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    The flag speaks everything!
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    ... Something, pleh, forget everything written before.<br /><br />I dislike those whom think I rip off them, thus, their hatred is reflected into me, thus I hate them back. This kind of protective hatred must be removed. MUST BE REMOVED.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Don't know you, but I a little about you and that Eljay featured the Mercenus Chronicles in The Three Virtues podcast! :P

  2. That sentence was composed of so much win that it actually hurts. O.o

  3. I got Soul Calibur 2 for Christmas, so I'm using the fighting moves as reference for the game :D

  4. I have absolutely no idea.

  5. What happened to the Chronicles?

  6. Then you need an adrenaline injection or become indoctrinated into the school of BULLET TIME.

  7. I still think it's the Matrix guy.

  8. No, fale drawing is win. :P

  9. No, the latin for new.

  10. The guy from The Matrix?

  11. Retro is the new neo.

  12. So, why the outdated personal photo?

  13. Yeah, can you clear out your inbox so that I can... wait.

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