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  1. YES!!! I really wish all the past Bionicle games had multiplayer options. They NEED to add this feature to any new Bionicle games that come out NO. Flock off, multiplayer birdies. Too many games have been ruined by forcing multiplayer where it's unnecessary, and Bionicle's epic fantasy does not need a bunch of misguided developers shoving Call of Duty-style multiplayer into it. Yes, the "Six heroes, one destiny" thing that runs through bionicle doesn't make it completely unsuited to multiplayer, but the current gaming industry has forgotten how do to that properly. Single-player sandbox, like "The Elder Scrolls: Okoto" is our best hope for a game that does not rip the wallpaper from BS01 and wrap it around generic gameplay. Bioncle heroes was the gaming industry's take on our beloved franchise. Do you seriously trust them to do another game and not turn it into another "Action-Adventure"? I certainly don't. I do not want to see another BIONICLE AAA game until the entire industry grows out of this obsession with profit and majority demographics. /endrant I think a game that does this well is Warframe. Although the story hasn't been fully developed, the co-op with a maximum of 4 players works really well.
  2. I thought about this too, since TT usually makes games that have Lego minifigures it would be tough to make a game with new character designs.
  3. Hello everyone, It's been ages since I used to come on this forum frequently, and it's great to be back. Anyway back on topic, over the last few years, TT Games have made some brilliant Lego games since technology has advanced (my favourite being Lego Marvel Superheroes), and the thought came to my head as to whether Lego will commission TT to create a Bionicle game in the near future. I'm sure many of you remember the Bionicle video game that was released in 2003. It was lacklustre to say the least... I know there were a couple of decent Bionicle games afterwards such as Maze of Shadows (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and Bionicle Heroes, but non of them felt amazing like recent Lego video games have been. So my question is, do you think TT or any other company will create a true Bionicle video game after the new story settles a bit? What would you like them to incorporate into the game? Would it be successful? I would like to hear your opinions and thoughts SSK117
  4. To be honest, I've been waiting 5 years for this and it doesn't bother me greatly. I'm just glad to see my favourite toys as a young boy, re-released and re-imagined. It's likely they will put more effort in with the summer wave or the 2016 sets. We will probably see Ekimu and Makuta released as titans either in summer or next year depending on how the story goes.
  5. It's getting closer and closer. 5 years finally (well almost) over...
  6. Hello, I'm SpartanSK117, formerly Elite-Clone 0223 (or something like that) Can't remember the numbers but yeah! When I joined BZP I was only 7 years old, and stayed on till Bionicle became nothing more than a memory. I spent many days here browsing the forum as a noob, I even recall being mentioned numerous times on some topic that asked users for the most annoying member. That was many years ago , I'm now 15 and came back to this site after hearing that LEGO accidentally linked Bionicle to a coming soon page. Bionicle was a massive part of my childhood and I would love to see it again. Thats all for now! -SpartanSK117
  7. I logged back onto BZPower after many years just to read this! I really hope Lego isn't trolling us.
  8. Mine was Toa Whenua then after that I got Toa Lihkan and Nuju
  9. Hey Guys, I haven't been on this forum for a very long time. Since 08' / 2010 to be exact. I was going to PM a few members about what's changed (except the obvious of course ) But I didn't want to annoy anyone individualy so I chose to make a topic of some of the changes. I'm not used the interface and everything else so please take your time with me. You can lock the topic once I have some info. I left after Bionicle was withdrawn from lego which left me depressed for a short time ( I was 8 / 9 at the time so allow me ) So I stopped posting on BZPower - I was a nuisance I could say when I was on here years ago but I've matured etc). Thanks for taking your time and I look forward to your replies! SpartanSk117 - formerly Elite-Clone02233 (something like that )
  10. well schools almost here

  11. Aww, thank you!

    I'm planning on doing so. ;)

  12. Your a excellent Artist you should take it for your GCSES

  13. sealase get me your gresh tarduk codes now from taka and deyandra

  14. hi taka im online now

  15. I don't want people randomly choosing me as a friend.

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