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  1. Definitely no rush. I've never attempted something like that, but I can imagine that it would likely be just as, if not more, difficult than making the model the first time. Thanks for your work!
  2. I think there will always be members here, but honestly, the amount of posting has declined to a trickle at most. There's just not too much left to discuss at this point beyond fan creations and things like that. It's nice to know it will always be around though.
  3. Thank you so much! I'm sure it's going to be awhile until I get all the parts for it, but one day this WILL be on my desk.
  4. This... is.... BEAUTIFUL. Such an improvement on the official set. If you ever decide to release a piece list or some sort of instructions, I'd be over the moon. Fantastic work.
  5. It probably depends on what you mean by smart. Many of the characters you listed are highly specialized in their field. They are definitely intelligent, but they are each intelligent in their own field. Tren Krom might have the most knowledge, though, outside the Great Beings. I don't know how smart Mata Nui actually is though, especially after he gets to Bara Magna.
  6. I am looking to buy physical copies of the Hero Factory comics, as eBay searches only bring up 5, 6, and 7. As a result, I am much more interested in getting copies of 1-4, but would not be opposed to a bundle of all the comics. Please let me know if you have copies that you would be willing to sell. Open to negotiation, but please stay reasonable. Most comic book database sites have these books listed at or only slightly above MSRP. Thank you!
  7. It's been years but here I am again, still shocked at the complexity of BIONICLE

  8. I think to ensure that the Toa run out of energy, we would just need to make the eventual costs of the energy attacks very large. In other words, it takes lots of effort to properly use elemental power.
  9. Yeah, probably. Typically, its set up first by species, then by class, which includes traits. Since we don't have class, we can just have traits.
  10. I'll review them for balance once they are finished. Combat is being worked on.
  11. Totally good idea! Probably one blog post for each major topic will be best.
  12. I don't think to activate a Kanohi (except for the first time), it should be difficult. Unless there's some negative effect on the mask-wearer, generally the effect should be easy to use. of course, for the first time, it should be very difficult, and decrease from there. As for the Matoran becoming Toa... I would imagine most players will want to be Toa. I know I would. Keep that in mind.
  13. Oh, definitely! Better to keep things more balanced, I think. If you're working on that, I'll take time to spell out combat. Which may take awhile. But I want to make sure I cover everything, so it'll be worth it.
  14. Average in D&D is about 11-12, if I recall correctly. Maybe 12-13. 10 is starting to go below average. I do like those stats though... it seems very personalized. Maybe we could rework the ability modifiers to reset it so that 10 is average or something?
  15. The Iron Toa sort of did design the Toa race in the above post (I missed it too). First you make a Matoran, and then you add on stats, etc to "power" them up. Good idea, I think.
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