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    Who is Lord Aspie?

    -Lord Aspie is a Senior in High School in Wisconsin, where the weather is always bad.

    What are his Interests?

    -Lord Aspie is a Scientist, first off, studying anything that can be found. He is especially interested in Molecular Biology and Genetics.
    Second, he is a Musician, able to play the Violin with great skill, and able to lead his school as the top singer. (He is a tenor)
    Third, He is an Artist. He creates works of art showing space, and has run a webcomic for the past few years on this forum, which will soon be returning from hiatus.

    Why is Lord Aspie on this site?

    -Lord Aspie started playing with Lego Bricks during the Interum between Slizers and Bionicle. Unlike his classmates, he never grew out of his love for Lego Bricks, and continues to create to this day. Thus, by connecting to this site, he can view and share new ideas.

    What is Lord Aspie's opinion on Hero Factory?

    -Lord Aspie, unlike some older Bionicle Fans, does not hate Hero Factory. He sees it as a great potential for storytelling, and feels that with a few changes to the writing, Hero Factory could become equally great as Bionicle.

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  1. Watching my old comrade with his own apprentice got me thinking- perhaps I could bring someone into my fold, use them as my apprentice.It was this plan that brought about the being known as Thunder.Xplode's little gang was growing. At his suggestion, I took a few of his minions, and split off as a sub-gang. One of these people was one named Theodore Short. He was relatively clever, and built like a tank. Perfect for a bodyguard.Theodore, or as I renamed him, Thunder, was a great bodyguard. He never questioned my orders, no matter how odd they seemed.Steal a stash of Neodymium Magnets? No problem.Get a copy of Stephen Hawking's <u>Universe in a Nutshell</u>? No trouble at all.'Borrow' depleted Uranium from an abandoned Nuclear Reactor? Too easy.No matter how odd the required item, how valuable, how dangerous, Thunder always seemed to pull through.Some wondered if I were insane. How else could one explain the seemingly random items I was stealing? But they were wrong. Each item had a purpose. I had lost my personal weapon after being fired from Hero Factory, and I needed a new one.And so, I built myself a new weapon- The Black Hole Staff. It would become my Trademark Weapon. To this day, I do not know where the idea came from. All I know is that I found the designs in an ancient codex. Each item contributed to it's creation.It was a strange device. Two magnetic blades spun at the tip of the staff, containing an orb of dark energy. When pointed at something, it was smashed or sucked in by gravitronic waves. It was the ultimate weapon. Perfect for destroying Hero Factory.But I couldn't get overconfident. One false move, and my entire plan would fail. I had to move quietly, one bit at a time. The story of Vapor is a prime example of overconfidence.I sent one of my new minions to test the defenses of the Hero Factory. His name was Vapor, and he was one of my better fighters. He was supposed to sneak into the Hero Factory, pick off a few of the members, and hack the security system.He didn't. He ran in, guns blazing. He was proof that overconfidence kills. Just as he thought he had won, a hero shot him in the head, ending his short rampage, and his life. That hero was named Duncan Bulk. And now, that stupid hero is a member of the Alpha Team, with Stormer.For want of competent help, my plan faced its doom.
  2. <b> PART 2</b>No longer a part of Hero Factory, I began to wander. I had a lot of money, from my time at Hero Factory, but to enact my revenge, I would need more. That's when I met Xplode.His real name was Jordan Noble. A business man-turned-smuggler. I was hired by him, to help his smuggling business. A simple job, but effective.I took the moniker Von Nebula, as to hide my real identity. Xplode was an interesting guy. He acted like whatever he did was better than anything else. He was arrogant, to the extreme. He had hired his cousin as a bodyguard, under the moniker of Rotor. While Xplode would steal anything he could, Rotor would provide cover and defense. My job was to help disable security systems. Years of training at Hero Factory ensured I knew how all security systems worked.It was during one of our robberies that I encountered my old friend, Preston Stormer.As I hacked through a camera system, I was suddenly frozen- Literally. I was literally coated in ice from the waist down. I turned, and saw my old friend. I don't think he recognized me, though."You criminal scumbags," he said. "You always work the same way. A mastermind, a hacker, and a guard. You're the hacker, so where are the other two?"To tell him where the 'Guard' and 'Mastermind' were, would simply be disloyal to both Rotor and Xplode. I said nothing. "Are you mute? I said, where are your comrades?" Stormer pointed his weapon directly at my head."Right here, 'Hero'" said Rotor, who proceeded to whack Stormer over the head with the unconscious body of another Hero. "I found this little guy 'round back. Looks like this here 'Hero' got himself a rookie to look after."This made sense. It had been a few years since I was kicked out. Surely by now Stormer would have been able to become a full Leader, able to train rookies. Another thing that was taken away from me by the Hero Factory . A chance to train someone, to have an apprentice. I decided to let the two live. I regret the decision now- The rookie Stormer was training was named Jimi Stringer. He would later become a member of the top Hero-Factory Team, along with Stormer.---
  3. I didn't want to mess with Cahli before. Now i really don't. But, you have to admit that a self-heart transplant is pretty cool.
  4. ^Very Funny^So, Chilly still hasn't picked up written speech, yet?
  5. http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2419Above is the link to Legacy of Von Ness, which is already written in full. It will have ten chapters and an epilogue.Below is where people have reviewed the epic. Thank you in advance.
  6. (Review Topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2421) Legacy of Von Ness Or, One Step Into the Darkness My name was Joseph Von Ness. That name, however, no longer applies.My name is now Von Nebula.I was once a hero, for the corporate giant called "Hero Factory". We were a privatized company for the public protection. With the Government's collapse over 20 years ago, we were the only protection of innocents. Equipped with high-tech armors and weapons, we would fight against criminal masterminds and their minions. It was our great mission, which I was proud to be a part of. Until one day, when everything changed. It started simply. I was only a novice hero, training with my good friend, Preston Stormier. Under our team leader, Tobias Thresher, we trained, learning tactics and weaponry. We were good friends, it seemed. This changed, however, in one mission.It was a routine mission. Some mysterious damage had been found around the city. It was our mission to figure out why. We did not expect what we found.A giant robot ran out of nowhere, stomping around and being a general disruption. With thousands of lives at stake, if the robot was not stopped, Thresher and Stormer charged the robot. I stayed at our aircraft, ready to fire our ships weapons. However, it was futile, and within seconds, Thresher was stomped on by the robot. I knew that it was futile to try to stop the thing, and prepared the craft for takeoff. We would be able to get backup, and try again. However, Stormer didn't see it that way. As soon as he saw the aircraft powering up, he assumed that I was abandoning him. He charged at the craft, ripping me out of the cockpit. He then, in a very stupid and risky move, jumped off the craft, onto the robot, and began pulling wires out. The robot fell, deactivated. And who was labeled a coward, for calling for backup? Who was blamed for the death of Team Leader Thresher? Who was subsequently kicked out of Hero Factory?Me, of course. Needless to say,my anger was sparked. I chose that day, to enact my revenge, anyway I could. And so, I would bring about the end of the Hero Factory. It was my new mission. ---
  7. Did you know i once had a Comic Series here? It's coming back soon...

    1. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      OOOoooohhh! EXCITING!

  8. hmm, nice spore reference. lemme guess, you actually befriended the grox?

  9. No Pants, No freedom? If it worked on Ziggy, maybe it will work on BZP comics

  10. I love Spore.

    Too bad your Grox couldn't stop me from getting the Staff of Life. :P

  11. Been so long dude how've you been? =D

  12. I have your comic up. :D

  13. Bwhahahahaha! you should really post thoses comics you made and check out mine and chan'e's pofiles for my xanis super sheets

  14. NxG9 is opening a new comic series. If you wanna PGS, PM her for info.

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