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  1. Barret spared a look at the hanging clock. The wagon should be arriving soon enough. Holstering his pistol, the sheriff strode out of the building and rested himself under the shade, eyes keenly scanning the town's entrance.
  2. Let's just say people haven't decided on a name yet, and that could be one of the storylines moving forward The lawman waved after the retreating Killoe. As the drifter disappeared into the saloon, Barret ambled back into the station. No wagon, yet. In the meantime, he would check to see if this man had any bounties for his arrest...
  3. Drifters. They were a rare sight, and even rarer were they welcomed. Many turned out to be unscrupulous folks on the run from the law. "Killoe, eh? Name's Barret. The saloon offers free lunch with drinks." The sheriff pointed at the saloon. "Just don't get in trouble, now." OOC: Huh, the town never did get named, did it?
  4. "That I am," Barret nodded. "Ya hungry? What're you here for?"
  5. "Ho, friend," Barret called in greeting, waving a hand at the newcomer. "What's your business here?"
  6. Barret examines the gun, before going to meet the incoming wagon.
  7. Sure, I'm here. I can do the sheriff.
  8. Well, I mean - "oh no teh matorans are attacking" "wait why are they infected" And then the logic goes that some rahkshi has infected them and ordered them to attack CR, which means that this mystery rahkshi can be blamed for whatever they want. Just need to get his head and offer it. It's one thing to supply the papers that incite things. It's another to supply the events that do so.
  9. But infection is really really noticeable. If anything, it would tip off CR to the fact that someone is trying to incite things.
  10. I asked ultron about infection a while back. Got this.
  11. Won't you just infect it, subjugate whatever free will it had and render it a slave to your whims?
  12. painstakingly make every other letter silver/grey/whatever it is.
  13. Alright, how about trainjacking bandit looking for that one score?
  14. Name: Barret Class: Sheriff Age: 44 Gender: Male
  15. It will be called Tournament of Rahkshifight. Filled with hotblooded fighting spirit. We're already halfway there with the double RIDER KICKUUU with Phantom. There will be a MYSTERY challenger wiping the floor with everyone, and he reveals himself to be... Tridax! Who joins in because he can. When he beats the second-best-fighter, he confidently walks up to the stage to claim the golden rahkshi spines of victory, only for the mysterious rookie named Faker to descend upon us and destroy Tridax, taking the trophy for himself.
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