energy to the barriers. (OOC: Light Clay)He glanced at Mewtwo. "I assume you won't need a trainer for directions, correct?"Mewtwo nodded, and immediately began charging and firing Shadow Balls at the Claydol. Despite their effects being cut in half by the light screen, they still posed a considerable threat to the Claydol.Confident that Mewtwo had things under control, Jayron turned towards Aqua and the Sharpedo it was battling. The two were locked in a stalemate of sorts. Sharpedo lacked any super-effective moves against Aqua, but at the same time, Aqua was a physical fighter, and the Sharpedo's rough skin punished it for every attack it dealt."Hammer Arm." Jayron told Aqua. The Swampert dove at the Sharpedo at full speed, her fist glowing and pulled back, ready to drill the Sharpedo right on the 'X'-shaped mark it bore on its forehead....IC (Cyan & Co.):As their boat came in sight of the submersible and Jayron's craft, they could easily see the flash of combat that was occurring between Jayron and the Energon agents. Cyan gripped the pokeball at his belt with one hand, while he steered the boat with the other. "Here we go..."Suddenly, the boat rocked violently as something began buffeting it from below, threatening to blow a hole in the hull. Cyan struggled to maintain control of the vessel as it approached the scene of battle.The boat ceased its rocking for a moment, then a Floatzel shot out of the water, launching a mid-air Sonicboom at Cyan, who barely managed to dodge it in time.Pushing himself to his feet, Cyan groaned. "Okay, who wants the annoying weasel?"-UoD
  11. OOC: hmm...appears I dozed off for quite some time. But I'm better now. *Warning, long IC alert*IC (Jayron):Lucario and Jayron assumed battle stances, while Mewtwo just folded his arms, glaring at these foolish humans who believed they could contain his power."You talk to Jayron like he is in control on whether I stay or leave; however, that is hardly the case. Nobody orders me to do anything, unless I wish it. If you want me, you will have to defeat me." Mewtwo said, his hard telepathic words burning like fire in the commander's head. However, if this frightened the commander, he certainly didn't show it. His gun remained steadily trained on Jayron."I see. So you would refuse to comply with my demand, even though it would mean the death of this Trainer you are working alongside? I knew you had very little feeling for humans, but that is just cold."Mewtwo chuckled. "Not nearly as cold as the man who points the gun. Besides, I know this trainer enough to know that it will take more than a few bullets to stop him.""I'm aware of this kid's defensive abilities, and it while it will stop bullets, I doubt it will stop lasers." Suddenly, the gun hummed with energy, as the stored power began to charge. "I will only order one more time: surrender, or the trainer dies."Jayron's sighed. "Alright, I'm quite sick of my life being a bargaining chip here. Lucario?"Lucario nodded, and his eyes glowed for a second, as his Psychic attack took effect. He had already determined that something about the gun prevented it from being removed from a person's hand by pokemon attack, but there was another option."Time's up!" the commander said, as the gun's energy finished charging. He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened for a few seconds. The man frowned."I'd drop that if I were you." Jayron suggested. The commander's eyes widened and he threw the gun away. Seconds later, the built up energy that Lucario had cleverly trapped inside the gun released, causing it to explode.Mewtwo cracked a slight smile, a subtle sign that he was impressed with Lucario's handiwork. Then he activated his psychic powers, blasting all the Energon agents behind the commander to the floor.The Commander's face twisted into a rage when he saw this. "Enough! If it's a battle you want, then it is a battle you will get!" He removed a pokeball and hurled it onto Jayron's boat. The ball opened and out came a large Claydol.Jayron stepped backwards, pulling out a pokeball of his own. "About time we got to this point. Aqua!"The ball opened, and Jayron's greenish-blue Swampert emerged, diving into the water. The Sharpedo from earlier appeared as well, ready to take on Aqua in a water battle. Mewtwo stepped forward, prepared to confront the Claydol himself.***IC (Cyan and Co.):The boat was rapidly approaching the general area where Jayron was supposed to be located. Cyan stood up and called out Garchomp, who flew alongside the boat so he wouldn't add too much weight to it."Please scout ahead of us and find out what trouble our friend Jayron has gotten himself into. Since there is heavy cloud cover today, I'd recommend using it to avoid detection."Garchomp nodded, then shot high into the sky at dizzying speeds. Being known as the 'Mach pokemon' couldn't be much more accurate, because Garchomp's flight speed was matched by very few...though he had to slow it down a bit to avoid creating too much noise.Still, it was only a minute or two before he returned. Gallade translated for Garchomp in a way that everyone on the boat could hear: "It appears that Garchomp has identified a large submersible next to a smaller craft. The beings aboard the smaller craft appear to be Jayron, Lucario, Mewtwo, and a large Claydol. On the other submarine-like vessel, most of the people there are sprawled out on the floor, but one that looks like the leader is confronting Jayron. One other thing: they all have black vests and an 'E' on their jackets. I think we know what that means."Cyan nodded to Garchomp. "I appreciate your assistance. Take a rest, because I believe I will be needing your help again very shortly." With that, he recalled the fierce dragon and turned to his comrades. "Well, guess it really is Team Energon. I just wish my Porygon-Z wasn't recharging back in a storage box at the Alamo. All I can tell you about them is that they like high-tech pokemon usually, especially Porygon's evolutions. Psychic types too. And they're power hungry, so don't expect them to fight very fairly. But if they're there, that means they're after Mewtwo's wealth of energy."***OOC: I didn't want to time skip too much, to allow for interaction if anyone wanted. I just wish I didn't have to rush this. But that's my fault for being gone two weeks. heh.One other thing I thought about that I wanted to tell our newest players (welcome to the Rpg, btw!) about in case they wanted this...since Porygon is a difficult pokemon to find in the wild (due to it being virtual), Cyan Vero made them a lot more accessible a long time ago in the Rpg. So if any Team Liberty members wanted to get a Porygon on their team, just go talk to one of Team Liberty's technicians about it. I'm pretty sure Cyan left the little cube things he stole that made the Porygon at the Alamo, so a technician could give it to you and activate it if you wanted one. -UoD
  12. IC (Cyan): Cyan, who had been busy preparing the boat for take-off, glanced up. Recognizing James, a slight smile crossed his face. "Cyan is fine; after all, you out-rank me now. Reminds me...I've been meaning to congratulate you on that. Anyway, I'm glad you came to help."Shadow slipped out from behind the boat, in her usual human form and snorted. "Okay, if you two tech geeks are finished, I believe we have more company."Cyan looked behind James and noted four Liberty Agents walking up. Surprisingly, a familiar pink feline face was among them. Cyan's eyes widened "Mew?" Mew smiled in response, pushing its way to the front of the group.The head agent, whom Cyan didn't recognize, saluted James, then turned to Cyan. "I was instructed to bring a legendary, and this eavesdropping Mew happened to catch that this mission involved you...so it wouldn't let me take anyone else."Cyan couldn't help but chuckle. "That doesn't surprise me. You're the one Goldhawk sent, correct? I received a message that you would be coming."The agent nodded in response. Cyan's attention was suddenly diverted when he heard the telepathic voice of one of his pokemon. Gallade appeared from the front of the boat, looking concerned. "I tried what you suggested Cyan, but I wouldn't be able to teleport this many people. And there's something else...the location you indicated...something is preventing me from trying to lock onto it. I don't think I could teleport there at all."Cyan's eyes widened. "Teleportation blocked?? I can only think of two teams out there that might possess that kind of technology: Team Rocket and Team Energon. And between those two...I really hope it's Team Rocket."He frowned, then turned to the Agent who brought Mew. "Did you bring Mew's pokeball?" The agent nodded and handed it to him. Cyan turned and recalled Mew into it. "Okay, let's all get in this boat and get going. If this turns out to be Team Energon, then we'll have to keep Mew safe from their various tech...that team hurt Mew quite badly last time, and I hesitate to put her in danger again."---IC (Jayron): "Jayron...I think something's wrong."Jayron sat up from his daydreaming and glanced at Lucario "And what would that be?""My Aura...it feels...different. Usually, I sense the Aura of every living thing around me...but I don't. It feels like it's suppressed or something."Jayron blinked. Then he realized that he was the same way usually. Granted, it was never as strong as Lucario...but he often felt it too. Yet now...he didn't. "Hmm...you're right...and it kinda creeps me out to feel this way. See if Mewtwo feels the same way."Almost as if it was on cue, Mewtwo's eyes snapped open. "Jayron; get us out of here...now."Jayron was confused, but he wasn't about to argue. He gunned the motor and they began to speed up. Suddenly, something shot out of the water, clipping the back of the boat at full force.The impact took out the boat's motor, rendering it immobile. Jayron whirled in time to see the form of a Sharpedo dive back into the water.Jayron felt Mewtwo's consciousness slam into his, which freed whatever was suppressing his Aura. Now he sensed it...a lot of people underneath their boat. And something else...a large craft that was surfacing near them. The vessel appeared, and it looked like a submarine, except much of the top of it was glass. The top retracted, and several men in diving suits stepped out, pointing unusual guns at them. On each suit, a stylish 'E' was imprinted in the center. A few more divers appeared in the water around them. The closest one, who appeared to be the commander, held his weapon pointed directly at Jayron and smiled "If you are a wise kid, you'll surrender and let us have the Mewtwo right now."-UoD
  13. OOC: Hmm...as usual, I miss one post, and I miss a crucial piece of info. http://www.bzpower.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/annoyed2.gif Thx Parugi.
  14. OOC: No volunteers to help? Meh, k. I'll just drag along a few random nameless NPC's instead. I'll give you one more opportunity to change your mind though. ^_^IC (???):*Report. What is your status?**We've run into a...situation. We identified Target 'M', and are moving in to aquire, as the leader ordered. We need authorization to proceed further though.**Target 'M'?? Are you certain?**Positive. We identified it just six miles from the Alamo. Visibility isn't very good today, so they shouldn't be able to spot us from there.**Hmm...is Target M alone?**Negative. It is traveling in a boat with two more...and one is a trainer, which would indicate that it will require some force to retrieve Target M. Readings on the trainer and the Pokemon with him are fuzzy, but they seem to indicate that he's an Aura Weilder.**Wait, Target M is in a boat? I would've expected teleportation, or at least flight. This could be a trap.**Negative. Target M is sleeping. Energy readings suggest that it recently expended a large amount of power.**Ah, okay. Have measures been taken to prevent its escape?**Affirmative. Anti-teleport field is active, and communications in this quadrant have been jammed, with the exception of ours.**Perfect. Just watch that trainer...I seem to recall headquarters mentioning something about one of those 'Aura Weilders'.**Right. We have several trainers at the ready. Awaiting authorization.**Excellent. You are clear to engage. I will inform Energon Leader now.**Roger*Ending his communication, the dark figure in the water glanced up, noting that the shadow of the boat was still floating quietly on the surface of the water, headed for the Alamo. Under his diving helmet, the man smiled. It was pure luck that one of their patrols had stumbled upon this, but they weren't about to pass this chance up.The man blinked, as another communication came in. *Commander, do we have authorization?*The man chuckled. *You bet we do. Proceed with the main capture strategy.*Several more shadows became visible moving under the water, and began to head towards the surface. One of them was bullet-shaped and had dark red eyes, focused on its target.-UoD
  15. IC (Cyan):Cyan raced into one of the communications rooms (finally repaired for the most part since the Alamo's invasion many months ago). He ignored the confused looks of several agents, who were trying to decide what he was doing. Cyan rarely ran anywhere, after all.He went over to one of the agents sending communications. "I need to know if the Alamo is receiving communications properly."The agent looked at him, confused. "Yea, of course we are. Why wouldn't we be?"Cyan pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled down the number for Jayron's Poketch+. He handed the paper to the agent. "I need you to try and contact him. It's important."The agent nodded and tried to contact Jayron. Just like Cyan though, all he got was static. The agent frowned. "Perhaps this person you're trying to contact is in a deep cave?"Cyan shook his head. "I doubt that highly. He should be only a couple miles from here. I think something is jamming his signal, which means he's in trouble."He turned to run out, when the agent called to him, "By the way, Silvermind just arrived back at the Alamo. Tell your friend Jayron that it would a good idea if he were there to greet her, since he's an executive now. You should too, considering how much effort you both put into trying to rescue her."Cyan sighed. "Send her Jayron's apologies for me...it's Jayron whom you were just trying to contact. I need to go make sure he is okay. If there are any unoccupied agents nearby, I could probably use their help, just in case.""Oh!" The agent said in surprise, now realizing why Cyan was so worried. "Well, good luck. I do know that there's a spare boat by the docks right now you can use."Cyan nodded and ran out.OOC: If anyone at the Alamo would like to join, you're welcome to. I can guarantee it will be a fairly large battle, but to make it easier, it will be a bunch of 1 on 1's.-UoD
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