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  1. HELIO IT'S BEEN FOREVER. I am so bad at even nominally keeping in touch with anyone. How is life, aside from disappearing blog posts on here, which is sort of in-between in the life category?

    1. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      Life is kinda ehhhhh, you know? Like I'm not in danger of starvation, hypothermia, being eaten by wild bears of any of that stuff. And I'm in college, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing there? =P So I'm doing all right, overall. As for life, not sure that I ever had one to begin with. =P Lately it's been consumed mostly by the internet and Breaking Bad. How about you, man?


    2. Overlord


      Yeah, I know that feeling I suppose. How is college besides the aforementioned uncertainty? :P May I ask where you are or is that not something people do? XP Anyway, sure you had/have a life, if it can be consumed by the internet! Ah, internet... Oh yeah and Breaking Bad too, that really has a way of taking up people's free time.


      I'm pretty well, comparatively an academic mutant as usual. Wrote a lot, traveled a fair bit, that kind of stuff. I should probably a...

    3. Overlord


      ... attend to collegeness too, but I guess I'll get to that in the fall semester.


      (and of course I forgot about BZP's comment character limit)

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