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  1. That sentence was composed of so much win that it actually hurts. O.o

  2. I have absolutely no idea.

  3. Then you need an adrenaline injection or become indoctrinated into the school of BULLET TIME.

  4. No, the latin for new.

  5. Retro is the new neo.

  6. Yeah, can you clear out your inbox so that I can... wait.

  7. Nope, it was the spy.

  8. GIANT, FLAMING-Gentlemen.

  9. WAAAAZZZAAAAP!!!!?!?!

  10. NOT THE NILE, denial!

  11. Kinda faulty on your part, then? :P

  12. I'll do that the next time I can be bothered, clear?

  13. Tapika! You've created a time paradox! Don't go changing the future like that!

  14. Your disguise has become compromised! EVAC! EVAC!

  15. Pretty obvious, really.

  16. Tapika, I am perfectly aware of your elusive behavior.

  17. Very peculiar mime artist?

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