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  1. I personally loved old series with a lot of history as a kid, particularly video games and comics, but I really doubt the average kid has the patience for a 10-year archive trawl. Lego already tried to create a continuation in the form of the Bara Magna arc, but kids still didn't like doing the necessary research to understand the plot. We're probably looking at either a spiritual successor or a continuation-in-name-only.
  2. Alright, I'll buy the Vortex Staff then. If anyone would like to have a match so I can take Evo for a test drive, please shoot me a PM.
  3. I'll try psionics. Quick question: If I got his Brain Attack weapon, would it keep its ability to create cyclones? I assume it would be kind of like the Hagah Spears, causing air damage without granting full elemental control. For now I'll get Wing Boosters and a Ninja.
  4. I'll sponsor Nathan Evo, picking psionics for his element. As for his weapons...how about tomahawks? Stats: Strength: 6 Agility: 5, 6 if I qualify for the bonus point Toughness: 5 Mind: 4
  5. Okay then. I'll take a Staff of Poison and a +5 mind trainer for Gali.
  6. Registering Gali. Strength: 12 Agility: 15 Toughness: 19 Mind: 2 Items: Kadin, Golden Armor, Staff of Molecular Disruption, Repellers, Axonn's Axe
  7. Huh, I'm guessing this will tie into "Despair of the Divine" somehow? But yes, I suspect that a smaller group of central characters will probably serve the story better and be easier for your audience to relate to. While I can think of some successful book series with large casts that get equal emphasis, those usually took a lot of setup and careful differentiation to keep the characters from blending together. Looking forward to it, assuming you'll be posting it online.
  8. But...it's just a turn based RPG. How could you possibly forget how to play?
  9. Shoot, knew I was forgetting something tonight. Oh well, congrats Pulse.
  10. Abyssal Phantom vs. Millennium Corona Hordika
  11. Oh dear... doing a tournament with 5 fighters might be tricky. I guess we'll essentially have two final matches?
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