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  1. This is the review topic for my upcoming story "BIONICLE Ignition: Reborn". Haven't read the prologue yet? Follow the link:http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=3875&st=0&p=195056&&do=findComment&comment=195056
  2. This is the first section of my retelling of the adventures of the Toa Inika. Please comment and leave feedback. Any suggestions are helpful. BIONICLE Reborn: The Next Generation Ignition Prologue #1 Dec. 21st, 1995 It was to be a day of celebration on the island of Mata-Nui. It was to be a day of joy and happiness for the Matoran, Toa, and Turaga alike. But, unfortunately, fate had other plans for the citizens of Nui. Much different plans. Twenty-four hours earlier, the Toa team of the island of Mata-Nui, the personal guard of Mata-Nui himself, were sent to Destral, secret headquarters of Makuta Teridax. After a brief struggle, Tahu Erif, Leader of the Toa Nuva, beheaded Teridax and torched his body, leaving behind only ashes and armor. The Toa-Makuta War that had lasted over three-hundred years was finally over. Toa Gali pushed her way through the crowd of dancing partygoers. She was searching for a friend of hers who could not be found anywhere. Where is he? She wondered. True, it was not unusual for him to disappear in the middle of social situations, but she had hoped he would warm up a little bit in honor of the occasion. Finally, however, she had spotted him sitting of to the side, all alone, looking thoughtful. “Oh, hello, party-pooper. I wasn’t sure if that was you,” Gali teased. Toa Kopaka smiled, and Gali acted surprised. “Oh, never mind. You can’t be Kopaka, he never smiles.” She laughed. “Come on, Kopaka. Makuta Teridax is dead! This should be the happiest day of your life!” Kopaka sighed and shook his head. “Gali, something doesn’t feel right. It was too easy. Teridax went down without much of a fight. He should have been able to destroy us on a whim. Why didn’t he?” “You’re thinking too hard, Kopaka. Lighten up, dance a little. We’ve won! We can finally calm down, have a real life.” Kopaka looked up at Gali. Inside, he could tell something was wrong. But Gali was so convincing, so happy, and so lively, that all his worries were forgotten. He smiled. “I’d like that,” he replied. “I’d like that a lot, Gali.” After hours of partying, Turaga Vakama, elder of Ta-Koro, called the party to settle down. After all the Turaga and Toa had assembled on the stage, he grabbed the microphone and began his speech: “Citizens of Mata-Nui! We have all gathered here today for a momentous occasion. After hundreds of years of war, of strife, we, the citizens of the land of Nui, have banished the shadows from our land. Makuta Teridax is DEAD!” The Matoran cheered. Vakama attempted to calm them down, and yet he knew it was no use. This was the most incredible thing to ever happen in Nuian history. Finally, after they had calmed down, he resumed. “REJOICE! For today is the end of the evils that have plagued our lands! And it is all thanks to our six mighty Toa, our protectors: Toa Tahu, warrior of fire! Toa Gali, mistress of water! Toa Lewa, master of air! Toa Pohatu, hero of stone! Toa Onua, champion of earth! And Toa Kopaka, protector of ice! They have delivered us from evil, saving us from the might of the terrible Makuta Teridax! Finally, we will live in peace.” Cheers rang out from the crowd, and it seemed that the Matoran could have cheered infinitely, never stopping to breathe. Right as it ended, however, the air got very cold. And then it spoke: a voice, cold, calm, dark, and harsh. It rang in everyone’s ears, calm, but with a force not unlike the dark pressing down on a nightlight, trying to put it out with all its might. And the voice said: “You’re wrong, Vakama. So terribly wrong.” All eyes turned to the sky, and a horrible sight greeted them. The stars were swirling in a spiral. They spun around and around and around and around, until finally, the stars stopped swirling, and they formed a shape no one had hoped to ever see again: the Kanohi Krakkhan, the Mask of Shadows. The mask of Makuta Teridax. There was a shriek from the crowd, and that’s all it took to send all of the Matoran on the island into a frenzy. The winds began to pick up, and trees began to uproot from the ground. The Matoran scrambled for shelter, but they never reached it. Dark forms began to reach down from the sky: shadow claws, grabbing Matoran off the ground and hurling them across the island, the poor villagers screaming as they went. Only a handful of them would survive that fall, and only two would escape the later onslaught of Bohrok that would ravage the island. But that is another story for another time. Vakama turned to the six Toa and five other Turaga on the stage, his face grave. “Get to the Terrain Crawler. We have to get out of here.” “We can’t leave the Matoran,” Gali argued. “We have to help them!” “Gali, we don’t have time,” Tahu yelled. “We have to get out of here.” Gali began to protest again, but before she could continue, Kopaka hoisted her over his shoulder. “I’m so very sorry, Gali,” he shouted, “but I am not leaving you behind. You’re too important to me- - I mean us.” Gali screamed and shouted, and she sobbed to her Ga-Matoran to stay strong in their time of need. Onua picked up a black bundle off the stage, carrying it carefully. The twelve of them rushed to the large, wormlike Toa Terrain Crawler and climbed inside. Kopaka strapped the still screaming Gali into her seat before he took the pilot’s chair. Toa Lewa took the co-pilot’s chair. “Everybody fasten your seatbelts, this is gonna get bumpy,” Kopaka shouted into the intercom. He grabbed the steering wheel and looked straight ahead. Lewa gave him a worried look. “Are you sure you know how to pilot this thing?” he asks. “No,” Kopaka admits, “but it can’t be too difficult.” “Do you want me to do it?” “Is this really the time to argue about this, Lewa? We have mere minutes to escape, and we’re really going to do the whole, ‘I have telescopic vision,’ ‘Well I’m the Master of the Air’ thing? We truly do not have time for this.” “Fine, fine. Just pilot the ###### ship already.” “Alright.” Kopaka grabbed the throttle and the ship jumped to life. It rose off the ground, the anti-gravity disks pushing the dirt and dust around it. He grabbed the steering wheel and tilted it down and pulled back and the ship shoots forward and up through the sky, lightning bolts flying around it. As the island of Mata-Nui faded into the distance, Gali stopped struggling and sat in her seat uncomfortably, staring out the window at the lightning-filled sky. “What is happening?” she said. “Why is Teridax doing this? How is Teridax doing this?” “I have a theory,” replied Turaga Vakama. Gali turned to look at him, and he said, “There’s only one way he could have gained so much power…” He looked at the other passengers of the ship, and when no one replied, he said, “He stole Mata-Nui’s.” “No,” Tahu responded dismissively, but fear was obvious in his voice, “that’s impossible. If Teridax had tried to take Mata-Nui’s power we would have known. A fight would have broken out or something. And even then, Teridax would have needed a special kind of tool or weapon to absorb that much energy. It would just be impossible.” “Maybe,” muttered Turaga Nuju, but he still sounded unsure. Suddenly, the entire ship lurched, and everyone grabbed their seats. Lewa’s voice rang out over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some turbulence, in the form of giant Makuta hands. Please fasten your seatbelts and place all tray tables in their upright positions. It’s gonna get a little bumpy.” “You’re turning too fast.” “I know.” “You’re cutting it close.” “I know.” “You’re gonna crash!” “I! Know!!!” There was an awkward silence for a few moments. Finally after a few more seconds, Lewa said, “Do you want me to drive?” “######, Lewa! If I wanted you to drive, I would have said so. We need to find a way out of here. Now, if I remember correctly, there are three doorways through Nui, and they’re constantly moving. If we want to find one, we’re going to need my Kanohi Akaku Nuva to see through the stone covering the Nuian borders.” Suddenly, thunder clapped, and a bolt of lightning flew past the windshield. Kopaka growled. “But we’re never going to find it with Teridax hurling lightning at us!” Kopaka unclipped his seatbelt and stood up. “Lewa, take the wheel. I have an idea.” “Finally!” Lewa flipped a switch on his steering wheel and began to maneuver it left and right, deftly avoiding the bolts of lightning and shadow streaking down from the sky. Kopaka opened the door leading to the passenger segment, stuck his head in, and yelled, “Turaga Vakama, I need your help. Now.” Vakama stood from his seat and walked to the cockpit segment, standing next to Kopaka. “How can I be of assistance?” he asked. “I have need of your Kanohi Huna,” he replied. “What?” “We need a way to conceal ourselves from Teridax if we are to escape Nui with ourlives. And considering the Huna is the Mask of Concealment, you seem like our best shot.” “Toa Kopaka, let me explain this carefully. Even back when I was a Toa that would have been a lot of power. But now my power is at a third of its strength at best. It’s impossible.” “Then I’ll give you a part of my power. We don’t have time to argue this.” Vakama pondered this for a moment. “Kopaka, you do know that if you give me a portion of your power, I can never, ever give it back. You’ll have less elemental power to defend- -” “TAKE IT! Just take it. Just do me a favor: when Tahu has a son, give him the extra power I’m giving you. Okay?” “Okay.” Kopaka grabbed Vakama’s shoulder. He took a deep breath, and, carefully, so as not to give too much, Kopaka began to pour elemental power through his palm into Vakama. As he did so, Vakama activated his Noble Huna, and he spread its power to the exterior of the ship. The ship’s exterior plating began to change color, from onyx black to clear, and in turn cloaked everything in the ship. Kopaka released Vakama’s shoulder, and he sagged down into the pilot’s chair, exhausted. “We did it,” he said. “We really did it.” Outside the ship, the Kraahkan-shaped star cloud was searching frantically for the ship, and, when it could not find it, it roared in anger, and then shot a wave of shadow from its depths. Lewa swore loudly. Frantically, he tilted the wheel upward, sending the Terrain Crawler downward towards the sea, narrowly avoiding the wave. He pulled up at the last second, and he breathed a sigh of relief. “That was a close one,” he breathed. “He almost got us.” The ship glided through the sky, eventually finding the door to the outside land from Nui. They flew for hours, making sure that neither Teridax nor none of his minions had followed them. After an extremely long silence, Vakama said, “Now what?"Kopaka lifted his head and sighed. “Now,” he replied. “We start over.” Prologue #2 Hundreds of years ago, two unique brothers were born. Where they were born is unimportant, and their true names have been lost to time. Each had strange abilities. The first brother had the ability to control fire, water, air, stone, earth, ice, and light. The second brother had the same abilities, but in place of the ability to control light, he could control shadow. Because of their unique abilities, the men were branded as witches and were sentenced to death in almost every country around the world. They realized that, until the world had changed, they would never be accepted. So, after escaping from their prison, they left for a secret land off the coast of present-day North America, better known today as the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. They found a beautiful land, covered in lush forests, spacious deserts, magnificent volcanoes, and ice-capped mountains. It was beautiful, it was wonderful… it was lonely. The two brothers decided that they needed friends to live in their new land. So, in secret, they recruited the dreamers, the heroes, the ones who had potential to be the greatest men and women of their time, yet were outcasts by current standards. They brought them all to their land, hearts wide with hopes and dreams that couldn’t be fulfilled in a boring world of conformists. Once the brothers felt they had enough, they used their combined powers to create a barrier around the land, part stone, part magical energy, that had three openings. It formed a triangle around the land, and the entrances were constantly shifting around the barrier, making it nearly impossible to find the same entrance twice. This way, if anyone tried to enter their new haven, they would suddenly feel the urge to go back where they came from. The barrier, however, also served another purpose. It made it nearly impossible for the two brothers to leave the barriers, unless they had a Mask of X-Ray Vision. This barrier was now eternally tied to the two brothers’ life forces. If one of them died, the barrier would be destroyed. Shortly after, the two brothers discovered the first Kanohi crystal; these were unique crystals, each of which had a unique power. These crystals could be built into a metal mask that could give the user use of its power. The crystal they found was incredibly powerful. It would shortly become the mighty Kanohi Ignika, the legendary Mask of Life. The brothers realized the implications of what this mask was. This was a mask that defied the whims of God; this was a mask that could give life to those who no longer possessed it and to objects that were never meant to live. So they sealed it away, far away, on a secret part of Nui, guarded by four of the most powerful beings in existence; ancient beings whose sole purpose in life was now to keep anyone and anything from possessing the Mask of Life unless deemed worthy. However, before sealing it away, the brothers built a weapon of unimaginable power; the weapon was then locked, with the Ignika as the key. The lock was hidden, and the weapon was put in a safe place. They hoped that the mask would never be needed. Shortly after settling in to their new land (which had been officially named Nui, which meant “land” in the new language), the brothers realized that the land already had its own inhabitants. Creatures of legends: lizard-men, giant insects, and monstrous animals. They realized that they needed warriors to protect the Matoran (translation: villagers), and the best way to do that was to give up small portions of their power to average people. The Brother of Light gave six Matoran similar abilities as him. He gave one the power of fire, one the power of water, one the power of air, one stone, one earth, and one ice. He named them Toa, which meant “Heroes of Light.” They were the original team of six, the ones from which many more would stem. The Brother of Shadow did the same, giving six Matoran elemental powers. He named them Makuta, which meant “Heroes of Shadow.” They, too, would be the parents of more warriors. The twelve superpowered warriors would protect the Matoran from the dangers of monsters, Rahi (animals), and Dark Hunters (whole other story, not important right now). The Matoran would enjoy an era of peace… but their happiness was not to last. * * * * * * Unfortunately, the Matoran did not consider the Toa and Makuta equals. They believed the Toa to be true heroes, but they regarded the Makuta as vicious and cruel monsters. The Makuta had more… unconventional ways of dealing with problems. The Matoran soon began to worship the Toa, while the Makuta, unloved, were forced to fade. This angered the Brother of Shadow. Why should his brother’s heroes get all of the attention, when his Makuta were just as powerful? The Toa and Makuta should be equals, not one group outshining the other. What the Brother of Shadow did not understand was that, having stemmed from light, the Toa had friendlier personalities, kinder ways, and gentler demeanors, while the Makuta were violent, uncooperative, rude, and dysfunctional. It was because of this that the Makuta were labeled as monsters, and the Toa were worshipped as heroes. The Brother of Shadow did not understand this, however, and became jealous of the honors bestowed upon his brother. He became jealous of the three virtues that his brother had created: unity, duty, and destiny. How could they have unity if the Makuta were secluded off by themselves? How were they obeying their duties, when the Matoran let the Toa do everything for them? And what destiny was there, if they let everything in their lives be decided for them by the Brother of Light? He decided to speak to his brother, to see what could be done. The two brothers began to argue, the Brother of Light believing that what his brother said was nonsense, the Brother of Shadow growing angry because his brother would not listen. Eventually, the argument turned into a fight, then a brawl, and soon the two were using their vast powers to fight in the center of the land in which they, so long ago, had travelled to, together, to escape the tyranny of the outside world. Soon, the brothers’ powers began to run out of control, and they began to split the land apart, ripping it into dozens of islands. Islands were split apart by many miles, and the island containing the Mask of Life was soon lost. By the time the fight was finished, the Brother of Light stood victorious over his beaten brother. The Brother of Shadow decided to leave and start a new life with his Makuta on a separate island, far from the reach of his brother. This would be the last day that the two would meet on friendly terms. Soon, the Brother of Light would become the sole King of Nui. He took the name of Mata-Nui, King of Nui. The Brother of Shadow would take his own name, Teridax, Lord of Shadows. The two soon became immortal, their powers keeping them eternally young. The Toa were forever regarded as heroes, while Teridax and his Makuta faded to become nightmares. Soon, the original Toa team of six passed their powers down to six Matoran each, who would form Toa teams of their own. Those Toa would then have to pass their powers down to their children, who would carry on the mantle of Toa. They would spread to the many islands of Nui, protecting its inhabitants from the evils of the land. At some point, in a lapse in time unrecorded in Nuian history, the Makuta started a war with the Toa. It lasted for hundreds of years, with huge casualties on both sides. (The rest of this was added by Toa Nuparu Htrae.) Finally, in the year 1995, the Toa Nuva of the island of Mata-Nui, the capital of Nui, went on a secret mission to travel to Destral, the home base of Makuta Teridax. They snuck into his base, and they fought him until it appeared he was dead. They returned home to celebrate, never knowing that the Makuta they killed was a decoy named Kojol. The real Teridax had just stolen Mata-Nui’s powers with the Spear of Fusion, and put him into an endless sleep. Teridax unleashed his newfound power on the citizens of Mata-Nui, and he quickly took control of Nui, becoming its new ruler. It is believed that no Toa survived the Great Cataclysm as it would come to be called. Truly, this was the darkest day in Nuian history. Prologue #3 Most people, when they read this journal, assume it is written by Matoro Eci, son of Toa Kopaka. That would make sense, seeing as how I pay such a tribute to the Toa of Ice in the first prologue. But no, this journal is property of Jaller Erif, son of Toa Tahu. It is my account of the first mission of the Toa Inika, when they travelled to the island of Voya-Nui to retrieve the Mask of Life to save the life of Mata-Nui. One thing you must understand before you read: everything in this journal is true. It is nonfictional, contrary to what most historians and scientists may say. It is an actual account, and the names in this journal are all real, considering most of us have already left the United States of America. So, if you are reading this, it is very possible that you may have known one of us when we lived in your town, city, whatever. We are the superheroes of legends. We are the Olympian gods, the wizards, the magicians. We have always walked among you, even if you didn’t know it. The Bermuda Triangle, the Loch Ness Monster, the dragons, and the monsters; all of them have something to do with the land of Nui and its inhabitants. One more warning: if you are a conformist, if your mind is closed to imagination, and you don’t believe in anything you can’t read about in a history book, then you should put this book down right now and forget you ever read it. But if you are a dreamer, if you believe that there is magic in the world, then read on. And know that what you are reading is very, very true. -Jaller Erif Chapter #1
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