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    It has been my observation that fandoms, as they age, become increasingly volatile – sort of like how rotting fruit spoils. I fear the bonkle fandom has reached that point. I can’t say I’ve ever really been that active in the community, but it’s always been dear to me. That being said, it saddens me that such a degree of toxicity has found its way into a fandom devoted to children’s toys. I more or less have the same stance as you, at this point. Although, hopefully the reboot will infuse the fandom with some much needed positivity from new members. Adieu, ~ MechaFizz
  2. I like the idea of having Anti-Elements be a four ingredient recipe. The way I imagined them, they are something too dangerous and volatile for a Toa or any being to direct control or have easy access to, so making the recipe Element +Light + Shadow + Blue Energy = Anti-Element would accomplish this nicely. And since there is no huge plot demand or public demand to feature all possible Anti-Elements any time soon, a description of what they are and their properties in general with specifics on two or three should suffice. Perhaps the following description will work for the reference topic, just let me know if it needs tweaking and where: Anti-Elements are elemental substances that exhibit bizarre properties that oppose those of their positive counterparts. When an Anti-Element comes in contact with its positive counterpart, an explosive reaction takes place that results in the annihilation of both. Anti-Elements cannot be directly controlled by beings with normal elemental powers. They must be synthesized using the recipe Element +Light + Shadow + Blue Energy = Anti-Element and thus cannot be placed in an Element Key or swapped with a natural positive Element. Anti-Fire: Fire + Light + Shadow + Blue Energy Anti-Fire manifests as a black flame that emits zero light and burns cold (near absolute zero). When “burned” by Anti-Fire, a substance freezes and disintegrates. Anti-Air: Air + Light + Shadow + Blue Energy Anti-Air is pink (in RGB color values, pink is the inverse of green) gaseous substance that is highly cohesive. It cannot be breathed by normal beings and must be contained within an airtight container or force-field as to prevent it from reacting with atmospheric Air. Feedback? Also, I propose this design for the Mask of Learning: Thoughts? Feedback? (Also, we use 100x100 images for the reference topic, correct?) Adieu, ~ MechaFizz
  3. Okay, that seems fair. Coral Control as a related power seems perfectly feasible. I do remember that Anti-Fire was described as a "black flame that emits no light and burns cold" similar to what Dark/Black/Shadow Fire has been described as here, yes. But, yeah, if there is no demand for it, no point in getting terribly clear definitions on all or any of them. Though, as combos with just Shadow I feel makes them a little too accessible. The idea was that Anti-Elements would have physical properties that were alien, opposite, yet somehow the same as their positive element counterpart - hence Anti-Fire burning cold and lightless - and causing a usually highly explosive and volatile reaction when coming into contact with their positive counterpart. In order to reflect this in the combo recipe if we handle them as combos, I would suggest a mix of the positive element and Blue Energy, or maybe positive element + Shadow + Blue Energy. I always understood this to be the case. I would assume that if a Toa of Plant Life does not know what, say, a Thornax plant is or would even look like, he probably would not be able to create it - I mean, it just makes sense that you cannot make something you are not familiar with, and it is most likely it would never come to mind to try to make something you don't know about. I suppose they could perhaps "accidently" create plants unknown to them in a Nova Blast or similar scenario, though. As for Virus, I think it would be the same sort of principle, but I cannot say for certain. It was my understanding that it was based off the Makuta's ability to create viruses. And in the case of Makuta, viruses seem to have whatever properties their creators desire at that time. Adieu, ~ MechaFizz
  4. RE: Coral Yes, the environments are there and very prominent, but my point was that no one lived there - well, as far as the plot was concerned, at least, other people's fanfics aside. So, yes, it would be very plausible to have as a straight up element if a culture of beings lived in a coral based environment. But since they do not, and since it would seem odd for it to be a combo element (may just be me, though, I find coral to be a very strange animal IRL), it should be a power. Or perhaps a power mutant? As I recall we had three varieties of exceptionally rare "power mutant" types of M/T/T - Rebuff, Technology, and Shielding, I believe. Perhaps adding a fourth would be permissible? RE: Ghost Well, my problem is I feel the name Ghost may be too poetic, as I personally do not make the connection. However, I do not care to really care to engage in debate over it - it has been cemented in place for far too long and I do see its potential. The name just always struck me as an odd name for "forcefields". Honestly, the reason I brought it up was that I was more in awe that people were arguing more over the validity of Tar than of something that I at least find more abstract and removed from nature, lol . RE: Absorption of elements Actually, canonically, isn't that "Toa absorb their element to produce it later" incorrect? I recall someone asking Greg a while back and he stated that once an element is absorbed by a Toa, that energy must then be released almost immediately, giving Vakama's battle with the Fire Entity as an example. So, this basically means that Toa can only create their own element, not destroy it or hold it indefinitely. But I may be wrong, is there a way to get a check on this? Additionally, all this discussion of elements has brought to mind something from a while ago. As I recall, there were a number of times someone suggested "anti-matter" as an element which went over about as well as you would imagine it would. This eventually led to a discussion about "anti-elements". Did we ever come to a finite conclusion on that matter or was it met with too lukewarm a response or became too convoluted and just dropped? Adieu, ~ MechaFizz
  5. I always believed the logic behind the separation was the difference the regular Rahi minds and insect-like Rahi minds. A regular Rahi's mind is going to probably be very similar to that of a sapient being like a Toa or Matoran, just simpler (and for the reason that it is simpler being partly why Rahi Control is a separate power from generic mind control - a simpler mind probably does not need as much mental stamina by the user to control, so Rahi Control is probably fine-tuned to tax the user's stamina less than a typical mind control power would since we have seen mind control users take control of Rahi with it, like Onewa did in Voyage of Fear). Insect Control is further distinguished because many insects probably have a form of hive mind which probably is very alien in comparison to the single mind of a regular Rahi. The Rahi control power could probably seize control of a single one or two insects from a swarm about as well as it could any other Rahi, but Insect Control I would imagine would allow complete control over the entire swarm (or at least a large enough portion), possibly by emulating and overriding the existing hive mind. Now, I am not that familiar with coral on Earth, but from the Wikipedia article, I gather that they a colonized type of animal and are very simple in terms of intelligence. This would lead me to believe that in Bionicle, they would be close to insect-like Rahi in terms of mind and perhaps hive mind intelligence, so may actually fall closer in line with the Insect Control power. However, they still seem very alien in comparison still, so maybe a type of control power custom tailored for the minds of coral and similar life forms would be called for. The main logic I have against coral being an element is that unlike all the other arguably unusual EM elements we have, like Gold, Silver, Lava, etc., is that we do not have a large plot-relevant environment that heavily involves coral as a primary or even secondary distinguishing characteristic – or even really mentioned at all. To further delve into the “elementary problem”, while I do believe that in general we have been very sparing with the majority of what is added to the list, I believe that we have reached or nearly reached a point where no new elements can logically be added without adding new exotic locations to the plot. Every element on the list, with the exception of two, in my opinion, has fallen rather nicely within the parameters of “environmentally prominent or otherwise relevant or feasible” (which were our parameters all this time, right? I honestly was not paying attention up until this discussion, lol ). This discussion has really made me think, “What measure is an element?” and I believe that for the most part we have answered that question. The arguments raised are fairly sound and reasonable, if not somewhat opinionated in places. However, I would argue in response that although they seem arbitrarily chosen, they fit our parameters quite nicely. The only two that I alluded to above that deviate from this would be, in my opinion, Ghost and Virus. Of the two, Ghost would be the only one I would argue for the removal or alteration of for the reasons that (A) it is not descriptively named (not obvious what it is or does from the name alone) and (B) it does not show up prominently in any environment and will not until after the much awaited Shards contest polls/results (hint, hint ). Virus I am fine with because I think it is fun, just does not meet the above parameters as well from what I can tell. Everything else fits nicely into our criteria and is neither too broad nor too specialized. The “death by science vs. death by ignorance” argument you make for Virus is interesting. I would actually argue that this has a sort of metaverse explanation. The skill of the writer is, within all reason, proportional to the skill of the Toa he or she is writing about. Just because a Toa is of an element, that does not mean he or she is skilled at wielding it. We saw the Toa Metru grow to understand how to control their elements, sometimes figuring things out on the fly. We have also seen Helryx do things that even Gali would have some trouble managing. This is what makes a story interesting – two Toa of the same element can have very different skill sets and experience levels, just like writers. An unskilled Toa of Virus that may not really know how to do more than make a viral cloud and a few other tricks, and that’s fine, same way an unskilled Toa of Fire may not know how to do more than light his opponents on fire and burn stuff ( ). Likewise, a skilled Toa of Virus has the potential to do terrifying overpowering things with an understanding of microbiology that lead to swift victories. A skilled Toa of Fire could very well manipulate and violate the laws of thermodynamics to accomplish equally terrifying and overpowering victories. The trick here is to maybe consider making them the villains. Overpowering villains are the best kind to read about – keep the reader guessing how the heroes can beat opponents with near godlike mastery over their elements . Adieu, ~ MechaFizz
  6. I'm would have to disagree on coral, along the reasoning that it falls under the kingdom animalia in real life, thus would be more distinctly a rahi species in Bionicle, so should best be left under the jurisdiction of Rahi Control.
  7. As the original proponent of the Fungi element, I feel somewhat compelled to explain some of its versatility and why it became an element on our list. Back when it was first discussed, as I recall, it was met with some opposition as it did, as has been stated, seem more like a component of plant life or just two narrow a power. Originally, for a brief time, it was listed under combo elements as a compromise. It was soon promoted to full element, however, under the realization/rationalization that Fungi is a separate and distinct Kingdom of life separate from plants and that the Bionicle universe, and the Expanded Multiverse especially, could potentially have a wide variety of unique and alien fungi species just as they do animal (rahi) and plant, making it a reasonable candidate for element. Now, I recall that I created a list of example usages of the element by Toa in support of the element. Since the old topic was lost (right?) I cannot copy it here, but I can remember some of the examples (if not all) with a few additional: - On Tribal, a Toa of Fungi could use their power to spawn a number of mushroom-like fungi to rapidly decay logs obstructing village roads or feed tribes. - On Warzone, an amoral Toa of Fungi could grow mycelium underneath an enemy's armor to decay and eat his muscle tissues. - On Shattered, a Toa could create a large fruiting body to cushion a crash landing of an ally ship. Or crash an enemy ship. - A Toa of Fungi could also use their power for utility purposes, such as shielding with fruiting bodies, creating a "staircase" or other kind of "lift", or releasing poisonous spores, etc. - They could also create any number of species with bizarre properties. I believe one of my entries into the past EM Rahi contest was a type of fungi which was parasitic and grew on Rahi and sapient species with fruiting bodies that were thick and durable like a second layer of armor, making it a valuable tool as a regenerative armor amongst some who were fine with the price of losing some of their lifeforce over time to feed the parasite. (I don't recall if this entry won, but I by submission it becomes "freeware" for writers, I believe. ) Now, I don't intend for this to necessarily change anyone's opinion that Fungi may be ridiculous, but I do want to put to rest assertions that it might be "too narrow" or "not unique enough" to be a full element. With some imagination, it can be versatile and is worthy of being its own element, ridiculous or not. Adieu, ~MechaFizz
  8. Gold Shard, Au-ClysmaxMember Name: MechaFizz[include any images here.]Description:Historically a small kingdom of great wealth in gold, Au-Clysmax is now famous for its old palaces of gold and deep and winding gold mines that took off shortly before the Shattering of Clysmax. Gold trade made Au-Clysmax fairly wealthy prior to the Shattering and trading with companies on Industrial keeps their economy stable.Before the Shattering, the Gold Shard Moon was dividing into several smaller provinces and city-states ruled by kings. After the Shattering, these separate states became a single kingdom ruled by the Fourth Court, a council composed of four of the kings and their successors from the original provinces and city states. Despite the title, the kings may be female.Huge cavern systems exist deep within Au-Clysmax and are occasionally stumbled upon by miners. Often, miners will become lost within these caverns, sometimes for days to weeks at time. They are always unharmed and in good health when they are found or find their way back, but they have no memory of the time they spent lost or even of being lost at all. Some believe that they stumbled upon massive deposits of exceptionally pure gold and are pretending to have amnesia to keep the alleged gold deposits a secret. Upon examination by medical officials, however, the miners genuinely had no memory of being lost. It appeared as though they simply fell out of existence for a period of time. Some miners have also reported that they have seen Blade Burrowers donned in intricately engraved gold armor. Other miners often dismiss these claims as mere hallucinations from working too long in the mines. A few believe, however, that these incidents are somehow linked to the rumored Gold Teralpids. Others have resolved to simply avoid these cavern systems out of superstition, believing they are somehow cursed.Adieu,- MechaFizz
  9. Okay, here’s the Uah, and the last of the four “Fizzified” masks. I’m not entirely happy with it, so I’d really like some input as to whether or not it meets quality standard. Also, 100-fied Mask of Faux Death!Also, I skimmed over the approved the mask list, and I do not believe there is any overlap with the six Vahki staff powers. But I only skimmed, so I may have missed one or two or misread a power, but I think we’re okay.Also, also, on the subject of comedies, since they were just brought up, it is advised that we focus our humor more on cultural misunderstandings and character quirks rather than the trend of comedies to detach themselves from canon and make real world pop culture and meme references, correct? But additionally, if done properly, could we use somewhat surrealist devices and things that are definitely possible but not necessarily plausible to setup a humorous story? For example, a secret train racing circuit within the Alarist Underground, or a tournament style cooking competition in the vein of the real world Iron Chef TV series? Or perhaps even a character who speaks with an accent or dialect of Matoran that strongly resembles or is "translated" as a real world accent with foreign words sprinkled throughout their speech?Adieu,- MechaFizz
  10. Ah, then I should apologize for my over-responding to the wrong point, then. Sorry, eheh ()’Well, I suppose we can use it for a different power, but I personally see too much semblance between them. Perhaps you could tell me where to sharpen it and I can do that to make it look more like a noble version? I second this! Faux Death seems perfect since it does have a very skull-ish shape. But on the other hand the expression is so mean that Suffocation works as well. I just can’t decide which one I like better. Anyone want to be the tie-breaker?Also, I thought the Mask of Return/Retrieving or some power like them was already approved? Honestly, I think the two should be sort of combined into a single mask with pretty much the restrictions that tomdroidser listed but more in line with the power described by Click. So basically, a mask that summons an object that meets the parameters and allows the user to return the same object to the original location before it was summoned. I think that works out cleaner because Return alone seems like it could have some potentially wacky and random outcomes, especially if the user doesn’t know where that object’s been (now I’m imagining someone scolding the user: “Don’t Return that, you don’t know where it’s been!” ).Also, also, what do you guys think of having a set of masks for the Vahki staff powers? So Masks of Command, Loyalty, Erasing, Suggestion, Presence, and Confusion? We might need to tweak some of them a bit, but I always like the idea. The only weird area is that the original staff powers were wielded by law enforcers, who are supposed to be “good”, yet since the Vahki were our villains for 2004 the powers were probably meant to sound “bad”. So the masks for them would either be immoral or really, really grey.Adieu,- MechaFizz
  11. Well, Mask of Calculations has been “Fizzified”. Sorry it took a while; it gave me trouble trying to get it to look right. I changed a few details a bit, but it still is very close to the original. Though, I really love Click’s design and think that it actually may work better for the Makuta in Current Events. Since Makuta are shape shifters and we’ve seen multiple designs for the same mask canonically, namely Tahu and Lhikan’s Hau, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Click’s is the one worn by said Makuta. I think the Great and Noble designs for the Mask of Sharpening actually are rather similar (though I may be biased as the designer). I put the two next to each other and pointed out the similarities in aspects of their designs and details, such as the narrow eyes, pronounced “cheekbones”, and pointedness in the chin.Additionally, official shapes for respective Great and Noble masks don’t always have immediately striking similarities that jump out at you. Take the Komau for example. If you look, you can spot similarities (or make them up with Jedi mind tricks ), but the two don’t scream their similarities to you by any means. Really, this holds true for any of the Toa Metru/Mata Nui Turaga’s masks. The others have details in common that clue you in more quickly, but they are still very distinct. And then there’s the Miru, Kakama, and Akaku, but those were retro-active examples, so they can almost be dismissed.[Edit:]I dug up an old design that looks fairly cool, but I'm not sure if it really works as a mask. I'll let you guys weigh in and decide if it works for any existing powers or is cool enough to warrant a new one (maybe a Mask of Biting ).Adieu,- MechaFizz
  12. More aggressive? Really? I didn’t notice, but I’m glad it looks good And I took your advice and added some more green – you’re right, it looks a lot better! Also, I saw that the Mask of Sharpening doesn’t have an image, and I found an old design that I did that looks pretty sharp (pun unintended), so if everyone agrees, I suggest perhaps these designs for the Great and Noble Mask of Sharpening respectively: Actually, I do use PowerPoint, by similar I meant that I think my style could be mistaken for bonesiii’s at a glance but is really a lot simpler, especially with some of my shading (partly due to laziness).Adieu,- MechaFizz
  13. Leveni and 100-fied Kraata-colored Mask of Elasticity done I just had to try the grey-green gradient on the Leveni (it's an alliteration after all!). Also here is the link to the majhost folder that I’ll be using for EM masks I’ve drawn if anyone ever needs one for anything.Also, just a question I’ve been curious about:Could a Mask of Incomprehension be used to disrupt computer programming, such as that in Gadgets, crystal-based memory systems, and Izumal tech? If so, it seems like the mask would be an invaluable tool for hackers who want to cause a bit of short-term chaos.Adieu,- MechaFizz
  14. I decided on “Elasticity” for the mask because I figured it was basically the same thing as the Makuta/Kraata/Rahkshi power, but I do see where it can get confusing with Ductility. The main difference in the powers, as I conceived it, would be that Ductility works on things other than the users body in addition to it but offers little in the way of stretching, while Elasticity would be exclusive the user’s body and grant full control of stretching and deformation of their entire body (not just limbs, they could use their abdomen or neck too).And for fun, here’s an Elasticity Kraata-colored Mask of Elasticity(?):And here’s the 100x100 in original colors:And here’s my redraw of the Ce-Hau (with a few minor detail changes due to artistic license): I feel as though I’m a little rusty, I’m not sure I did the mask justice :/As for the little issue with the Leveni, I really don’t mind who gets the “official” image at all. Since Taipu was the original designer, it seems reasonable to me that he get preference for that reason alone. Although, I’m honestly going to probably do the whole set of four because I’m a completionist like that (gotta have the full set! ) unless Real Life gets in the way. Same goes for the prospect of doing Noble versions – might do ‘em if I have time. Also, a grey-green gradient might look nice on the Leveni. :)On the “Mask of Return” – I see potential in it, and I actually had a character in one of my old EM short stories (Ignoble Hero) using a power similar to the one described for the mask to summon his spear, but I never explained its nature. I think some good restraints for it would be (1) user must have had recent contact with the object (something like a week, maybe), (2) object cannot be more massive than user, (3) and the object must be able to be held by the user (so no ridiculously awkward things, like summoning pianos to drop on an enemy’s head like we’re in an old 90’s cartoon ).Adieu,- MechaFizz
  15. Actually, I think the stretching power would be better as its own, separate mask, since it doesn’t sound like the Mask of Ductility was originally conceived with super-stretching in mind. I think a separate “Mask of Elasticity” specifically for allowing the user to stretch his/her body is a good idea. I actually thought of suggesting that a long time ago after making the below design with no power in mind (it just looked like “elasticity” to me when I was done, heh).Even if the idea for a separate mask for Elasticity is rejected, here is the mask design I was going to use, since I didn’t have a power in mind while drawing it. So if anyone wants to suggest assigning it to another power, I'm open to the idea so it doesn’t go to waste ( ). If you're giving permission for re-draws, I wouldn't mind volunteering to maybe do them in my style (which is very close to bonesiii’s PowerPoint style), since I like drawing masks but have trouble conceiving good looking original designs. I may also do noble versions if that’s alright. (I just want to be sure that you’re giving the ‘OK’ for that, since I don’t like to redraw other peoples’ designs without their permission).Adieu,- MechaFizz
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