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  1. Ga-Wahi-----Ga-Koro-----Central Plaza Marya smiled and and returned the wave of the Po-Matoran as he approached the Kebab stand. "Hi!" She said with a smile. "If you're looking for something to eat, I'd recommend the Takea spears. I'm told they were freshly caught this morning."
  2. Ga-Wahi------Ga-Koro-----Central Plaza If anyone was ever in search of sustenance when in Ga-Koro, they wouldn't have to look too far to find satisfaction. The central plaza of Ga-Koro was a melting pot of cuisine and trade. Marya wandered about the stalls, hungry but not quite able to find something delicious. She also needed to do some grocery shopping, but that could wait until after dinner. Food shopping on an empty stomach was a bad idea. She finally settled on some Takea skewers from an old friend of hers. A bit on the fishy side, but still delicious with a few seaweed rolls. She wandered about the plaza some more, watching a few stalls close as the day's business ended. Torchlight lit the plaza now, as the sun had set. Matoran, Toa, and other associated beings from around the island milled about, not quite ready to go home, but left with nothing else to do. It was a quiet night. Well, we could all do with more quiet nights. Marya thought to herself as she took another bite of skewer. Mata Nui knows we haven't had enough of them recently... *** OOC: Is back again! Sorry for vanishing for almost two months. Open for interaction once again.
  3. So last November I participated in NaNoWriMo, and actually suceeded in writing a 50,000 word Novel. I'd really like to publish it, but there's a lot of work that's between now and then, if ever. What was my book, you ask? Well: The Lord of Misrule There used to be magic in the world. REAL magic. But as time went on, the magic faded. Now no one believes that it ever existed. Except for the Actors. Hidden away in the world is a special school dedicated to teaching actors and their ilk the ways of magic in their craft, to keep it alive in a world of cynicsim and blurred lines. Like every school, it has its quirks, in-jokes, and traditional celebrations. The most famous is the Feast of Fools, their own version of Homecoming. And the King of it all is the Lord of Misrule. Thing is, no one ever knows who it is. The voting process is a secret, and the mask is never removed. And This year, Elijah Goodblood plans to take the crown. The Lord of Misrule is about a magic school for actors, performers, and those who work behind the scenes. It's not wave-a-wand magic like in Harry Potter-No, this is more subtle. The magic is born from light, movement, props; It is a product of many parts, rather than a reaction to an action. It's also about the Green Room Gang, a collection of students who hang out in the New Globe's Green Room when not in class. A variety of students from numerous locales, backgrounds, and previous theatrical education. And the crazy shenanigans that they get up to. It's also about Elijah Goodblood, a sophomore member of the Green Room Gang who wants to win the title and position of Lord of Misrule, essentially the Homecoming King. Winning this title is acknowledgement of his abilities as a prankster and humorist. There may also be a cat hidden in the Girl's dorm. Just to let you know. *** So I've written this book. Now comes the fun part: Re-writing the whole thing! When I first wrote it, there were two main characters: Elijah, who drove the plot, and Avalon, who introduced the readers to the school. After some reflection, I decided that two characters with unrelated goals split the reader's focus too much, So I've narrowed it down to one. Elijah's still going to help little freshman Avalon adjust to her new school, but for the most part the story's focused on him. I've also changed the focus, screentime, and overall helpfulness of the Green Room Gang. In the original Script, they made cameo appearances and didn't do much in the way of story. I'm giving them more focus and more impact into Elijah's choices; this group is almost like a family. (and is certainly made up of a few.) Also, there's way too many fun characters to not use. Considering that, some of the other characters I've made (Namely Elijah and maybe Avalon's roommates) are going to be given less focus or cut altogether. They've been fun to write, so they may stay, but I really need to re-work their characters or meld them into existing ones. If I write more books, they may re-appear, but for now they don't have a lot of influence on my main character, so out they go. I also need to put more focus on the school itself. One of the few things I didn't like about Harry Potter in its later years was how little school was focused on, despite it being a part of the students' everyday lives. I want to show my characters in class, workshops, shop hours outside of class, ect... I want to show them interacting with professors and directors in a positive way, not the you-got-caught kind of way. These kids are in school and I want them to act like it! There's also a lot of little things that happen in the background, like hammering out the timeline and everyone's schedules. (Not that it matters for some students...) This whole post was mostly a personal lining-out of my next steps. So since approximately half my book is going in the dustbin, There's a lot of writing to do. I can't wait to get started.
  4. Hi guys! I'm back! (Sorry, College wrap-up/surprise vacation/pure laziness caught me off guard this last month.) What have I missed in Ga-Koro? I just want to make sure the village didn't burn down while I was gone before I start posting again.
  5. Wow, I haven't even thought about this in a bit. (College can be crazy at times.) I don't think I ever got beyond rescuing a few chapters of each, but I'm willing to take another stab at it since it's summer and I don't have anything else to do outside of work.
  6. Hi guys! Sorry for the long wait: I got caught up in end-of-term stuff and then was whisked off on an unexpected vacation. (Add a couple weeks of pure laziness, and...) But I'm back! With another new Case File! Case File #891: Power Problems Day: August 15th Time: 7:43 P.M. Location: LCPD Headquarters, Cherry Tree Hills It wasn't often that Lego City got thunderstorms; the bustling metropolis was known for its sunny skies and profitable tourism business. But every now and then there was a day when the dark clouds rolled off the ocean and the air tasted of electricity. Hot Dog stands rushed to close down and beach-goers raced for the shelter of their hotels. When Lego City got a thunderstorm, it got a thunderstorm. Tonight was no different. Frank Honey jumped as another flash of lighting lit the room, startling him from his nervous stupor. Due to the...inclement weather, most of the staff had been unable to leave after they clocked out for the day. Frank's shift had ended two hours ago, but he was still hiding under his desk. Or rather, the receptionist's desk. "Frank, you've been hiding under there for an hour." Bea said, looking down at him from her chair. "Don't you have anything productive to do while you wait for the storm to pass?'" "I wish I did!" Frank cried from under the desk. "I don't remember storms being this long!" "This IS a rather big storm." Chief Dunby muttered from the middle of the lobby. "Spencer!" He shouted as a roll of thunder boomed. "Turn the radio on and see if we can get a weather report!" Spencer saluted and reached for the radio he kept next to his desk-an old 80s style, not the standard police issue most officers had. He fiddled with the dials as static weaved in and out. *kssh* "--oh-oh I'm Walking on Sunshine, Oh-oh-oh--" *Kssh* "--ancis, darling, we mustn't be found out!" "You're right! Let's get insid--" *kssh* "--uy your Lego City Sun Lotion today! Only $39.99 not including ship--" *kssh* "--nd Now for the weather!" "There it is! Hold it there!" Someone in the lobby shouted. Spencer balanced out the dials so they could (mostly) hear the announcer. "That storm is coming big and large, folks! The storm front is expected to last until midnight, hope you didn't have any dinner plans! In the meantime, make sure your flashlight batteries are fresh and you've got a couple gallons of water and some blankets, because there are expected to be pow--" There was a huge crash of lightning and thunder directly over the building. The lights flickered, then died as the front lobby was plunged into darkness. "...Power outages." Dunby finished. "Alright, Everyone stay calm." Naturally, this was the cue for everyone to panic. Five minutes later, after several screams and bruised shins and hips from bumping into desks and coffee tables, the lobby was almost back in order. Anyone who was likely to start screaming and running around again had been strongly encouraged to sit down and shut up. "Alright, now that that nonsense is over with," Dunby said, brushing off his jacket. "Chase, find the supply closet and more importantly, some flashlights. Baxter-" "Which one?" "Ted, find our maintenance man and make sure we're not going to lose anything else. Bea, see if you can find some asprin for my headache." "You have a headache, sir?" "I will soon. Now Hop to it! Everyone else, at ease. Eat a doughnut if you've got it." Chief Dunby snarled, then turned to the front desk. Quiet conversations started around the room as staff moved to find emergency supplies, occasionally cut off by the now frequent bursts of lightning and thunder. Tension was still high in the room, intensified by the darkness. Frank continued to tremble under the desk. It was dark now, and scary. If only Ellie were here to- He sat straight up, slamming his head into the underside of the desk. Ignoring his pain, he climbed out from under the counter and made a bee-line for the elevator. Or he would have, if he hadn't run smack into Chase on the way there. "Woah! Slow down, Frank!" Chase said, steadying the shaking police officer. "What's wrong?" "It's Ellie!" Frank panted. "She's down in the basement all by herself! It's pitch black down there! She's probably terrified!" Chase thought about it. While Ellie was probably far from terrified, she still wasn't in a good position. Unlike the lobby, which was half windows, the basement didn't have any natural light sources. They called it "the dungeon" for good reason. Ellie wouldn't be able to do anything but sit and wait for the power to come back on. Unless she'd gone home before the storm started. "All right, I'll come down and help you look." Chase said, leading Frank over to the elevator. They ran into Ted, who was standing at the elevator door. "Any luck finding the maitenance guy?" Chase asked as they waited. "Nope. Any luck on the flashlights?" "The supply closet didn't have any. I know Jimmy keeps one at his desk, though. I'm going to see if I can find it." "Good Idea. Why's the elevator taking so long?" They stared at the doors for a minute before it hit them. "Oh yeah...." "Power's out..." "Any idea where the stairs are?" *** As it turns out, they didn't have a clue. "Seriously? There's no stairs to the basement?" Chase asked after ten minutes of searching. "Maybe they got taken out during the last renovation." Frank suggested, still trying to feel for a doorknob. "Well, how are we supposed to get out in case of an emergency?" "There's a back door to the parking lot, but I'm not going out in the storm to get to it." Ted said with a shake of his head. "Face it, we're stuck." "Maybe not..." Chase said, looking up. "These ducts lead into the basement, right?" "Yeah, they reach the whole building. I can hear Rodney's workouts from the third floor with these things. It's the one thing they've never fixed." Ted said, squinting into the darkness. "You're not suggesting...?" "I am. We'll get to the basement with these." Chase said. "We just need to get up there..." "Oh! We can use this filing cabinet!" Frank said, running over to a cabinet along the wall. "Oph! This is heavy! How many files are in this thing?" Ted walked over to the cabinet and opened a drawer. "A lot. And some cake. And an anvil. Why do we keep our anvils in filing cabinets?" "Well, where else are we going to put them?" Frank asked as he continued to push on the cabinet. Ted shrugged then joined him. Eventually, they were able to get the cabinet underneath a vent in the air duct. Frank jumped up on the filing cabinet and pulled the vent off. "It's really dark in there..." He said nervously. "Aw, c'mon Frank, it's not like there's anything in there." Ted said. "Not even a Snipe!" "W-w-what's a snipe?" Frank asked nervously. "Oh, just a little thing with lots of teeth that likes to lurk in Air Ducts. But the exterminator was here last week, and he's mostly sure that the ones we had died out. You'll be fine." Ted replied cheerfully. "Now get in there!" Frank looked back into the darkness of the ducts, which seemed even darker than the darkness outside the ducts. Then, in an uncharacteristic fit of bravery, He pulled himself into the duct, vanishing through the open vent. "You okay up there, Frank?" Chase called. "Yep. It's just really dark." "Well, it's not like you can get lost." Chase muttered. "Just go right and follow the ducts down to the basement. And watch out for-" There was a sudden CRASH from within the vent, followed by several other unpleasant banging noises, grunts of pain and, inexplicably, a chicken. "-the hole leading to the basement." Chase finished with a wince. "Frank?" "Why's Frank in the air duct?" Ellie asked. "He's looking for you." Chase said, without looking away from the air duct. Three seconds later, he jumped. "How'd you get up here?" "I came up the stairs." Ellie said, pointing to the doorway which had been previously hidden by the filing cabinet. "You do know there's stairs, right?" "I do now...." Chase sighed. "Hey Frank? Ellie's up here." "Really?" Frank called from somewhere in the duct system. "Well, I guess I'll climb back up the ducts..." "Frank, there's stairs in the basement. Where are you?" "I think I'm in the supply closet next to the locker roo-GAH what was that!" Frank yelled. "It's skinny and has lots of little feelers on the end!" "...That's a mop, Frank." "Oh. Then I'm ok!" "Frank, are there any flashlights down there?" Ted yelled. "Yeah, a whole bunch of them." "Then bring them up. I still need to find the maintenance guy." "You mean Joe?" Ellie asked. "He stayed home sick today. Something about a bad piece of lobster." "Well, that figures." Chase muttered. "Any idea where the breaker box is?" "No idea." "Fantastic. With our luck, it's outside in that storm." Ted said with a shake of his head. "I think we're stuck until this storm blows over." "What are we supposed to do until then?" Chase asked. "...Well, we do have that paperwork that's been piling up. Don't need power to do that, just the flashlights Frank's bringing up." "Seriously?" "What, do you want to ask the Chief to gather everyone in a circle and start singing campfire songs?" *MEANWHILE, AT THE FIRE STATION* "Aw, c'mon chief, not Kumbaya again...." "I'm the Chief, I decide, Lopez-Delgado! Alright, altogether now..." *BACK AT THE POLICE STATION* "I guess paperwork's alright." Chase said. There was a CLUNK, then a hum as something in the building turned on. Then cheers rose up around the lobby as the lights flickered, then came back on around the building. "I'm back!" Frank shouted as he came back up the stairs with a box of flashlights. "I found the room with all the backup light switches, so I flicked them all on, but nothing happened, so I flicked them back." "Frank, you just got the power back on!" Ellie cheered, hugging him. "Where was the room?" Ted asked. "It's next to the locker rooms, across from the supply closet." "Good to know. I'm writing that down for the next time Joe's sick." Ted said, walking over to his desk. "I think the storm's clearing up!" Spencer said, looking out the window. Sure enough, the pounding of the rain was starting to lighten, and the lighting strikes were becoming less frequent. "Hey Chief, can we go home now?" Chase called across the room. "Yes. Ladies and Gents, have a safe drive home, and see you tomorrow." Dunby replied, already walking to the door with his coat and briefcase in hand. There were cheers, followed by a stampede for the door. The resulting rumble was so loud it almost drowned out the huge CRASH from outside. Almost. "Oh no..." Chase sighed. The front doors to the police station opened up to reveal a massive tree trunk blocking the exit. "We don't even have any trees on the compound!" The Chief yelled. "Where did this thing come from?" "It looks like a log truck tipped over outside." Spencer said, straining to see out one of the windows. "I think we're still stuck." "Hey, look on the bright side!" Frank said brightly. "At least we still have power!" The lights chose that exact moment to flicker out again. "I think one of those logs knocked over a light pole...." "...Thanks, Frank."
  7. Both Rayman Legends and LC:U have been suggested, so I'm out of ideas. For Now.
  8. Besides, we've already established that BZPRPG doesn't actually have any lawyers. So you're good there. I'm really tempted to make a lawyer character now, just to have one.
  9. Purely for adventuring purposes, I suppose? Quick question- Just what time of Day is it supposed to be in Ga-Wahi right now? I can't tell if it's mid-day or in the evening. I've been playing like it's evening because there's a group out for dinner, but I'm not sure.
  10. Wow. I can't imagine having more than 5-10 characters, and some people have a hundred?
  11. Keep in mind that BZPRPG's storyline splits off near the very beginning. In our version, the Toa Mata failed to stop Makuta in their first battle with him, whereas in regular BIONICLE Canon, they succeeded. It's still a handy video to watch to understand the BIONICLE universe in general. Pleasure to meet you, FallenAtlas. I'm new around here too, so don't worry about knowing all the nuances right away. Also, just to let everyone know, my Ga-Matoran is currently wandering the streets of Ga-Koro looking for dinner. How long she ends up looking depends on interactions and how busy I get with the end of the term.
  12. TinkerTech


    Or: Why TinkerTech should not be allowed near a sketch pad. I'm really happy with how Toa Gali turned out.
  13. 7 Secrets to being an adult Part 2 1. Dish soap and Dishwasher Detergent are not the same thing. Don’t put Dish Soap in the Dishwasher unless you want suds all over the floor. 2. When moving, know how to pack a box. Don’t stick all your books in one box or you will never be able to lift it. Instead, put a few heavy things in the bottom of the box, then fill the rest with lighter items or clothes. Sure, possessions get spread around a little more, but your sister will actually be able to carry the box without aid. (I’m looking at you, Railblazer.) 3. Have a Portfolio when you start working in the real world. A Portfolio is essentially a gallery or collection of previous works for review by employers. These don’t have everything you’ve ever done, just the best selections. Keep a few pictures, documents, or photos of each project to keep in your portfolio. In a creative world, this can be really helpful. Even if you are still in school, start building yours now. Just set a piece of work aside every now and then, and ask a teacher to review it for you. 4. Don’t undervalue a nap. Those things are gold once you hit college. 5. Coupons. Coupons are amazing. You will save so much money on groceries with these. On the other hand, you will buy more because you’re saving money, so it’s a dual-edged sword. (reusable bags are awesome because you can only carry so much-bring two and tell yourself to only buy what can fit in the bag.) 6. Eat healthy. Drink less soda and more water or tea or juice. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and less frozen and processed foods. Sure, they may take a little longer to cook, but they taste better. Eat at regular times too-eating at the same time every day does wonders for your body. 7. Have a stupid joke or two on hand for when someone’s feeling down. Remember, it’s all in the delivery.
  14. IC: Ga-Wahi-------Ga-Koro--------Secret Workshop Marya leaned back and sighed. This task was proving to be more difficult than she thought. The Onu-Matoran who made this iStone certainly knew what he was doing. She'd poked at the casing for an hour and still hadn't found a seam or niche to open it. She looked around the cave. There wasn't any sort of opening to the outside world, and she didn't have a clock, so it was impossible to tell how much time had passed, although she could take a guess. Time to stop for the night. She told herself. She'd been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning working on something, unaware of how much time had passed. Now was not a good time to continue the habit. She gathered up her tools and put everything important in a small, locked chest hidden in the wall, carefully moving the stones back into place until it looked like a natural slide she'd never gotten around to clearing. Putting the few essentials back into her waterproof bag, she walked over to the pool at the end of the cave and swum back out into the bay. It was a short swim back to her hut-the tide had changed while she was in her workshop. She climbed the ladder set into the stem of the lilypad and carefully pried open the bottom of the false chest to climb back into her hut. No one ever looked under the lilypads. She set down her bag at the foot of her bed and stretched. Then her stomach growled. She'd forgotten to eat dinner again. She looked in a cupboard set on the wall. No food. Looks like I'm eating out tonight. She thought as she picked up the bag she used every day, with her widgets and her basic tools, and walked out to the Ga-Koro square. Now what do I feel like having...? OOC: Available for interaction again.
  15. I know the feeling. I just moved into a new place, and I'm still trying to find some of my stuff. I'm open for interaction again, though. Just need to move my character back into town...
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