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  1. Don't know about BronyCon, but I'll be at GalaCon over here in Europe. :-) Lucky you! I couldn't make it this year. There's always next year! ;-) Anyway, I just got home from Ludwigsburg. It was awesome, dare I say so. I got some amazing swag, chatted with M.A. Larson and Nicole Oliver signed a print of mine with "To my faithful Student, (name)"! :-D Definitely worth all the traveling hassle and expenses.
  2. Don't know about BronyCon, but I'll be at GalaCon over here in Europe. :-)
  3. I'm still waiting until they put Twilight back in their stock. I want my Twily. :3
  4. Most of the reactions towards EQG are actually neither strongly positive or negative, but a resounding "Meh", which is simply less than we're used to.
  5. I believe that that is creacent moon, he is the equivilant to the 11th doctor. time turner was equivilent to 10th. and I hope next season he wears a bowtie or something to an event. Then what about this guy from "Sweet and Elite"?
  6. Scoots hung on a cloud for a second in "Sleepless in Ponyville", so I'm pretty sure she can also walk on them. It has also been clearly implied by Scootaloo in the latest episode that her problem was that her wings just have not grown (yet?) -- but maybe training would still help.
  7. My explanation is that when Celestia used the Elements, she did so alone, and consequently they did not have enough power to purify Luna of her corruption, just enough to imprison her. In contrast, when the Mane 6 used them, the Elements were able to power themselves through their friendship, which as we all know is equivalent to Magic in Equestria. Simply put, the Mane 6 put much more juice into their usage of the Elements.
  8. Today is Lauren Faust's birthday, and today it was also revealed that season 4 will premiere on November 23rd, the same day of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Coincidence?! I THINK NOT!
  9. Hiiiii. You wanna come over to Sugar Cube Corner to help me... BAKE SOME CUPCAKES? Pinkie Pie, eat a Snickers. You turn into a murderous maniac when you are hungry.
  10. So, I'm hearing a lot of good reviews about EQG. Can't confirm, since I'm in Europe and probably won't see it for a while. Has anybody here seen it already?
  11. I wish I could go, but I'm sadly occupied during that exact week. Oh well, maybe next year. Have fun there!
  12. Great to hear! But one last thing you should remember -- you do not have to like it. If you at any point feel like it is not the right show for you, there is nothing wrong in admitting that. Different people like different things. Some people like ponies, some don't. If you do, great! If you don't, you don't. No one is forcing you to like it.
  13. Depends. People like the show because of a plethora of different reasons -- including character depth, growth and interaction, the stories, humor, music, morals and message, art style, etc... -- all things the show excels at, but in my experience all these reasons have different weight for almost everyone. So I guess you have to ask yourself what it is that you want from the show. Humor and morals are fairly consistent throughout all 3 seasons, but I think that stories and character growth really pick up in season 2, building on the framework of season 1. Have you come to the episodes with songs already? Because you're missing out if not. The first big song -- "Winter Wrap Up" -- is in episode 11, and many Bronies I know have said that this song was the "point of no return" for them where they were sold on the show. And believe me, it's just getting better from there. What I find most remarkable about the show is the characterisation, though. When watching the show for the first time, somewhere in the middle of season 1 there is a moment where the characters stop feeling like names from a script that were created to entertain you, and you begin perceiveing them as almost real people. You CARE about them. You FEEL for them and with them, and I know of few other shows that manage to do that. Another point is relatability -- almost every fan of the show I know has one character he or she can REALLY identify with, because the show manages to have such archetypal characters -- the nerd, the shy one, the cocky one, etc -- but still portrays them as deep and interesting at the same time. Regarding your question whether later episodes might be more enjoyable, I'm not sure. I definitely think that the later episodes are better, but mostly because they advance the characters and the world they live in more than earlier episodes, which are still building the framework and introduce you to who these characters are. There are many subtle callbacks and unspoken references to earlier episodes that are in my view not as enjoyable when you don't know the characters and their world as well. I think you should watch the episodes in the right order because I think the whole experience is much richer this way. But if you do not care about character progression and world building that much, I guess the order is not that important. If you want some excellent episodes from later in the show, I can recommend "Party of One", "Lesson Zero" or "Sleepless in Ponyville". If those three don't hook you, I'm out.
  14. All of you are talking about going to cons. And I'm just sitting here in the middle of Austria, not being able to go to GalaCon.
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